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Ariadne is an Ariados OC of Paigelena's who is known for her cruelness. She has been mentioned many times in RPs but has not actually made an appearance yet inside of the Pokecrew. She has been mentioned, however. Myra the Alakazam and Paige both discussed her with Xander and Myra revealed that she has been experimented on ruthlessly and that, when she escaped the Virbank Genetic Core, Ariadne was the size of a large house.


Ariadne, like the mythical spider of a similar name, is enormous at about 500 feet from her head to the tip of her abdomen. She also has a different color scheme, being black and red, not unlike a black widow spider. She also cannot use any moves in battle as her size makes it impractical for her to use moves.

Origin StoriesEdit

No fewer than 5 stories have been given so far in different RPs about her creation.

  1. She was genetically created by Chelsea at the VGC.
  2. She was forsaken by Arceus as a Spinarak.
  3. She prayed for this form.
  4. She was infected by a dangerous form of Pokerus.
  5. She was created as part of an alien virus.


  • Ariadne is based on a myth.
  • She was created before the Pokecrew began and was Paigelena's third ever OC, behind Paige and a Ninetales called Nanina.
  • She has many different origin stories
  • Ariadne is another of Chelsea's lovers
  • She was hatched as an Ariados, not a Spinarak
  • There is no way to tell which origin story is correct