This is the story of 3 trainers from the Arlos region; Mike, Laki and Eliza. Mike and Eliza are siblings and Laki is a childhood friend. Professor Mahogany has entrusted them with a Pokémon so that they can participate in the Arlos Pokémon league. This story follows their adventures as they take on Arlos's 8 gyms in order to take part in the Arlos league. There are many trials that they will face along the way and the threat of an evil organization looms ever closer. Legends will be born, friendships will be made, rivalries shall be formed.

Sit back as the adventure unfolds in 'Adventures in Arlos'.

The Characters: Trainers, Rivals and the rest Edit

Mike Sun Edit

Mike is a charming kid with a charming personality, he is kind and caring and likes to help people in trouble. He is on a Pokemon journey with his sister Eliza and childhood friend Laki and together they wish to participate in the Pokemon League in Arlos.

Mike's current team of Pokemon:

- Platyl (Water)

- Thordwe (Grass/Dark)

- ?

- ?

- ?

- ?

Eliza Sun Edit

Eliza is kind just like her older brother Mike, she is also charming and very clever. She is also very polite. Alongside her brother and Laki, she intends to take on the Pokemon League.

Eliza's current team of Pokemon:

- Furfir (Fire)

- Rodecity (Electric)

- ?

- ?

- ?

- ?

Laki Star Edit

Laki, Mike and Eliza's childhood friend. He is often in a rush but does like to take it slow from time to time. He intends to take on the Pokemon league with his friends Mike and Eliza.

Laki's current team of Pokemon:

- Stegra (Grass)

- Lillipup (Normal)

- ?

- ?

- ?

- ?

Clara Olor Edit

Clara is a very caring girl and cares for the word very deeply. However she is merciless and can lose her temper very easily, often getting her Eevee to attack. She also intends to take on the Pokemon League meaning she is our Protagonist's Rival.

Clara's current team of Pokemon:

- Eevee (Normal)

- Vibrava (Ground/Dragon)

- ?

- ?

- ?

- ?

Cain and Abelle (Team Thermos Admins) Edit

Cain is a sophisticated man who likes to show a bit of class when dealing with unwanted situations. His Partner Abelle, however is a bit of a Brute but obeys Cain who often tells her to stop being such a brute and to show some decorum as she is in love with him. Both of them work for Team Thermos, a criminal organisation who say they are researching new ways to harness power by using the power of nature but their true cause is known only to those who work for them.

Cain's current team of Pokemon:

- Houndour (Dark/Fire)

- ?

- ?

- ?

- ?

- ?

Abelle's current team of Pokemon:

- Sneasel (Dark/Ice)

- ?

- ?

- ?

- ?

- ?

The Adventure Edit

Chapter 1 - The adventure begins Edit

The Arlos Region, A Small Region situated near the Equator of PokeEarth. Like many regions on PokeEarth, Arlos is home to both People and Pokémon who work alongside each other, battle each other and live in almost perfect harmony with each other. For this adventure; we will be following the journey of 3 of the residents of Arlos, Mike, Eliza and Laki. We will be following them through the ups and downs of there journey as they travel together around the Arlos region, meeting new people and new Pokémon.

We start our adventure in Mainne city in Arlos; one house in this city in particular, the Sun residence. Mike Sun is in his room watching a program about Arlos's starter Pokémon to help him decide which starter he should pick.

"Hello, I'm Professor Mahogany, but you may know me as Arlos's Pokémon Professor. Today is a special day as many trainers from all other Arlos are traveling to my lab outside of Mainne City to collect their first Pokémon; for those who are getting their first Pokémon from me but are not yet sure on who to pick, I am here to help you decide." The woman on the program picked 3 poke balls out of her pocket and 1 by 1 revealed each of the starter Pokémon.

"Here we have Stegra who is a grass type Pokémon, Stegra are very energetic Pokémon and need a very patient trainer who can also be very energetic. Platyl is a water type Pokémon; Platyl can be lazy but are also very protective, towards their trainer and their allies. Last but not least is Furfir; a fire type Pokémon who needs constant care and attention as well as a strong bond and an unbreakable trust. Each of these Pokémon are unique in their own way as are every Pokémon on our beloved planet but the decision is yours and I hope that this has helped you out there decide." She returns each Pokémon to their rightful Poké Ball and kept talking.

"Pokémon are fascinating creatures; they are our friends, companions, allies, family and colleagues. It is important that we respect them as we respect others. Unfortunately there are people out there in the world today who mistreat Pokémon, use them for wrong doings and treat them horribly. Respect is important in any relationship with both People and Pokémon but so is trust and kindness, I hope that you all can understand how important it is to care for everyone and everything. That is all for my Programme now as I must go and finish preparing for all those who are coming to collect their starter Pokémon today."

The program ends and credits begin to roll. Mike gets up from his bed and gets dressed. As he walks to his desk, he spots his invitation from Professor Mahogany. He was one of the many trainer who were getting a starter Pokémon today. He had dreamed of having his own Pokémon for a while now, just like his younger sister Eliza. Not wanting to wait any longer, he got dressed and rushed downstairs to get some breakfast and go and get his first Pokémon.

"Careful!" His mother called "You don't want to have an accident on the day you get your first Pokémon!"

Eliza was sitting at the kitchen table eating her breakfast, she was up early as usual and she seemed quite happy. She too was getting her first Pokémon from Professor Mahogany.

"I know which starter I'm going to choose to choose." she boasted. Mike's excitement drained hearing this, the program he had watched had not helped him decide at all, he spent too much time being excited instead of thinking about what starter he would like as his partner.

"Oh, I haven't thought about it much. I've been too excited." Mike replied.

"Well hopefully the programme you were watching upstairs helped you." Mike's Mother said with a smile passing Mike a bowl of cereal, Mike did not smile back. As Mike began to eat his breakfast, there was a sudden knock at the door.

"That would be Laki" Mike's father said as he went to open the door "Remember, you said you will all go to Professor Mahogany's lab together to collect your first starter Pokémon.".

Laki came bursting in as Mike's father opened the door. "Morning Mr Sun. Morning Mrs Sun. Are Eliza and Mike ready yet?" The words came at a million miles an hour, he was excited.

"Wow Laki, you sure are excited!" said Mike's mother. "Let the kids finish their breakfast and then you can all head off together."

Laki stood impatiently as Mike and Eliza ate their breakfasts. Soon they were finished and Laki was desperate to go, was rushing towards the door.

"Wait a minute Laki, you all need to check that you've got everything before you go," their mother told them.

"Really Mom? I'm not a moron, I know I have my stuff," Eliza replied and before their parents could say anything, Eliza and Laki were out of the house. Mike began to check his bag which was packed the night before and then joined the other two. Mrs Sun looked at her husband.

"Look at our two, finally moving on in the world. Getting their first Pokémon." She said with a smile.

"Yes, I remember when we first set off on our own journey all those years ago." He kissed his wife on the cheek before picking up his briefcase. "I'm off to work, see you later darling and wish the children good luck on their journey for me and remind them to come home every so often." He then left the house, spotting Mike, Eliza and Laki walk off as he headed off in the opposite direction.

"Uh, Eliza, are you sure you've got everything." Mike asked as they walked towards Professor Mahogany's lab. Eliza nodded with a smile, she always seemed to be the best prepared out of the two. Mike then turned to his best friend. "You know which starter you want to pick?"

"Sure do." Laki replied positively. Mike felt a little down, he had no idea on who to pick, he was thinking about his options in his head. Stegra would be kinda fun, Platyl would be cool and Furfir will be amazing. "What about you?"

"No idea but I'm pretty sure I'll figure it out soon." Mike replied as they left Mike and Eliza's house and headed towards Professor Mahogany's lab.

Mainne City was busy at this time of the year. People from all over came to take part in the Arlos Pokémon League. Competing trainers had to fight the 8 Gym Leaders, powerful trainers who resided in Gyms located in various towns. Once they got their Gym Badges, they had to traverse Victory Road to fight the Elite 4, four very powerful trainers. Once the trainer proved themselves here, they fought the Champion, the most powerful Pokémon trainer in Arlos.

