Amber is a 15-year-old Gengar created by Zoe.

Personality Edit

Amber is snappy and can be easily angered, but is a good friend to have. She is notable for her hatred of stupidity.

Relationships Edit

In spite of the age difference, she and Zorrsune are in a relationship. She hates Flamber with a burning passion, believing him to be too stupid to be allowed to exist.

RP History Edit

Her first major appearance was in BtP, as one of the characters to get stuck in the Minus World. Before that, she had a minor appearance in Dream Catastrophe, visiting Shiruru. Her next appearance is set to be RPCRP2.

Trivia Edit

  • For a long time, she was named GZ, from [G]engar [Z]oe, but this was changed when she could barely be seen as a Pokesona of her creator.
  • Her star sign is Aries, born on April 13th. This date was chosen as a tribute to Homestuck: it started on 4/13 and she shares her star sign with Aradia, who was a ghost for much of the comic that she had read to that point.