The Starting Voyage is a RP between Adrian and Paigelena and is a Prologue to the Media: Adventure in Arlos Story. I have turned the RP into a story itself, everything that happens in this story is what happened in the RP.


The Starting Voyage focuses on three main character; Shawn Storm, Clara Olor and Sasha.

The Starting VoyageEdit

Our story starts on a Cruise liner cruising along the deep Tropic Ocean. One of the many passengers on this Cruise liner was Clara Olor, a Pokémon trainer who was on her way to the Arlos region with hopes to take on the Arlos Pokémon League. Also on board was Shawn Storm, another Pokémon Trainer who had been off travelling around the Unova region but was coming home to also take on the league. The sun was shining and the waves were still, perfect weather for just sitting back and relaxing.

Clara is getting herself tanned up; ready for Arlos, on her lap is her trusty Eevee, who is soundly asleep. Shawn is wondering around the deck with his ever faithful Oshawott.

"Nearly home Oshawott." Shawn said to his partner as they walked around the Cruise liner. At this point Clara's Eevee had woken up and decided to go for a wander. Shawn kept walking along with Oshawott, eventually passing the Eevee who responded by pawing at Shawn. "Can I help you?" He asked the Eevee crouching down to the Eevee as Oshawatt waved at the Eevee. The Eevee runs back to Clara and hides under the chair. She's an extremely timing little thing.

"You might want to keep a better eye on your Eevee. It is a very big ship and they may get lost." Shawn said to Clara who responds with a nod.

"I understand. Eevee herd just loves to explore. See? She eating cookies from that table." Clara said and Shawn turned to see Eevee eating some cookies.

"Indeed. Mind if I join you? I have been wondering round this ship for some intellectual conversation." Shawn asked politely.

"Alright Hun." Clara responded as she pulled up a chair for Shawn. Shawn sits down in the chair provided.

"Most of the people on here are either tourists who know nothing or trainers who also know nothing. I thought being in first class meant being with those who are on the same level as me. Sorry I don't mean to complain but that's how it is." Shawn moaned as he sat back in the chair, with Oshawott laying down by his feet.

"I'm actually pretty smart at battling." Clara replied as she stroked Eevee who was now back with Clara. "Eevee here can beat anything!"

"Are you willing to prove yourself?" Shawn asked leaning forward, liking the idea of a possible challenge. "Oh, how rude of me, I never asked what your name was." Clara did not respond to Shawn as her Eevee jumps up, ready to go.

'Rude.' Shawn thought as he and Oshawott got up from where they were. "They have a place for Pokémon battling on the deck bellow." Shawn said pointing the way to a set of stairs. Clara just walks down to a battlefield as er Eevee moons Oshawott. There was a member of the crew at the Battle Fields as they arrived.

"Aye. Ye wanna take part in ye olde Pokémon battle. Feel free to use me battle field." He said welcoming Shawn and Clara to the battlefield. "If ye are here to battle, I will need ye names for Rules sake." The crewman added. Shawn gave his name to the crewman and stood at one end of the battle field but Clara just refused to give her name, clearly in a hostile mood.

"Ye prefer to be secret Missy, Ol' Captain Understands." The Crewman says with a nod and declares the rules. "The rules for this Pokémon battle field are as follows. Trainers are allowed two Pokémon each to use in a single one-on-one battle however you cannot substitute Pokémon." He explained slowly.

"Great. Prepared to give it your all Challenger." Shawn said with a smirk. Oshawatt standing right beside him ready to battle. Clara ignores Shawn and kneels down to Eevee.

"Don't forget to cause serious injury." Clara whispered to Eevee who nods back. The Crew member looks for acknowledgement from Shawn and Clara that they are ready to battle.

"The battle between Shawn and the Challenger shall now commence." Ol' Captain calls out acting as a Referee for this battle.

"I was brought up to be polite and let ladies go first but however, Oshawott use Razor Shell now." Shawn calls pointing towards Clara's Eevee.