The City was packed full of holiday makers and trainers as it normally is at this time of year, every year. Mike could hear screams of laughter coming from the beach. Children eating Moo Moo Ice cream and flying kites in the summer breeze. Two trainers were having a Pokémon battle on the beach and a few people were surfing.

"Which way is Professor Mahogany's lab anyway?" Mike asked.

Eliza looked at her map. "It's just north of here." she said. Following Eliza's direction, the three friends made their way towards the lab. Professor Mahogany was waiting for them when they arrived.

"Hello children, I have been waiting for you. Please, come this way." The children followed the Professor into the lab and were led to a table that had 3 Poké Balls on it. "Aidan, my assisstant woud have been here to greet you but he is off doing an assignment for me before he takes on the pokemon league" Aidan was Mike and Eliza's new neighbour who had only moved in a few weeks ago as his mother had just retired from being a gym leader. Aidan's sister Nadia had already got her Starter Pokémon last year and has decided to take on the Pokémon League this year. "Many other trainers have been and gone this morning, so there is only 1 of each starter Pokémon left I'm afraid. Mike, as your the youngest here, I think it's only fair that you get to pick first," Mahogany said, and Eliza immediately protested.

"Hey! I'm younger! but fine you can pick first, Brother." She responded a little upset but she dealt with it.

"Sorry Eliza, My mistake but letting your brother go first is very kind of you. Your mother was right about you, you are a caring person, i can see your going to make a great pokemon trainer." Eliza smiled as she heard this.

"Uh, ok," Mike said as he walked up to the table. "Can I see them all again, Professor?" he asked.

Mahogany nodded and released the starter Pokémon from their Poké Balls. Stegra was dashing around madly, Furfir was grooming itself, and Platyl was sleeping. Mike had been thinking about who to pick since he left home and even now he still wasn't sure. It took some time and some impatient looks from Eliza, but soon he had decided.

"I think I'll pick Platyl, I like him." Mike decided. Professor Mahogany nodded, returned Platyl to its Poké Ball, and handed it to Mike, who accepted it

Eliza annoyed with her brother taking such a long time was next to select her starter. "Good thing that the one that I wanted is still there. I would like Furfir please." Professor Mahogany returned Furfir to the Poké Ball and gave it to Eliza, as she said, "Lovely manners, Eliza. That means you have Stegra, Laki, as it is the only one left." She returned Stegra to it's Poké Ball.

Laki took the Poké Ball and smiled, saying, "It's ok, I wanted it from the start anyway!"

"One more thing children; I have something else for you." She handed the children a tablet like device.

"This is a Pokédex. It's a high tech device that allows you to record the Pokémon you encounter. It also gives more information once you catch them." She gave one to each of the children.

"Now if you 3 are planning on taking part in the Pokémon League, like I'm sure you are, go and talk to Mr. Thomas in Norma Town. He will guide you to the gym. You can find him in the Trainer's School."

"Okay, thanks!" Eliza said. "Come on, bro and Laki, let's go show our Pokémon to Mom and Dad before we go!"

Chapter 2 - A battle to start the journey Edit

Mike and Eliza headed back to their house to show their parents their first Pokémon and Laki went to show his Parents. They had agreed to meet by the start of route 1. As they walked, Eliza's X-T2 started to buzz and she swiftly grabbed it from her pocket.

"Eliza, it's Nadia. Just messaging you to say good luck today with getting your first Pokémon. I know I set off on my journey before you but I hope to meet up soon and catch up proper. Oh and if Aidan messages you, tell him to contact me as soon as he can." Nadia said in a friendly tone.

"Sure will and see you soon Nadia." Eliza replies and ended the call. She put her X-T2 back into her pocket. By this time the siblings were back home. Eliza opened the door to see Mrs Moon waiting there.

"Your father had to rush off but he says he'll speak to you as soon as he can and wishes you the best of luck on starting your adventure." She sighed. "Look at you two, moving on up in the world. let's see your pokemon then." Eliza released Furfir who just sat and began to self groom and Mike released Platyl who just fell asleep. "Wow, you best look after them well. Speaking of which, here are some potions for you." she gave Mike and Eliza 5 potions."When you get to Norma town and go to battle Thomas, make sure you pop into the pokemon center to ensure your signed up for the pokemon league."

"We will." Mike replied, grabbing the potions and putting them in his bag. Eliza did the same. "Thanks Mum."

"Your welcome." She looked at her watch. "Message me when you arrive and make sure you get a room in a Pokecenter for the night. Your father and I have saved up some PokeDollers for you as well and put them on your card. Now you best get on you way if you want to be in Norma town by evening, I'm sure Laki will be waiting for you." The siblings returned their Pokémon and left their home. The sun was high in the sky and  the sounds of tourists enjoying the beach echoed througth the air and the squarks of wingull filled the air. The two walked to the start of route 1 where Laki was waiting​ for them.

"About time to, I was thinking of leaveing without you. Jokes." He cracked a laugh which neither Mike or Eliza found funny. The 3 friends were about to enter rout 1 when Laki stopped for a moment.

"I think that we need a battle to kick off our adventure on a high." Laki stated as he turned to Mike. "Mike, I challange you to a pokemon battle" He said with a smile.

"Your on." came the reply. Mike and Laki moved towards a little patch of grass perfect for a Pokémon battle. Mike stood at one end of the grassy patch and released Platyl. Laki stood opposite and released Stegra. Eliza stood at the side-lines to watch and act as referee.

"Ok, the battle between Laki and Mike shall commence, first Pokémon to become unable to battle loses." Eliza stated and swung her hand down to indicate the battle could begin.

Mike faced Laki and nodded as if to say 'you go first'. Laki nodded back and looked at Stegra.

"OK Stegra, start off with a tackle" Laki called pointing in the direction he wanted Stegra to charge towards.

"Dodge it quickly" Mike replied but Platyl was to slow and Stegra rammed into Platyl causeing Platyl to skid back.

"Use Bubble Beam" Mike yelled and Platyl did so shooting a wave of bubbles towards Stegra. The impact was good but Mike knew he had to do better. Now it was Laki's turn.

"Stegra, tackle once more" Laki said pointed once more. Stegra once again chaged forwards and this time Platyl was ready and dodged before Mike had said a word. Stegra charged straight into a tree and fainted. "Ok Stegra, you did well." He returned Stegra to his pokeball and looked at Mike. "You were awesome, well done mate" He went to shake Mikes hand but Eliza stood in front of him.

"My turn now" She smiled. Steping over to where Laki was and released Furfir. "You may have beaten Laki but you won't beat me."

"Your forgetting that Platyl is a water type so has at an advantage over your Furfir" Laki butted in only to receive a scowl from Eliza. Mike heled Platyl quickly ready for his battle and stared his sister in the eye.

"Are you ready?" he asked quite confidently.

"You know I am" Eliza replied as Furfir stepped in front of Eliza.

Laki acted as Ref this time. He repeated the rules that Eliza had stated and swung his arm down.

"You may have gotten away with picking your Pokémon first but I am going first in this battle. Furfir use Ember" Furfir spat a small ball of fire at Platyl which caused Platyl to wince but he was ok.

"Platyl use Bubble Beam" Mike called.

"Dodge it and use Ember again." Eliza cried. Furfir did dodge and sent another small ball of fire at Platyl before Mike had a chance to say dodge it.

"Platyl, go in for a tackle" Mike said staring at his Pokémon. Eliza smiled.

"Furfir, Ember once more" Furfir obeyed and sent another small fireball in Platyl's direction, however as Platyl was heading in for a tackle he hit the Ember head on. One more hit and Eliza would have won.

"Keep up the good work Platyl, you can do it just hang on in there." Mike said in a calming voice.

"Are you ready to give up? My Furfir is easily going to win." Eliza said confidently. Furfir leaping back to stand by her side.

"No, I am determined to do my best." Mike smiled and pointed outwards. "Platyl use Bubble Beam once more".

"Furfir use Ember" Eliza responded. This team, it was a stream of fireballs and they came to clash with the beam of bubbles. Both Pokémon tried their best to push through but in the end it was Furfir whose attack burst through knocking Platyl back. Platyl was no longer able to battle.

