Abbie is an OC created by none other than Abby herself. Travelling with her Totodile, Grace, she winds up in the Paper Mario dimension with the PokeOC's during RPCRP.


Abbie is a bubbly yet awkward girl with a brunette ponytail and a ruffled blue dress. She mainly travels with Grace. her Totodile. During the RPCRP, she gains many friends (And an unexpected crush, based on the fact she is similar to Abby Komori.)

RP HistoryEdit

Abbie only appears in the Paper Mario arc of RPCRP. She has never taken place in another rp after that, but it's possible she may appear in RPCRP2. 


Abbie's main friend in the Paper Mario arc is Shiruru, who supports her mad crush on Dimentio. However, she used to be best friends with Mimi from the game Super Paper Mario, but after Riley ships her and Dimentio, she loses interest in their friendship.


  • Her birthday is December 12.
  • She strikingly seems similar to Abby Komori, Another OC of Abby's.