"Eevee, dodge and use Crunch." Clara says as she looks at Eevee. Eevee dodges Oshawott's Razor shell but Oshawott also dodges and avoids Eevee's crunch.

"Don't lose focus, use Razor shell again." Shawn called out to Oshawott. Oshawott obeys and goes in to attack again, hitting Eevee.

"Shake the pain off and use Shadow Ball." Clara calls out annoyed as Eevee staggers due to the hit.

"Block the shadow ball with Water Gun". Shawn cried out as Oshawott sprayed out a jet of water to destroy the Shadow Ball. After seeing this Eevee begins to ignore Clara and Uses Trump Card on Oshawott. Oshawatt is knocked back by the attack and winces from the pain but gets back up.

"Impressive." Shawn said to himself stroking his chin as if he was thinking. "Oshawatt, go in for an Aqua Jet." Shawn said with a smile. Oshawatt dashed forwards at great speed, surrounding himself in a veil of water.

"Eevee! Calm down!" Clara called out as Eevee stayed still and allowed herself to be hit with the Aqua Jet. Shawn was puzzled by this thinking it was some kind of weird strategy to throw him off guard but was glad to finally meet a trainer who actually knows what they are doing or at least that's what he thought.

"Oshawatt, use your speed to go in for another razor shell." Shawn called out once more.

"Eevee, block it with your mouth!" Clara said as Eevee put her mouth around Oshawott's arm as he was coming in for his attack. Oshawott cried out in pain waving his arms around manically eventually flinging Eevee up into the air who performed a backflip in order to land

"Oshawatt, Are you alright buddy?" Shawn cried out seeing that his buddy was hurt badly. As Shawn called pout to Oshawott, Eevee had decided to use Hyper Voice. Oshawott nods to show Shawn he's alright when he's hit with the Hyper Voice. Oshawatt is knocked back once more.

'I cannot lose, we refuse to lose.' Shawn said once more to himself shaking. "Oshawott, can you hear me buddy? Please say that you can continue." Oshawatt tries to get up but immediately collapses.

"Oshawatt is unable to battle, the winner of the first match is Challenger." Ol' Captain says stepping forward to acknowledge that the first round was over.

"You did great buddy." Shawn said as he returned Oshawatt to his Pokeball. He said before looking at Clara. "You may have won that round but you wont win this one." He grabs his second Pokeball from his pocket.

"That was a good round. Eevee, return." Clara said as she returned Eevee to her Pokeball and bringing out a second Pokeball.

"Missy, I clearly stated at the start of this match that there was to be no substitutions. I may be old but me memory is just fine." Ol' Captain says looking at Clara. [28/08/2016 23:00:46] Paigelena V: Clara , but she refuses to come out.

"She's not coming back out." Clara responds as she tries to send Eevee back out, Eevee refuses to come back out.

"That be a problem then." Ol'Capin said with an unsure look on his face. "Let me just go check me rule book." Ol'Capin walks off in search for his rule book leaving Shawn and Clara time to plan and prepare for whatever was happening next.

"That was a great battle, you really offered me a challenge. Most trainers on this ship wouldn't have been up to this standard. I am impressed." Shawn said to Clara in a jerk-like tone.

"I'm working my hardest at getting Eevee to obey me. It's very tough." Clara responds as she sends out Nidoran Female.

"Being a trainer is tough, I learned that the hard way." Shawn replied as Ol'Capin returned with the rule book.

"According to me Arlos rule book, if a Pokémon refuses to battle then the round is forfeited. Meaning ye both have 1 point and 1 Pokémon left to battle. So whoever wins this round wins the battle." He says starring at the two trainers. "Challenger, you've sent out a Nidoran Female. What Pokémon would ye be using Shawn?"

"My second Pokémon I will be using is Kawa." Shawn replied as he released Kawa from his Pokeball.

"Ah, a fighting type Pokémon ay. Now Ol'Capin recognizes ye." Ol' Captain babbles as he looks at Shawn. "I know ye Father." Shawn just ignored Ol'Capin and faced Clara. "Are both sides ready for Round 2?" Ol' Captain called out resuming position as Referee.