Mike returned Platyl to his Pokeball "You did great Platyl." He walked up to his sister. "Congratulations, you did well".

"Thanks little bro. Now let's all get to a Pokémon centre and heal up our Pokémon." The trio rushed to the Pokémon centre where Nurse Joy and Bearing were willing to help.

"Please Nurse Joy can you heal up our Pokémon Please." Eliza asked on behalf of all three of them. Nurse Joy nodded and took Furfir, Platyl and Stegra to heal up. It wasn't long before Nurse Joy was back with Bearing a trolley which had all 3 Pokémon on it waiting.

"Your Pokémon are all healed now." Nurse Joy said with a smile. "Bearing" said Bearing waving at the trio.

The three friends thanked Nurse Joy and left the Pokémon centre and were greeted by a strange man.

"I watched you 3 battle just now, you seem pretty good for a couple of beginners. I take it that your going to participate in the Arlos League." The man said and the trio un-nerved by the appearance of this stranger nodded."In that case, your going to need these" He handed Mike and Laki a blue and silver case and Eliza a pink and silver case. "On behalf of the Arlos Pokémon league, take these badge cases for your many hopeful triumphs in the Pokémon gyms." Each of the friends thanked the strange man. "Now judging on your Pokémon, you must be some of the lucky few who were chose to get a starter from Professor Mahogany. She must have told you to head to the Trainer School in Norma town. So I guess you must be on your way down route 1 and therefore go through Tropa woods. Here's some advice though. Be careful in Tropa Woods as strange things have been happening in there." The friends nodded and the man went off on his way.

"That was strange" Laki said before looking at his map. "but he's right, we have to go through Tropa Woods in order to get to Norma town".

Eliza nodded and led the other two towards route 1. Route 1 was quite peaceful around this time of day, trainers were battling in the fields alongside route 1, the trees were moving in the slight breeze. Aiream were flying through the air alongside Fletchling. It truly was a magnificent sight.

"I can't wait to get to Norma town, I ain't been there in ages." Laki said to break the silence.

"It just feels great that we are finally on our way, starting our journey." Mike added as they walked down a dusty countryside trail, the woods were in site.

Chapter 3 - Into the Woods Edit

The Trio approached the entrance to the woods which seemed to loom over them. It looked quite dark with a few fractures of light seeping through. The summer breeze swiftly swam through the trees echoing as it swept through the woods. The trio could spot a few Pokémon resting in the trees and on the ground.

"Hurry up Slow coaches, I want to get to Norma town before I grow old." She sped on ahead entering the woods. Mike and Laki followed Eliza into the woods but were overtaken by a little girl in a red hood who had just skipped past with a Zorua following behind her. The girl sang as she skipped along eventually passing Eliza. Eliza stopped for a moment to allow Mike and Laki to catch up.

"Laki, can you check the map to check we are going in the right direction?" Eliza asked as they were now quite far into the woods.

Laki loaded up his Map on his XT-2. "Looking at the map, the woods ain't that big but if we follow this path, we should get to Norma Town pretty soon." Laki said staring at the map. Mike looked as well.

"There's also a clearing halfway through so we can stop for lunch." Mike added.

"Sounds like a plan." Eliza agreed and she led the trio into the woods. The woods were beautiful at this time of day, the sun was shining through the tree tops and some of the local pokemon were running wild. A lillipup ran through Laki's legs knocking him over, Mike and Eliza couldn't help but to laugh.

"Ha Ha Guys, very funny." He said as Mike helped him up, after dusting himself down Laki spotted the Lillipup again. He took out his PokeDex and pointed it at the Lillipup. 'Lillipup, the puppy Pokemon. This Intelligent Pokemon has great courage as well as long hair around its face that provides an amazing radar that lets it sense subtle changes in its surroundings.'

"I want a Lillipup" Laki said grabbing Stegra's Pokeball out of his Pocket. "Stegra, I choose you." Stegra was released from his Pokeball and landed to face the Lillipup. "Stegra, go in for a tackle." Stegra dashed towards Lillipup who quickly dodged by stepping to the right, leaving Stegra to charge into a tree. Laki let out a gross sigh. "Stegra, go in for tackle once again." This time the Lillipup didn't move, It retaliated with Tackle also. Stegra ducked his head down leaving his horn at the front of the tackle. It was too late for Lillipup to stop and Lillipup went flying back into a bush. Lillipup emerged from the bush only to be faced with one more tackle from Stegra, unableing Lillipup to battle.

"Use a Pokeball now" Eliza cried and Laki threw a Pokeball at Lillipup and Lillipup got pulled inside. It shook once, it shook twice, Laki stood with bated breath as the Pokeball shook for a third time before clicking. He had caught his first pokemon.

He rushed over to collect his new team mate. " I just caught a pokemon, wow" Mike smiled and congratulated him. "Thanks Buddy." Laki replied before spotting Eliza. "Thanks for reminding me to use a Pokeball, I nearly forgot." He said with a smile and Eliza smiled back.

"Shall we continue onwards, we still have a way to o before we can have lunch" Eliza said with a smile. Laki looked at his map and pointed out the way and the trio walked on unaware that a pair of eyes where watching them from the bushes.

The trio walked on and on for ages until they finally reached the clearing, the pair of eyes had followed them and was now looking at them from a tree on the edge of the clearing. This clearing had been set up for travellers and visitors to sit down to eat, there was a little cottage as well at one part of the edge of the clearing so the trio decided to investigate. As they approached, a little old lady had opened the door to greet them.

"Hello my dears, welcome to Tropa Clearing. My name is Maggie and I'm in charge of keeping this place nice for all the visitors as well as other food for those passing by."

"That sounds nice. May we stop her for lunch please Maggie." Eliza replied but the old lady shook her head.

"It used to be nice and as much as I love having visitors here and travellers here, a pesky Rodecity has been stealing food from both my and those who stop here." Maggie looked upset after saying this. "I am struggling to feed myself and my grand-daughter."

"That sounds awful" Mike replied. "We will help in anyway we can."

"We will!" Laki and Eliza said at the same time in shock.

"Would you really help out a little old lady like me? How kind, thank you very much." She pointed towards the tree where the eyes were hiding. "The little pest is over there somewhere. Plus if you see my grand-daughter, tell her to hurry up. I don't want her out here when evening comes. She is wearing a little red hood." She then gave them each a sandwich. "I know it ain't much but it will keep you going."

The trio thanked Maggie for the sandwich's and walked towards where Maggie had pointed in order to search for Rodecity. The eyes in the tree vanished.

Chapter 4 - To catch a thief Edit

The three friends walked down a dirt path towards where the old lady said Rodecity was hiding. "What does Rodecity look like anyway?" Mike asks as they continue walking, Laki shrugged and Eliza whipped out her PokeDex. She typed Rodecity into the PokeDex and an image of an electric rat came up on the screen.

"It says they are scavengers and they like to rummage through bins and steal from houses, no wonder that old lady has her food stolen." Eliza said, as the trio continued to walk, Eliza thought to herself 'Rodecity is a strong electric type pokemon and would make a great team-mate'. The trio continued along the path when suddenly a little girl in a red hood skipped out in front of them.

"Excuse me" She said in a quiet voice. "I'm a little lost, I'm trying to get to Tropa clearing." A Zorua stood with her and smiled at the trio.

"We have just come from there, you must be Maggie's granddaughter." Mike replied.

"That's right. Normally, I can get there without any trouble but today, I got a bit side-tracked.

"We have offered to help her with her Rodecity problem." Eliza added.

"May I come with you then? I've always wanted to see a Rodecity in real life and you'll have to report back to granny soon right. Eliza nodded and the little girl jumped for joy. "Thanks, my name's Rogue. Who are you?" She asked and Mike introduced Eliza, Laki and himself. The trio and Rogue continued down the path where they came to a very small clearing with a rather large tree. The little girl spotted something in a hole at the bottom of the tree. "Granny's Jam." She announced quietly.

