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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

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Have fun!
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• 9/5/2017

why am i even on the wiki

"Someone likes hot glue guns."
"I have noticed that this Seiji person likes hot glue guns."
"Upon seeing this questionable piece of art on such a website as this, the character of your origin known as Seiji I have noticed has supposedly developed an attraction towards the crafting gun-like machine that releases an amount of glue at a high temperature."
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• 11/27/2016

The Dork Ages of the two-year span of the PokeCrew.

A discussion of new things we tried, and the things failing miserably.
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• 3/13/2016

Private RP or Something

Private RP with Rick.
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• 2/23/2016

Guess what guys, you have a new member!

Some of you know me as Ryan on Miiverse. Laki definitely knows me, though.
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• 2/6/2016

A Friendly Reminder About Le Weekly Update

Hello! I'd just like to remind everyone that the Weekly Update is only to be done on Saturday or Sunday. Not Friday. Considering that this was originally a personal intitiatve, and my general contribution to the Wiki itself, it's been interesting to see how it's taken off. But even so, it would be nice to see people not use their own OCs and articles so much for the weekly updates, and honestly it'd be stellar if I got to do it again, considering it was my own thing.
That's all! Thanks, everyone.
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• 12/21/2015


First of all, is it possilbe for -dere archetype characters to be male? Because I want to make a male character who is simultaneously yandere and tsundere.
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• 12/9/2015

And Now, an Announcement Directly Pertaining to the Wiki Itself~

Ho there, everyone!
I just found it necessary to inform you all about me and Laki's latest initiative, which is fixing up the Destinies Intertwined Timeline page. We'll be putting a massive overhaul into effect there. We guarantee that the page will be more organized, accessible, and professional-looking by the time we're done! The project has three major steps:
-Completely changing up the DIT page, editing it to show branches (Which are much more specific now, for instance, RPs taking place in the Order of Light setting are no longer entirely grouped under an Order Branch) and eventually two timeline graphics for the RPs: One for chronological order, and one for order in which they were pushed forth into the world in real-time.
-Adding pages for each individual branch. This one may take a bit, considering there are quite a few now! This step, and step three, are more long-term than the above.
-Creating articles for each and every RP in all the branches on the DIT page. Dies ...But seriously, this could take awhile! We've got about thirty stories, some of them long, to chronicle here. Nearly two years worth! So please, bear with us while we get this done. .3.
That's about it! Don't worry about specifics, we've already got everything sorted out. I simply didn't want you all to freak out when you saw the DIT page being torn apart while we're changing it up!
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• 12/9/2015

Let's Keep This Board Clean of Anything Other Than Announcements Directly Pertaining to the Wiki .3.

Just a reminder that the 'News and Announcements' board is for news and announcements pertaining to the Wiki itself. For things such as OC birthdays and honoring female villains, etc., we have other boards that are better fit for this kind of thing. Just keep that in mind, everyone! Thanks. ^^
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• 12/2/2015

Character Improvement Agency.

So I had a few characters lying around and wondering what I should do with them and whether or not I should abandon them, possibly because they're badly made characters, or I couldn't find a place for them on the timeline anymore. Then I remembered that I knew Radicus once thought about scrapping Naibuko, the Dark Duplicates caused a debate, and I do know that some of the rest of us may have had a character or two like this or about to be. So with the system I wanted to implement, why not share it with the rest of the PokeCrew?
So with this system, it's a kind of review system. It follows by a format like this.
Name: Type 4.
First RP: RPCRP2.
Synopsis: A green Virus that Teddy created while under Darkella's influence. This literal walking contagion eventually develops into a hive mind beyond control as it multiplied.
Why it faded: Since RPCRP2 was cancelled, Type 4 stopped seeing usage.
Then we give a review as to where it could stand to improve, suggestions, or where we could fit it back into the timeline.
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• 11/29/2015

Dark Duplicates: I guess this is big enough for its own post now.

Here we go. This issue just won't stop popping up everywhere. It's gotten kind of disruptive, this is a somewhat controversial thing, I suppose.
Have fun, kiddies.
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• 11/28/2015

Forum continuation of: Dark Side of the Sailor Moon.

Previously, Vanessa begins to train Luna in LE hair magic, but it goes awry and Luna's pigtails gain a personality their own! Now they're figuring a way to convince Luna's hair to stay loyal and not run off with Teddy.
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• 11/26/2015
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• 11/25/2015

Let's Honor our Female Villains!

I want to take the next few days, or weeks if we prefer, to observe our female villains and how they contributed to the timeline! These are the strong women able to bend lesser mortals to their wills. With out them, the timeline would be VERY different.
I want to first make drawings and events for these women, maybe even polls for a kind of Femme Fatale Awards!
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• 11/24/2015

PokeCrew Tropes!

A parody of the TV Tropes layout, where certain trends in our RPs are examined for our entertainment.
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• 11/20/2015

Thanksgiving RP with the PokeCrew: Vanessa's Thanksgiving Chaos.

Intro: Vanessa Eris begins to knock on the door of the Fortress of Light, intending to spend her definition of Thanksgiving with Teddy.
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• 11/17/2015

Court Cases in RPs.

So I have decided to include court cases in my RPs. These will usually occur upon the arrest of a villain.
How does this affect anyone? Well, I decided to call upon the PokeCrew as the jury. I'd create a page, blog, or the like that possesses a poll that is followed by the case as it occurs in the RP, with evidence, arguments, whatever you may see. Then you play as the jury by submitting a vote.
Any suggestions to improve this idea?
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• 10/30/2015

PokeCrew Conspiracy Theories!

Here is a place to discuss all of your theories about the wacked out world of Destinies Intertwined. *X-Files theme plays*
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• 10/25/2015

Era of Courage.

Genre: Action, humor, adventure.
Intro: In an epic battle, Teddy Ursa has been plunged into a limbo between earth and the demon world, the Shira Realms. Unconscious, a voice calls out to him as chains encircle and enwrap him, saying, "This shall not be your death, hero, but you are welcome to be a force of it." Days later, Teddy wakes up, but unknowingly, he is trapped as the death goddess, Death Shira, plans to assimilate the knight into her forces.
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• 10/10/2015

Private RP: A competition in Arlos

This is a RP between me and LaKi that we start but was paused, I intend to bring it back to life.
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