"This is it, Nidoran. Don't let me down!" Clara said to her Nidoran before looking at Shawn. "I will let you start, Shawn."

"It's only fair that you start this round. "Shawn replied, nodding his head once.

"Now you both are ready, let the battle begin." Ol'Capin cried out.

"Nidoran, use Bide!" Clara called out, so Nidoran curls up.

"Kawa, use Calm Mind." Shawn called out in response; Kawa put his hands together in front of his face, closed his eyes and began to focus. "Remember your training."

"Keep focusing Nidoran, wait and see." Clara added. Nidoran looked like it was asleep. Kawa kept his eyes closed but separated his hands and began to slowly move them into various karate poses.

"Remember to feel as you move, sense your surroundings." Shawn said calmly.

"Ye definitely sound like ye father. Quotes an all." Ol'Capin butted in. Nidoran unfurled and looks at Kawa. She uses Swagger, but only after a quick look to Clara. Kawa however was unaware of the swagger due to his eyes being closed.

"Kawa, use Close Combat now." Shawn said and Kawa opened his eyes suddenly before charging towards Nidoran.

"Counter, Nidoran!" Clara called out as if she had second guessed the move Kawa was going to use. Nidoran charges up to Kawa and threw him behind her like he was nothing, this left Kawa very confused.

"Kawa, Use Close Combat again." Shawn called out to Kawa who despite being confused was able to charge at Nidoran and throw a few punches. Nidoran lets herself get hit and secretly begins to use Bide before using Counter on Kawa. Kawa was hit. [28/08/2016 23:54:46] Paigelena V: Nidoran allows herself to be hit, having secretly activated Bide.

'I cannot lose.' Shawn hissed to himself. "Kawa, use Double team and run circles around Nidoran." Shawn called. Kawa starts to circle Nidoran, running faster and faster as more Kawa's began to appear out of no where. Nidoran closes her eyes and remembers something. She roars.

"Focus... prepare to attack." Clara said preparing herself as Kawa run faster and faster.

"Kawa, keep moving. Don't stop unless I tell you too." Shawn added. Nidoran stays still and remains focused. "Kawa, split." Shawn yelled. The multiple Kawa's left the circle that they just ran, creating a dust cloud that covered most of the battle field. "Now stay still, Kawa attack when I say." Shawn calls out as Nidoran opens her eyes.

"Odor Sleuth. Remove the copies. You know what to do." Clara called out. Nidoran just farts and many of the fake Kawa's began to fade away in the dust cloud.

"Kawa now. Close Combat." Shawn called. As Nidoran was farting and sniffing out the true Kawa out of the fakes that remained in the dust cloud. The real Kawa attacked Nidoran from the side with one swift punch followed by another. Nidoran is sent flying! Unfortunately, due to the speed and ferocity of Kawa's punches, Nidoran was sent flying through a well on the side of the ship.

"That be a powerful punch Shawn. Right through the side of the ship." Ol'Captain said and pointed for one of his crew to go get help. "You might want to return your Nidoran before she drowns. The Bandoula are awfully hungry at this time of day." He then added looking at Kawa. Nidoran is clinging on outside. A keen eye would see her claws gripping the hole.

"Nidoran! Hang on!" Clara cried out.

"Be careful Missy. We don't need to lose another passenger overboard." Ol'Captain replied.

"What-" Shawn was about to say when Ol'Captain interrupted him.

"This bite mark ere was when a Bandoula tried to bite my arm off when I went fishing when I was just a lad." He showed Shawn the Scar steering away from the topic that the cruise has lost a passenger overboard. "Nasty things, Bandoula but that's what you get from Pokémon who are rumoured to be the spirits of all those lost at sea and hunger for..." Ol' Captain pause for a moment as Clara reaches her arms out the hole and grabs Nidoran before pulling her in. A member of the crew comes back with a nurse and an Ariados. The Ariados spun a big web to cover the hole in the ship until it could be fixed back at port and the nurse walked over to Clara to check that Nidoran was ok. Nidoran begins to glow!