"This must be where Rodecity store's the food it takes." Laki pointed out. Just then they heard a rustling so the gang his behind a bush so they could hide from whatever it was. Out of a bush next to the tree came Rodecity with a bag of berry's in his tail. Then a Lillipup had appeared and seemed to converse with the Rodecity. The 4 of them watched as Rodecity gave some of the stolen food to the Lillipup kindly. This was then followed by a Zwanzispine and an Eevee. Soon loads of pokemon where queuing up for the Rodecity to give them food.

"Rodecity must be stealing food just to feed all his friends" Mike whispered. Eliza looked at Mike.

"There must be a shortage of food in the woods for all the Pokémon. That is so sad." Rogue said with a tear rolling down her cheek.

"It's still wrong, we need to find a way to help these pokemon which doesn't involve Rodecity having to steal." She whispered back and Laki agreed. Rogue was next to speak.

"I'm sure if my granny knew what was happening she would do her best to help feed the pokemon of these woods." She said and the four of them came up with a plan. As soon as the pokemon had got their food, Mike took Rogue back to Maggie to explain what was happening and Eliza and Laki stayed behind to keep watch.

Mike and Rogue got back to the clearing very quickly. "He's only stealing granny so he can help the pokemon in the woods have something to eat. The trees aren't growing any berries so Rodecity was trying to do something about it." Rogue explained as Maggie listened.

"Oh dear, those poor pokemon. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. Take me to Rodecity and we will sort this problem out together."

Back at the big tree. Rodecity was about to leave when Laki accidently sneezed. Rodecity froze and surveyed his surroundings.

"Your couldn't have held it a bit longer" Eliza hissed before getting up from behind the bush. "Rodecity, we are not here to harm you. We just want to help." She said, the Rodecity just looked at her before working up a thunderbolt and shocking Eliza. "I said we are not here to harm you. We just want top help." At that point Mike, Rogue and Maggie had arrived.

"Rodecity, these children here have told me that your only stealing as your helping your pokemon friends, is that right?" Maggie asked and Rodecity nodded. "Listen, if I promise to help you and your friends. Will you promise to stop stealing? Rodecity paused before nodding "Rode-Rodecity" He replied.

Maggie picked up what was still left and Mike and Laki helped. Rogue with her Zorua led the way back to Tropa clearing leaving Eliza and Rodecity. "That was a good thing you just did Rodecity, Maggie is going to do everything she can to help your friends. I would love to have you come with me on my journey, it would be great to have such a kind pokemon with me. However I understand if you want to stay here with your friends." Rodecity nodded before leaping into a battle stance. "Take it I have to battle you to see if I'm worthy to have you as a partner. Well your on." She grabbed Furfir's Pokeball and released Furfir ready for battle. "Furfir, Rodecity wants to see if we are worthy travel companions so show him all you got." Furfir nodded and the battle was underway. "Furfir use Tackle." and she did, Furfir dashed towards Rodecity who just stepped out of the way leaving Furfir to crash into a tree. "Are you ok Furfir?" Eliza asked as Furfir got up and nodded. "Ok use Ember." Furfir shot out hundreds of tiny Embers and Rodecity did his best to avoid them but got hit by most of them. 'He's let his guard down, I can go in for a tackle.' "Tackle once more Furfir." Furfir dashed forwards catching Rodecity and knocking him back, he may have let his guard down but he still wasn't giving up without a fight. "Furfir use Ember once more." Furfir went to do so but the Embers came out in unison as some sort of flame thrower. 'Furfir learned a new move, awesome.' Eliza said to herself. Rodecity wasn't going to get caught his time and used Thunderbolt, the two attacks collided causing an explosion. Mike, Laki, Rogue and the Old lady who were back at the cottage heard and thought Eliza was in trouble so Mike and Laki rushed towards were they had last seen here. Back in the battle, neither pokemon had gone down but both were getting pretty weak. "Furfir, Use Flamethrower one more time." Furfir let out a huge flame and Rodecity was just too slow to avoid it. Now was the time to catch Rodecity. Eliza threw her Pokeball and Rodecity get drawn inside. The ball shook once, twice. Just then Laki and Mike appeared and the ball shook for the third time. Eliza had caught her first pokemon. She picked up the pokeball and put it in her pocket. Mike and Laki had no clue as in too who Eliza had just caught.

"Wow, you just caught your first Pokémon. Good for you." Mike said positively.

"Yeah, but I do need to take them to a Pokémon Centre soon to heal them up." Eliza added with a smile.

"No need. The old lady said she will heal up our pokemon for us." Mike said.

Eliza just smiled as the three of them walked back to Maggie's cottage. 'Rodecity is going to be a great teammate and friend' she said to herself as she walked not giving neither Mike or Laki a clue as into who her new pokemon was. No matter how many times they asked.

"It will be very late by the time you get to Norma town, why don't you stop for tea and stay the night so you can get their early in the morning. Maggie suggested which the trio agreed to. Maggie then too Eliza to one side. "I have healed up Rodecity and Furfir for you. Now you take good care of Rodecity and I will keep looking after it's friends." Eliza nodded with a smile.

Chapter 5 - The legends of Arlos Edit

It had only been one day since the three friends started their adventure and they had already met new pokemon, new friends and now they were on their way to Norma Town, home of their first gym battle and the start of many more. After spending the night at her cottage, Maggie had made breakfast for the trio before sending them on their way.

"You be careful now and thanks for your help. Feel free to pop back at any time." Maggie said as she waved them off with Rogue standing next her as well as Rogue's Zorua. The trio left the clearing and walked down another path, heading towards Norma Town.

"When will you finally tell us who you caught?" Mike asked impatiently. Eliza just smiled.

"Just after we get there" She replied as they continued along down the path. "Which won't be long now, were here" She added as she had spotted some houses as well as a rather old looking building that looks like a school, as they approached it, they saw a girl holding an Eevee talking to a man by the entrance. As they approached they heard what they were talking about.

"So you got the Gem Badge from Gemma?" The man asked and the girl nodded as she stroked her Eevee.

"She was tough but I defeated her in the end, Her Rockowl was strong but my Pokemon were stronger" She said with a smile.

"Don't get too over confident as that can be your downfall. Having confidence is good but too much is not." The man replied as he spotted the 3 friends approach. That's when they realised it was the same man who gave them the badge case yesterday. "Ah, you three. You finally made it." The girl turned towards the trio.

"You know them Mr Thomas?" She asked. 'Mr Thomas' Eliza said in her head 'He's the one Professor Mahogany said to go and meet'.

"Yes Clara. These 3 are from Mainne city and are setting off on a pokemon journey together just like you and are hoping to take part in the Arlos Pokemon League." Mr Thomas said.

"It's nice to meet you three. I'm Clara. Who are you?" She asked.

"I'm Mike" Mike introduced himself "and this is..." Eliza interrupted.

"I'm his sister Eliza and this is our friend Laki." She said and Laki waved.

"Cool." She replied. Mr Thomas then looked at the trio.

"I take it your here to battle the gym leader and that's me. I hope you liked your badge case, hopefully today it will have 1 badge in it." He said as 2 figures in red hoodies approached.

"Thomas, it has come to our knowledge that you have some information on the legends of Arlos. You will hand over that information now or face the consequences." One of the figures said in a sophisticated manor as the other just grinned.

"I wish I knew what you were talking about my good sir. This is a Pokemon Gym and a school; not a library, I am not Lenora you know?" Thomas replied.

"I do believe dear Mr Thomas is trying to trick us my dear Abelle." The man replied.

"I think your right Cain, Do you want me to beat the answer out of him?" Abelle replied.

"No, No. I think it's only fair if we give Mr Thomas here one more chance to tell the truth." He said as he stared at Thomas. "Your school must have a library where you keep the book."

"I have told your people before I no longer have the book you are seeking. I lost it ages ago." Thomas aid this time with a tone of anger in his voice as well as a hint of frustration.

"Now there's no need to got all hot and bothered." Cain said with a laugh. "Just go and find it and we'll leave you alone." Cain added.

"There is no point in looking, I have already searched for it." Thomas said but calmly this time. "Go back to wherever you come from and tell whoever sent you that the book is gone."

"Fine. However if we find out if you have been lying to us..." Cain started.

"We'll be back and we won't be leaving empty handed. Abelle added.

Cain and Abelle walked away slowly and as soon as they were out of sight, Clara turned to Thomas.

"Who are those people and why are they coming to you for a book? Can't they go find it in another Library or look for it online?" Clara asked.

"They are Team Thermos, no-one knows who they are or what they do but they have a strong interest in the legends of Arlos." Thomas replied.

"Legends?" Laki responded.

"It will be better if I explained inside." Thomas led the children into the school and too his office. "I believe they want the book in order to find out about the legendary Pokemon Arcteagle, Flarery and Riddorock, the legendary trio of seasons. Legend says that these 3 pokemon work together to ensure that as the world turns, the seasons move with it and it is believed that their home is here as there are hidden temples all over Arlos. The book has information leading to these temples and I also believe that they want the book in order to track down and capture these legendary pokemon." Thomas explained. "There is also information about the mythical Tiki Trio, who watch over Arlos protecting the legendary Trio and Mothertree, the mythical Pokemon of Knowledge. There is no proof that these Tiki Pokemon exist but I fear that they will try to track them down as well." Thomas finished explaining before his secretary came in with a tray of tea. He offered some to the children. "Now, you four must promise me that you will not get tangled up with this. I have reported the situation to Officer Jenny and she is dealing with it." The trio and Clara nodded as they drank there tea. Thomas looked at the time. "Unfortunately, I have a class to go and teach so I want be able to give you a gym battle today but you four are more than welcome to come sit in our class. It was an after school class for pokemon trainers so it may help you win your first Pokemon Badge. Clara joined in one of my lessons and got her first gym badge the very next day." Clara showed them her badge.

"Wait there is an engraving on that badge." Eliza spotted.

"Well done Eliza, for the Book badge, I like to give Pokemon trainers a piece of advice to help them on the journey by engraving it onto their badge." Clara took the badge out of her Badge case and showed it to the trio.

"Mine says 'Just Keep Calm' as I was a bit aggressive during my gym badge. This piece of advice helped me win my second badge so it really does help." Clara said. Eliza stared at Clara's second gym badge.

"Is that really the Gem badge." Eliza asked.

"It really is. You can hold it if you want." Clara took out the Gem badge and gave it to Eliza.

"Wow, it really is pretty." She said as she gave the badge back to Clara.

"Every gym leader puts a lot of thought into how their gym badge is designed based on their gym. You can tell a lot about the Gym leader judging by their badge but that is not to say you still won't be surprised." Thomas added. "So would you all like to come to my Trainers class." The trio nodded.

"I was planning on heading out to do some more training before heading to my third gym battle." Clara replied. "But I could still use the extra help."

"Excellent." Thomas said as he led the children out of the office and down the hall towards a set of double doors.

Chapter 6 - A lesson to remember Edit

Thomas opened the double doors and what was on the other side amazed the trio but not Clara who had seen it all before.

"This is the schools Pokemon battle stadium as well as my Pokemon Gym." Thomas explained. The battle field was in the middle of the room and around the edge of the room was tables and chairs, a few students and trainers were already sitting down. "As well as hosting gym battles here, we teach students and trainers about the amazing world of pokemon, we include it in as many lessons as we can. We also hold exhibition matches here. Professional Pokemon Trainers from all over come and battle for our students. Last week, we had Arlos's very own Gemma battle Elesa from Unova and Last month Arlos's reigning Pokemon Champion Malcolm came to do a talk for the trainers." More students arrived. "Please help yourselves to a seat and the lesson will begin shortly." The trio and Clara find four seats next to each other and sit down quietly waiting to see what will happen.

More students arrived and sat down at the tables provided, some had notebooks with them ready and others just sat quietly. Thomas's secretary nodded to Thomas to indicate that everyone had arrived and it was time to start the lesson. "We all know that the world of Pokemon is full of new experiences and adventures, some of you are already embarking on your very own adventure whilst others are thinking about setting off on an adventure. These classes are prepared to help you on your way." Thomas said to start his lesson. "I know there are new faces here today and some familiar faces as well. You are all welcome here to learn as well as meet new people. So I would like to start off by thanking you all for attending today." Some of the students cheered. "Thank you very much. Today, I have asked a close friend of mine to come in for an Exhibition battle. However as well as learning through the use of exhibition battles, I do use other methods of teaching which suit the theme of this session. Todays theme is how trainers can bond with their Pokemon." Some students began to write this down. "The bond between Trainer and Pokemon is a powerful thing; it can lead you to victory if done well but can end in disaster for those who don't work at it. At the end of the day, it is pokemon and trainer fighting and working together, if there is no bond however this falls into disarray." The 4 friends looked at each other then back at Thomas. "Building that bond between you and your Pokemon is key to success. You must also build a bond between you and your friends; I am mentioning this as I said earlier, most of you are on an adventure and it's likely that you have friends going with you. friendship is just as important as your bonds with your Pokemon as friends stick together just as you do with your Pokemon." Thomas's secretary walked up to Thomas and whispered into his ear. "Students, my friend has now arrived. Please respect them as you would respect me and your fellow students. They have taken time out of their busy schedule to be here. Please welcome, Professor Mahogany."

Professor Mahogany entered through the double doors in which the 4 friends had entered the same room previously. "Hello Students." She said as she walked past the 4 friends towards Thomas. "Thomas has invited me here today not just to have a battle but to show you how the bond between trainer and Pokemon can be useful in Pokemon battles. Thomas is a good friend of mine and this friendship helps us to build bonds with our Pokemon. Most of you are going out into the big wide world and it will be scary at times but I promise you that as long as you work with your Pokemon as well as your friends and build that bond, you will have a strong chance at succeeding in what you do." This was received with a round of applause.

"Thank you Professor. Now the rules of this exhibition battle are as follows: The Professor and I will pick only 1 of our Pokemon to battle. The first trainer to knock out the opponents Pokemon will win." Thomas said and Professor Mahogany nodded.

"This is a great chance to see what Pokemon Thomas has." Mike whispered to Eliza. "So we can prepare for our gym battle with him."

Clara just smiled, she has been here before and even thougth this experience did help here defeat Thomas, you can never truly predict the outcome of a battle until it happens.

Thomas's Secretary acted as the Ref as Professor Mahogany and Thomas stood at equal ends of the battle field. "The exhibition match between Thomas, the Norma Town Gym Leader and Professor Mahogany is underway. Please remember the rules set out for this battle."

"To a great battle between friends." Thomas called out to Professor Mahogany.

"To a great battle, my friend." Professor Mahogany replied.

Thomas was the first to reveal his Pokémon, a Tibbar. Professor Mahogany was next, she choose Chandelure.

"Ladies first as they say." Professor Mahogany said with a smile. "Chandelure use Flamethrower."

"I see, Lillipup dodge it." Thomas replied as Chandelure produced a stream of flame and targeted Lillipup but Lillipup was first and dodged continuously. "Use Crunch." Thomas then said and Lillipup charges towards Chandelure at speed and bit Chandelure harsh.

"I thought Ghost Pokémon would be unaffected my a move such as crunch." Mike said quietly under his breath.

"Crunch is a dark type move which means it is super effective against Ghost type Pokémon." Clara replied. "As Lillipup is a Normal type Pokémon, Normal type moves will have no affect, that is why Thomas has trained his Lillipup to have moves of various types." Lillipup was still biting on Chandelure.

"Chandelure, Shake Lillipup off and use Will'o'wisp." Mahogany cried as Chandelure waved it's arms in furious motion to try and shake Lillipup off. After a few moments. Lillipup lost it's grip and let go of Chandelure sending him flying.

"Lillipup, are you ok?" Thomas called as Lillipup landed near Thomas, Lillipup was just about to respond when he was hit by Will'o'wisp, causing some serious burn. "That's it. Lillipup use Wild Charge." Lillipup charged towards Chandelure at speed.

"Chandelure, dodge it quickly." Chandelure began to move as Lillipup leapt and collided with Chandelure, Chandelure was pushed back and Lillipup landed on the ground staring at Chandelure, howling at the pain of the burn. Some of the students began to whisper about who they think will win. "This battle draws near to it's end. Chandelure, use Flamethrower once more."