"Nidoran? What's going on?" Clara said, unsure of what was happening.

"Wait and see." The Nurse replied taking a step back. Nidoran stands up on her back legs and begins growing taller and all round larger and evolved into Nidorina.

"You've evolved. Nidorina!" Clara exclaimed.

"Ye Pokémon evolved lassie. Good for ye." Ol'Captain added.

"Nice." Shawn said with a nod.

"Ariados's web should keep that hole sealed. Good thing that no water leaked in. Just avoid the web please. " The nurse added before walking away with Ariados. Nidorina looks eager to finish the battle. She sprints back.

"Let's check your moves." Clara said producing a scanner. "Moves are Flamethrower, Counter, Odour Sleuth and Gunk Shot."

"Well, I think we should let the battle continue if both sides be willing." Ol'Capin said as he looked at both Clara and Shawn.

"I am still up to continue and Kawa is too." Shawn replied as Kawa leapt to Shawn's side and began to throw some punches into the air.

"I and Nidorina are willing as well. Nidorina, use Gunk Shot!" Clara called out. Nidorina spits up a ball of poison.

"I hadn't said resume." Ol'Captain cried as he dashed to his referee spot, narrowly avoiding the ball of poison. Kawa dodged the poison balls as well but as he was standing next to Shawn, some of the poison gunk landed on Shawn's lower legs.

"Now I have gunk on me, great. At least I ain't poisoned. Kawa use Close combat." Shawn called as he signalled for some help to deal with the poison.

"Nidorina, use Counter!" Clara called sending Nidorina to attack Kawa. However when Nidorina gets to Kawa, she grabs him and uses Flamethrower at close range instead. The fire was too much for Kawa and after being burned, Kawa fainted.

"Kawa is unable to battle, meaning that the challenger has one." Ol'Capin cried pointing to Clara.Shawn returned Kawa to his Pokeball

"You did your best Kawa." Shawn whispered to Kawa's Pokeball.

"Missy as a prize for winning the battle. You have won a ribbon that can only be obtained on this ship." Ol'Capin passed Clara a blue, and white ribbon resembling Wailord. "This Wailord Cruise ribbon shall always remind you of this battle.

"Thank you, captain." Clare replied as she opens a ribbon case and puts the ribbon away. "Hey, Shawn. That was a mighty fine battle!"

"That's what you get when you challenge the son of a Pokémon Champion." Ol' Captain added.

"Thanks, I have truly enjoyed it. I think it would be best though if we heard to the on-board Pokémon Centre and heal up our Pokémon." Shawn responded, offering a hand shake to Clara. Clara accepts the handshake and returns Nidorina. On cue, Eevee exits her poke ball. Ol' Captain tells Shawn and Clara the way to the On-board Pokémon Centre and leaves to go and read his rule book.

"Oh, Eevee... what will I do with Ya?" Clara says as she gives Eevee a hug. Shawn leads the way to the Pokémon Centre.

"Your bond with Eevee is surely impressive." He mentioned as they walked along.

"Thanks, Shawn. She can be a very disobedient miss sometimes, but I always believe in her.2 Clara replied.

"I still don't know your name. Is it because you just don't want to tell me?" Shawn asked.

"I'm staying anonymous until I can begin my journey... but just for you... my name is Clara Olor." Clara replied.

"Well, it has been nice meeting you. The Pokémon centre should be right round this corner according to Ol'Capin." Shawn turned the corner to see the Pokémon Centre. "Well, we're here now."

"Thank goodness. Nidorina didn't seem right after evolving. I think she may be concussed." Clara responded.

"Sorry Kawa punched her through a wall. I didn't think he could even do that." Shawn responded as he walked up to the counter and spoke to Nurse Joy. "Our Pokémon need healing please?" Shawn asked.