"Lillipup, dodge it quickly." Lillipup despite being in pain was able to dodge part of the Flamethrower but was hit just a little. "Hang on in there Lillipup and use Crunch." Lillipup was near fainting and Professor Mahogany knew that.

"Chandelure, Shadow ball." Chandelure did so and began to shoot balls of dark energy at Lillipup. Lillipup dodged through them slower than usual, wincing due to the burn. Lillipup leapt to use Crunch and just as Chandelure was preparing another Shadow ball, Chandelure was bit hard. Chandelure fainted at the bite. Falling back to the ground, Lillipup was suffering, the burn had taken it's toll and soon Lillipup had also fainted. Thomas and Professor Mahogany both returned their Pokémon.

Thomas's Secretary stood forward. "Due to the fact that Lillipup fainted due to Burn and not Recoil. The winner is Thomas, the Norma Town Gym leader.

"Well done Thomas, you have certainly come a long way since you were younger." Professor Mahogany.

"Thank you Professor. Now students, I want you to remember this battle. Professor Mahogany and I chose are Pokémon carefully and participate well. Our Pokémon fought well and you must remember that Pokémon aren't just your partners, they are also your friends. Treat them well." Thomas said as he addressed his students.

"May I just add something?" Professor Mahogany asked and Thomas nodded. "Who here thought Chandelure would win?" Some of the students including Clara put their hands up. "I see. Now think about why you thought Chandelure would win. Some of you may think it was because of Lillipup's type disadvantage or Chandelure's access to very powerful moved. What I'd like to say is that, we can't always predict the outcomes of battles. Some days, you will win and other days you will lose. Don't let this get to you, winning and losing are just outcomes, it is what you do afterwards that counts."

"I couldn't have put it better myself, thanks again Professor Mahogany. I'll let you go heal up Chandelure and I'll go heal Lillipup. Class dismissed." Professor Mahogany and Thomas left, as the students also left the hall. Mike, Eliza, Laki and Clara all headed outside.

Chapter 7 - A new Rival and a new friend Edit

The four friends exited the school amongst a crowd of other students.

"I wasn't expecting Lillipup to actually win against Chandelure." Laki exclaimed excitedly.

"Thomas and Lillipup are best of friends, they make a great team and that is why he is such a good gym leader." Clara added. "I nearly lost my battle with Thomas because of Lillipup, his speed is exceptional but as I said I 'nearly' lost." Eliza was next to speak up.

"So what shall we do now, Thomas did say that he wasn't able to have any Gym battles today and I would really like to battle." Eliza said with a sigh.

"Watching battles always makes me want a battle afterwards so how about it. Eliza would you accept my challenge of a battle?" Clara butted in.

"We still ain't seen who you caught in Tropa woods so this would be a great opportunity to see who you caught." Mike added.

"Well, I do want to battle." Eliza replied unsure.

"I won't force you to battle Clara but if you don't want to battle, I'm sure I can find someone who will." Clara replied.

"No, I want to. Let's do it." Eliza responded with a smile whilst thinking 'Clara already has a gym badge, how am I possibly going to win'. The four friends walked over to the Pokémon Centre and requested to use the battle field and within moments their request was accepted. They were lead out to the battle field and Clara and Eliza took their places. Mike stood forward as the referee.

"Can it be a one on one battle please?" Eliza asked. "Just so I can battle with 1 Pokémon each?". Clara nodded and grabbed one of her Pokeball's. Eliza did the same. "Rodecity, this is our first battle together. Do your best and don't worry?" Eliza whispered to Rodecity's Pokeball.

"With both sides ready to battle. I shall just go over the rules. This is a one on one battle and therefore no substitutions. The battle will end when either trainers Pokémon can no longer battle." Mike raised his right arm in the air as Eliza sent forth Rodecity and Clara sent out Eevee.

"So you caught Rodecity." Mike said with a smile. "That is so cool." Mike responded before swinging his arm down as a signal for the battle to begin.

"Right Rodecity. Quick attack, let's go." Eliza cried as Rodecity began to charge towards Eevee.

"Eevee, Protect now." Eevee did so as Rodecity crashed into Eevee with no effect. "Use Bite" Clara called back.

"Use Thunderbolt" Eliza yelled as Eevee bit Rodecity, Rodecity responded by focusing his Thunderbolt on Eevee. Electricity shocked Eevee into the air but it landed on its feet. Clara smiled.

"Your doing well. Eevee use Shadow Ball." Clara said with a kind smirk as Eevee charged a shadow ball and sent it forth towards Rodecity.

"Dodge it quickly." Eliza cried as quickly as she could, Rodecity cried to leap out the way but the Shadow Ball just caught him knocking him down. "Rodecity please get up, I know you can do this." Eliza said worried as Rodecity slowly got back up. "Use Nuzzle now." Eliza then said with a shout as Rodecity ran to Eevee to rub its scruffy cheeks over it's face, shocking Eevee once more.

"Eevee, you best not faint now." Clara said rather angrily. "Use Bite once more." Eevee did so despite being quite weak now. Both Pokémon were struggling now, it was impossible to say who was going to come out on top.

"Rodecity, Thunderbolt once more" Eliza called. Rodecity did so just as Clara was about to ask Eevee to use Protect. The Thunderbolt rocketed through Eevee until it as no longer able to battle.

"Eevee can no longer battle." Mike called. "Therefore Eliza and Rodecity win." Mike rushed over to congratulate his sister and Laki ran over too as Eliza returned Rodecity to it's Pokeball.

"Eevee, you could have done so much better. We lost to a trainer with no badges and by that I mean you lost. We've got some serious training to do now." Clara said angrily as she returned Eevee to her Pokeball, fuming at her defeat but determined not to be a bad sport. She walked over to Eliza. "You did very well. I'm sure you will get your first gym badge with ease."

"Wow, thanks Clara." Eliza said with a smile, beaming from her win unaware of Clara's true feelings. he hen looked at the time. "It's getting late, would you like to join us t The Pokecenter for some food?" Eliza asked still beaming.

"I'm going to have to pass you up on that offer. I've got places to be, training to do. I'm sure we will meet again in the future." Clara replied with a sigh.

"Until next time then and maybe we can have a rematch." Eliza then added. "Before you go thougth, we can heal up Rodecity and Eevee." Clara nodded as the four friends walked back into the centre in order to get the 2 Pokémon healed. Once Clara had Eevee back, she checked that she was ready to get on her way.

"Until we meet again." Clara said before walking out of the Pokémon Centre and heading off to train. "I'm sorry I was so harsh earlier Eevee but we lost to someone with way less experience than us. We cannot let her beat us again." Clara said to herself as she walked away. Back at the Pokémon Centre; Mike, Eliza and Mike began to eat their dinner with their Pokémon.

"So hopefully we can attempt our first gym battle tommorow guys. Isn't this so exciting?" Laki blurted out suddenly.

"I am." Mike responded. "Platyl and I are going to do some training in the morning thougth before so we can get ready."

"Good idea." Eliza responded. "It might be good for us all to train, Clara did say Thomas was tough to beat."

"Yeah." Mike added as he finished his food. "I'm going to call it a night." He said standing up before heading up to the Pokémon Centre Rooms for trainers to rest. Laki and Eliza followed suit.

Meanwhile as our hero's slept, Cain and Abelle were involved in a secret phone call with a mysterious figure.

"Thomas continues to refuse us his assistance claiming he no longer has the book of legends." said Cain in a hushed tone as Abelle smirked as she usually did.

"Never mind, I have information that will lead us to what we need. Head to Quarrock City, you will receive further instructions there." A mysterious old voice replied.

"Will do." Cain responded before ending the call.

Chapter 8 - An Explosive Introduction Edit

The sun rose on another day in Arlos. Mike was already up and ready, training with Platyl outside as Laki and Eliza slept in their rooms. "Ok Platyl. Use Bubble beam." Mike said positively as Platyl yawned, Platyl then Sprayed a jet of Bubbles at a tree. "We need to pick up the speed Platyl. I know it's early but you had a load of sleep yesterday, you can't still be tired today. Try again and this time a bit faster, use Bubble beam." Mike called once more, Platyl did so and used Bubble beam again. "That's great Platyl. Thomas's Gym badge is as good as ours." Mike's celebrating was a bit too loud and ended up waking loads off other trainers staying at the Pokémon Centre. One of them looked out their window and shouted at Mike to shut up which woke up even more people. One of which was Laki who got dressed straight away and dashed down to see Mike. Eliza woke up slowly but stayed in her room and got ready in her own time. Laki ran out of the Pokémon Centre and headed straight to Mike.

"Early training I see. Why didn't you wake me up? I need to train as well." Laki responded.

"As energetic as you are my friend, you are a very deep sleeper and didn't get up when I tried to wake you." Mike responded before kneeling down to fuss Platyl. "You are getting better and better you are."

"Thanks." Laki replied jokingly before releasing Stegra and Lillipup. "We need to train as well. Let's have a stretch first." He said looking at his two Pokémon. Laki began to stretch and Lillipup began to copy, Stegra was just to excited to stretch, he just wanted to run. Laki then began to jog around the field and his Pokémon followed.

"Maybe we should join them Platyl." Mike said with a smile before getting up to follow Laki. Platyl plodded along slowly allowing Laki and his Pokémon to lap him. Twice. Eliza was now ready and had headed down as well to train. As she got outside, she noticed what Mike and Laki were doing and was a little annoyed that she was not invited to join in.

"Hey. I thought we were going to train together." She said storming over to Mike and Laki who had stopped, Lillipup and Platyl stopped as well leaving Stegra to continue running around. "You've had an unfair advantage." She said angrily before calming down and releasing Furfir and Rodecity. "We are going to train on our own." Eliza said before taking her two Pokémon to a corner and began to do some exercises with her Pokémon.

Laki whispered to Mike. "Do you think we've upset her?

"No, she's just woken up. She's probably tired." Mike replied before continuing his run around the field. Laki joined in as well as Lillipup. Platyl one again began to plod along slowly. "Come on Platyl, pick up the place." Platyl did so slowly.

Soon it was time for Breakfast and everyone went inside to eat. Eliza didn't smile at all during breakfast. Mike tried to apologise but Eliza just ignored him and fussed Furfir and Rodecity. Just as the trio were about to finish their food the sound of a distant explosion rocketed in the air. People began to scream and run around in fits of panic. The trio returned their Pokémon to their balls and ran outside. A random stranger in a white scientist suit ran past screaming "The Lab, they've broken into the lab and are destroying everything." The trio stood there confused.

"Could it be those thugs we saw yesterday bothering Thomas, we should do something?" Mike piped up and Laki agreed.

"You two go, I'm going to stay and train without you." Eliza responded and headed back inside.

Mike and Laki looked a bit unsure but decided to head towards the explosion anyway, fighting their way through crowds of people heading the other way. They ended up outside of Norma town and standing outside a huge lab which had been blocked off by Police. One of the officers was talking into a walkie-talkie about the situation. Mike and Laki tried to hear what they had to say but they couldn't make it out. They were able to gather it was an attack on the lab but they didn't know who by. Laki then spotted a way in which was unguarded and the two entered the lab undetected.

Meanwhile Eliza had changed her mind and headed to Thomas's gym instead. Thomas was standing by the door about to unlock it. "Thomas can I have my gym battle now? I really would like to challenge you." Thomas smiled.

"Eager I see. Well. I can fit 1 battle in before lessons start." Thomas replied and led Eliza to the battle classroom she was in yesterday. "I normally battle 1 on 1 in this gym. So it can introduce new trainers slowly into battle despite having two Pokémon. For this battle I will be using Tibbar." Thomas released a rather scruffy Rabbit Pokémon from a Pokeball. "Tibbar, this young lady would like a battle. Please do you best to ensure it's a good one. Tibbar nodded.

Eliza smile nervously and released Furfir. "Furfir, do your best. Together we can do this." A referee ran into the room in order to govern the battle.

"This is a one on one battle between the challenger Eliza and the gym leader Thomas. No substitutions allowed." The referee said as she swung her arm down to signal the start of the battle.

Back at the lab; Mike and Laki had got lost. "Those bad guys must be around here somewhere" Mike said as they bumped into a nervous looking scientist. "Hey, we're here to help. What's happened here?"

"You shouldn't be here. The Lab's being attacked and you should have been evacuated." The scientist replied.

"Attacked?" Laki asked. "Why would thugs attack a lab like this?" He wondered as he looked at Mike.

"Thugs?" The scientist replied. "Pests you mean. Those Pokémon have been causing us so much trouble." The Scientist got up. "We need to get you two too safety." He said leading the two friends down a long journey of corridors; all the time Mike and Laki looked puzzled, Why would Pokémon attack a Lab?

Back to Eliza's Battle and Thomas has the upper hand, Furfir has landed a few hits but so has Tibbar. "Tibbar, use dig once more." Thomas called as Tibbar dug it's way underground.

"Furfir stay focused." Eliza called as Tibbar rose up from behind Furfir and knocked Furfir forward. "Ok, Furfir use Flamethrower once more." Furfir did so targeting Tibbar, sending it flying. Tibbar was tough and wasn't going down without fight.

"Tibbar, use Mud shot". Thomas called and Tibbar began to fire shot after shot of mud balls at Furfir. Furfir was able to dodge some but was hit by most.

"Furfir use Ember." Eliza called out as Furfir began to sit out balls of fire to cancel out the mud balls. However one of the mud balls was able to get through the bombardment of fire balls and hit Furfir in the eye. Furfir fell backwards.

"Furfir is unable to battle. The winner is Thomas." The referee said with a smile. Thomas returned Tibbar o his Pokeball before walking over to Eliza.

"You two did well but I think you were a bit too eager to get your first badge. Keep training and try again another time." Thomas said with a smile. "I'm surprised your friends didn't come and support you." He said looking around in case they were there and he hadn't seen them.

"There was an explosion at the lab and they went to investigate as they think it was the thugs who were bothering you yesterday." Eliza replied returning Furfir to her Pokeball, a little sad at her defeat. She was so certain that she could do it after she defeated Clara.

"We best get there straight away. They may be in danger." Thomas called rushing out of the classroom passing a bunch of students. "Class is cancelled due to an emergency, do some reading on Pokémon moves ready for this afternoon." He told the students before leaving the school with Eliza running on behind.

Back in the lab, Mike and Laki were following the nervous scientist. "We didn't catch your name" Mike asked as they walked down another corridor.

"My name is Earl." The scientist replied. "Head scientist here at the Lab." He said shaking.

"So you said it was Pokémon who caused the explosion. Why would hey do this? Pokémon don't normally attack civilian buildings, at least not here in Arlos." Laki asked inquisitively.

Earl sighed and began to explain. "Months ago, we were working on a new super fruit that will help cure world hunger when there was a mishap and one of the experimental batches of this fruit went wrong and the fruit began to mutate into a weird flower which sprouted a weird vine like arm. The creature developed Pokémon like abilities so we got it officially recognised as a Pokémon known as Thordwe. There were hundreds of Thordwe and one day they escaped from our safe Pokémon haven that we have to help us learn more about Pokémon. They escaped and ended up all over Arlos. I think that some Thordwe became angry at what we have done and have attacked us for that reason but no-one believes me. They think Thordwe have become a dangerous threat to humanity."

"Oh, I think I heard about that." Mike said nodding his head. All of a sudden, a horde of Thordwe jumped out at the Mike, Laki and Earl and began to fire seed bombs at the three of them. Earl pulled Mike and Laki through a door that was connected to the corridor.

"They do seem to be very angry. Maybe they have become dangerous." Earl responded. "I'll have to call for a red alert." Earl said reaching into his pocket for a button to trigger the red alert.

"Wait, have you tried talking to Thordwe." Mike asked. Earl shook his head so Mike left the room they were in despite Earl's protest. The Thordwe in the corridor began to fire seed bombs once more as Mike dived into a corner. "Listen Thordwe, I don't mean you any harm. Please stop this attack. Maybe we can help you." Some Thordwe did stop but one who was a different colour to the others didn't. "Please, let me help you." Mike asked once again. The different coloured Thordwe stopped and hopped over to Mike who smiled at it. "Thordwe?" The Thordwe asked. "Earl can help, just don't attack us please." The Thordwe nodded and Mike called for Laki and Earl to join him. "Show us what you need help with and we will do our best." Mike said as The Thordwe gathered together to show the way that they were going. Many corridors later; the Thordwe, Mike, Laki and Earl had found their way into the Pokémon Haven.