"Sure, just return your Pokémon to their Pokeball and place it on the trolley next to Audino." Nurse Joy said with a smile. Shawn placed Kawa's and Oshawatt's Pokeball's onto the tray and stepped aside to let Clara past. Clara returns Eevee to her Pokeball, then places both her Pokeball's marked with her own seals onto the tray.

"My Nidorina may be concussed, so please give her extra attention." Clara added.

"All Pokémon in our care receive extra special care and attention. We have a waiting room through that door on your right. We will call you when your Pokémon are better. May I take your names?" Nurse joy asked kindly.

"Just call for Shawn." Shawn replied remembering what Clara said, he then lead the way once more to the waiting room, holding the door open for Clara. Clara smiles graciously as she walks through the door.

(Below is the Role-play that I am converting into the story above.)

Clara: You are such a gentleman. [29/08/2016 01:25:09] Adrian C: "My father taught me that all though politeness in battles is key, but politeness outside of battle is more effective." Shawn said. "I swear he makes most of his sayings up on the spot bu they do make sense." [29/08/2016 01:25:57] Paigelena V: Clara: They do, indeed. Do you have any shortcomings? [29/08/2016 01:28:21] Adrian C: "I've been called a jerk and the popularity of being related to a champion is kind distracting but I have to say my biggest fault is that I cannot keep a strong friendship with someone. Except for my best friend Aidan but that's about it. What about you?" Shawn responded as he sat down on one of the sofa's. [29/08/2016 01:30:22] Paigelena V: Clara sits on a beanbag.

Clara: I have a vicious temper, Shawn. My bottom lip twitched violently when Nidorina smashed through the side of the deck. If I didn't bite it, I would have lost my temper. [29/08/2016 01:32:26] Adrian C: "Ah. I see." Shawn said with a nod. "So what brings you to the tropical region of Arlos then?" He asked. [29/08/2016 01:34:33] Paigelena V: Clara: I actually wish to become champion. I want to explore, of course, but being the champion is my dream. [29/08/2016 01:38:58] Adrian C: "My dad is the current champion, he wants me to take part in the league so that I can become the next champion like his father was. I just want to explore as well. I may have been born there but there is something about going off on your own that makes it all worth while. I've been travelling around Unova for a while where I got Oshawatt." He added. "My best friends sister will be participating this year as well as a few other people I know. I'm gonna have some tough competition and with you taking part as well. Let's just say, I'm gonna give it my all." [29/08/2016 01:40:35] Paigelena V: Clara: We all will give it our all. I will not be beaten! I will never give in! Eevee is trained to get up, no matter how hurt she is... unless there is an obvious leg injury. [29/08/2016 01:42:59] Adrian C: "I'm sure our Pokémon will be fine." Shawn replied. [29/08/2016 01:44:04] Paigelena V: Clara: I hope so... Eevee has been with me since I was 10. She has been great to me for these 6 years. [29/08/2016 01:44:57] Adrian C: "6 years, must be part of the reason why you have such a good bond." Shawn said with a smile. [29/08/2016 01:45:48] Paigelena V: Clara: It is part of it. She saved me once from a falling boulder. Trump Card really comes in handy. [29/08/2016 01:46:44] Adrian C: "Trump Card seemed really powerful. To be honest, I never heard of that move until today." [29/08/2016 01:47:26] Paigelena V: Clara: It normally does more damage the more it is used. [29/08/2016 01:47:47] Adrian C: "Cool." [29/08/2016 01:48:16] Paigelena V: Clara decides to nap and does so. [29/08/2016 01:49:38] Adrian C: Shawn lets Clara nap and goes to see if there was anyone else in the waiting room to talk to. [29/08/2016 01:49:58 | Edited 01:50:18] Adrian C: (It's getting late now, so I'm gonna sign off for now.) [29/08/2016 01:50:17] Paigelena V: (Alright. Night!) [29/08/2016 10:54:11] Paigelena V: There's another woman there, anxiously pacing the floor. [16/10/2016 15:07:16] Adrian C: Shawn walks over to the lady in dire need of intellectual conversation. "Hello, I couldn't help noticing that you look a bit anxious. If it's about waiting for you Pokémon to be healed, the Nurse Joy's of the Arlos region who work this cruise are a few of the best in the field." [16/10/2016 15:08:49] Skitty 😊: ???: That's good to know... especially as my Ponyta gets seasick.