"Were you coming back here?" Laki asked and the leading Thordwe nodded. "Why thougth?" Laki asked as Thordwe raised it's viney arm as if to say shh. The Thordwe began to split up and look around and call out.

More Thordwe joined them and began to join the others calling out "Thordwe." Until one of them beckoned for Mike to come over to where it was. Surely enough when Mike arrived, he knew why the Thordwe were there. "There's an injured Thordwe over here, I think it was left behind. This whole attack was a rescue mission." Laki and Earl ran over to see. "It needs urgent help. Please Thordwe, allow us to take Thordwe to get help and we'll bring it straight back." The Thordwe nodded but the head Thordwe nodded a little differently as if to see, it was coming too. The head Thordwe, Mike, Laki and Earl then ran towards a healing centre within the lab. As Earl was helping Thordwe get better, Laki was given Earl's phone to explain the situation and Mike sat down with the Thordwe. "Thordwe will be fine." Mike assured the head Thordwe.

Outside the lab, Thomas had arrived with Eliza and was allowed pass by the police. They made quick work in finding the others near the entrance of the lab. "I told you two too stay out of trouble. I'm so glad to see your both ok. Hello Earl." Thomas said catching his breath.

"Never scare me again like this Mike." Eliza said giving him a light thump on the arm before giving him a hug. "I'm sorry about this morning. I was just grotty and I attempted to get my first badge without you." Eliza said frowning.

"Did you do it?" Mike asked excitingly to which Eliza shook her head. "Never mind, anyways let me introduce you to Thordwe." Mike added gesturing to the head Thordwe. "These little guys organised this whole thing to rescue their injured friend who is all right now." Thordwe smiled at Eliza. "Earl, will the Thordwe be ok now?"

Earl smiled. "Of course. I will make sure that they will be looked after." He said showing the 3 friends and Thomas the door. "You know that Thordwe there." He said pointing at the head Thordwe. "Is one of the many forms of Thordwe in the world, during the experiment, Thordwe began to turn different colours. Impressive Pokémon are Thordwe and they will be looked after."

Thomas began to lead the 3 friends back to Norma town when the head Thordwe wrapped it's viney arm around Mike's leg causing Mike a little pain. "I think Thordwe wants to come with you Mike." Thomas said looking down at the Pokémon.

"Really, Thordwe. Do you want to travel with me and Platyl?" Thordwe nodded as Mike grabbed Platyl's Pokeball ready to battle. As soon as Mike released Platyl in order to battle, Thordwe shook his head and looked at Mike's second Pokeball.

"I think Thordwe wants to come with you without the need for a battle." Thomas added.

Mike smiled at this and threw his Pokeball and Thordwe jumped up as the ball caught it inside. The ball fell on the floor and shook once. Twice. Three times, Mike had caught Thordwe, he bent down and picked up Thordwe's Pokeball and released him. "I'm sure you, Platyl and I are going to make a great team." Thordwe turned around to face the lab were over Thordwe were waving good bye, the obviously knew that Thordwe wanted to go with Mike and didn't do anything to stop him. "We can come back and see your friends at anytime Thordwe" Mike added.

Thomas took the three friends back to the Pokémon Centre. "I've got a class to teach. Feel free to come try and get your first badge again tommorow. In the meantime, take some time to train and explore. Also don't push yourself too hard, it's with too much pressure that things explode and fail." Thomas then left the three to talk.

"So we all have two Pokémon now." Laki pointed out. "This is so cool. We should take Thomas's advice and go train but I'm getting rather hungry, I haven't eaten since breakfast." Mike and Eliza smiled as they all headed inside to get some food. As the three friends walked inside, a pair of ghost like eyes stared at them from a tree before fleeing into the surrounding forest and headed towards a nearby cave.

The three friends spent the rest of the day training and battling as well as exploring Norma town. Running long the beach and eating ice cream. Sitting on deck chairs with drinks as their Pokémon played in the sand, the three friends were discussing Eliza's battle with Thomas.

"Clara talked about Thomas's Lillipup but I didn't hear her say anything about Tibbar. Tibbar was strong, it wouldn't give up and Furfir and I tried so hard but in the end Thomas said I was too eager. I let Furfir and Rodecity down. I let myself down." Eliza said sighing.

"There's always tommorow." Mike said with a smile as the three friends watched the sunset. "Tommorow we are going to go together and win together." Mike added.

Chapter 9 - Getting the Book Badge Edit

The sun rises on another day in the Arlos region. After Eliza's defeat yesterday, she has been up and ready for a while now training with Furfir and Rodecity.

"Come on Furfir. Pick up the pace." Eliza cried as she ran some laps around the battle field with her Pokémon. Furfir nodded and pushed forwards and was soon running alongside Rodecity. Eliza didn't show it but she was still annoyed about yesterday, she didn't want to lose her first attempt at a gym battle and it left her pretty down. Back in their room in the Pokémon centre, Mike and Laki were just waking up.

"Morning Mike. You ready to take on Thomas today?" Laki yelled as he leapt out of bed.

"You bet. Thordwe and Platyl are going to do their best and we are going to get that Book Badge." Mike said as he got out of bed slowly. Mike and Laki then get ready and headed downstairs to get something to eat; as they passed one of the windows overlooking the battle field thougth, they spotted Eliza training hard. "Eliza sure is gutted that she lost yesterday." Mike added as they continued to get some food.

"Yeah but at least she hasn't given up." Laki responded as they arrived at the Pokémon Centre canteen. The two then proceeded to grab some food and sit down before releasing their Pokémon to have something to eat as well. After a while Eliza had come to join them with her Furfir and Rodecity.

"Morning guys." She said as she sat down to join them. "Thomas said we can pop by any time today to battle him as there is no school today." She mentioned before starting to eat some food that she had grabbed for herself, Furfir and Rodecity also got some food. After they had all eaten, The three decided to train a little before attempting to get their Book badge. Mike was getting Thordwe and Platyl to battle each other whilst Laki was doing some exercises with Lillipup and Stegra. Eliza was a bit distant from the others and was having a talk with her Pokémon. "Furfir, Rodecity. Yesterday's battle didn't go well. Furfir, you did your best and nearly defeated Tibbar, we just need to try our best today." Eliza then returned her two Pokémon and headed over to Mike and Laki. "Let's go and get ourselves our first Pokémon Badges." Eliza said, faking a smile. Mike and Laki nodded and returned their Pokémon as well. The three of them then proceeded to walk to Thomas's gym. Thomas was already outside his gym passing a gym badge to another trainer. Thomas then spotted the three friends approaching.

"I was wondering when you three would arrive." Thomas said as he waved before turning back to the trainer. "This Book Badge is a symbol that you have defeated my gym. If you head out of the west of this town and head to Quarrock City, there is a gym there. Tell them Thomas sent you." The trainer then walked off as Mike, Eliza and Laki reached Thomas. "You three look ready for a battle, let's see if any of you will walk away with a badge like that Trainor did." Thomas led the three to his gyms battle field. "So who is going to go first?" Thomas asked as he looked at the three friends.

"Can I go first?" Eliza asked cautiously as she stepped forward to face Thomas. Mike and Laki turned to face Eliza.

"Of course." Thomas replied with a smile. "Let me just get sorted." He added before turning away and walking to one of his assistants. Mike and Laki went to sit down in order to cheer Eliza on. Thomas soon returned as his assistant took their place at the referee podium. "Eliza, I sense that you are still worrying about your battle yesterday. Every battle you face cannot always be a winning battle, sometimes fate intervenes in order to help guide us in the right path even if that path means that you lose." Thomas said calmly. "Just take your time and think. Professor Mahogany believes in you as do I."

"Thanks Thomas." Eliza replied smiling. 'Let's give this battle, everything I got.' She said to herself as she turned to the referee as she explained the rules.

(To be continued soon)

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