The woman sends her shiny Ponyta out. [16/10/2016 15:13:01] Adrian C: Shawn smiled at the sight of Shiny Ponyta, it's been a while since he has seen a Ponyta especially one of this colouration. "Interesting, is it not that once very rarely, a Pokémon is born a different colour to the rest of it's species." He responded. [16/10/2016 15:15:50] Skitty 😊: ???: I know the rarity of my darling Ponyta, since I've had poachers to deal with. I'm here right now as my Altaria is being operated upon as she was struck by a Draco Meteor. [16/10/2016 15:18:01] Adrian C: "I know all about poachers since my..." He stopped right there and began to start a complete different sentence. "As I said, the Nurse Joy's who work here do a fantastic job. You have nothing to threat about. " [16/10/2016 15:19:57] Skitty 😊: ???: I'm not going to ask why you changed your sentence. Anyhow, my name is Sasha.

She gives her Ponyta a seasickness tablet. [16/10/2016 15:30:06] Adrian C: "Hello Sasha, it's very nice to meet you?" Shawn replied. "My name is Shawn." [16/10/2016 15:31:20] Skitty 😊: Sasha: That's a nice name. Why are you up in the hospital area? [16/10/2016 15:35:31] Adrian C: "I've just been battling someone I met and now we are just getting them healed up and back to health." Shawn replied. [16/10/2016 15:36:38] Skitty 😊: Sasha: Oh yes, I heard about it from my Kadabra. He tells me everything going on. [16/10/2016 15:38:35] Adrian C: "Ah, so what brings you on this cruise then Sasha?" Shawn asked. [16/10/2016 15:39:48] Skitty 😊: Sasha: I happen to be heading there to just wander about. I'm looking for a place to set up home. [16/10/2016 15:40:18] Adrian C: "To Arlos you mean?" Shawn responded. [16/10/2016 15:41:27] Skitty 😊: Sasha: Of course. I like the open countryside.

Her Kadabra teleports in. [16/10/2016 15:43:19 | Edited 15:43:56] Adrian C: "Despite it being a tropical region, there is a vast countryside. No-one can explain it, like it was specifically created that way thousands of years ago." Shawn responded. "Let me look at my map, just a second." He grabbed his XT-2 out of his pocket and clicked the map app. [16/10/2016 15:45:47] Skitty 😊: Sasha produces her PokeNav Plus.

Sasha: I need the Arlos map installed. [16/10/2016 15:46:48] Adrian C: "Just as I remembered, so many farms and the odd village. Ah, Oldale Village. I remember when I used to visit the Battle Hut there." Shawn responded. "Getting all nostalgic for the good old days when..." He stopped again. [16/10/2016 15:48:21] Skitty 😊: Sasha: You don't have to say something you aren't comfortable in saying.

She downloads the Arlos map. [16/10/2016 15:49:28] Adrian C: "Nostalgia, Arlos is my home and I've been away for so long." Shawn responded. "There is something about it that I don't quite understand but it always brings you back. No wonder you want to move there." [16/10/2016 15:50:09] Skitty 😊: Sasha: I've needed a change of pace. I'm from Kanto, you see. [16/10/2016 15:54:32] Adrian C: "I was there a few months ago, it is a wonderful region. Glad I got to explore there." Shawn said with a smile.

Suddenly a cheery bell rang.

"Shawn, your Pokémon are ready for collection." A voice over the tanoy called.

"That's for me and my friend, I best go wake her. It was nice meeting you Sasha. Maybe we will meet again soon." He turns to the Ponyta. "I hope you feel better soon as well." [16/10/2016 15:55:58] Skitty 😊: Sasha: It was good meeting you.

Ponyta neighs happily. [16/10/2016 15:58:29] Adrian C: Shawn walks over to Clara. "Clara, our Pokémon are healed now so we can go and get them." [16/10/2016 15:58:51] Skitty 😊: Clara gets up.

Clara: Who were you just chatting to? [16/10/2016 16:00:16] Adrian C: "Someone called Sasha who is moving to Arlos, she looked a bit anxious so I tried to comfort her and ensure her I was going to be all right." He responded. [16/10/2016 16:01:12] Skitty 😊: Clara: Right. From what I heard she sounded nice.

She stretches her legs. [16/10/2016 16:04:34] Adrian C: "Let's go get our Pokémon then." Shawn said as he led the way back to the Pokémon centre reception desk where Nurse Joy was waiting with 4 Pokeball's.

"Hello, your Pokémon are feeling much better now." Nurse joy said with a smile. Shawn grabbed Kawa's and Oshawatt's Pokeball.

"Thanks very much." he replied politely. [16/10/2016 16:06:13] Skitty 😊: Clara collects Nidorina's and Eevee's pokeballs.

Clara: Thank you very much. [16/10/2016 16:08:19] Adrian C: "Your very welcome. Please make sure to come back to us if you ever need our help." Nurse joy replied as the two left the Pokémon centre.

"So what are you going to do now, we won't be arriving in Arlos until tommorow?" Shawn asked. [16/10/2016 16:09:53] Skitty 😊: Clara: I'm not sure... It seems to be almost dinner time. [16/10/2016 16:10:52] Adrian C: (Dinner as in Dinner or Dinner as in Lunch.) [16/10/2016 16:11:21] Skitty 😊: (As in Dinner.) [16/10/2016 16:12:32] Adrian C: (Ah. People I know either say 'breakfast, lunch and dinner' or 'breakfast, dinner and tea'.) [16/10/2016 16:13:00] Skitty 😊: (I see. [16/10/2016 16:14:27] Adrian C: "Well, the Seadra Restaurant does great food. Normally, I go to the on board canteen but it is the last full day so why don't we treat ourselves." He said. "If your low on funds, I can pay unless you have other plans." [16/10/2016 16:16:10 | Edited 16:16:22] Skitty 😊: Clara: I can pay for myself, thanks. I do like a delicious stew. [16/10/2016 16:19:50] Adrian C: Shawn walks over to a conveniently placed map of the ship. "The restaurant is on the top floor that passengers are allowed to roam, to save us from walking up all those stairs, shall we take the lift?" He said pointing to the lift opposite the sign. [16/10/2016 16:21:55] Skitty 😊: Clara nods.

Clara: Sure, let's go. [16/10/2016 16:23:52] Adrian C: Shawn presses the button to call the lift. Upon the lift arriving on their current floor, the doors opened and the few people that where in the lift stepped out. Shawn entered the lift and waited for Clara to follow before pushing the number of the floor they wished to go to. [16/10/2016 16:25:25] Skitty 😊: Clara follows and is joined by Sasha. [16/10/2016 16:27:47] Adrian C: "Hello again, Sasha." Shawn says as he pushed the button for Deck A as they were currently on Deck D. "Which floor are you heading too?" Shawn asked. [16/10/2016 16:33:22] Skitty 😊: Sasha: Same as you. I was told that Altaria will take a while to be healed.

Clara shakes Sasha's hand. [16/10/2016 16:35:37] Adrian C: "I see." Shawn responded as he pushed the button and waited as the door closed. The lift was a little shaky but it was going up. "Shouldn't take too long to reach Deck A." He added. [16/10/2016 16:37:36] Skitty 😊: Sasha: Good to know. I need something warm. [16/10/2016 16:41:18] Adrian C: The elevator goes up slowly as faint elevator music begins to play. Soon the elevator stops on Deck B to allow 2 more people to enter before continuing up to Deck A. The doors open and the 2 strangers and Shawn leave the lift, Shawn however waits for Sasha and Clara to exit the lift as the 2 strangers walk away. [16/10/2016 16:42:06] Skitty 😊: Clara leads Sasha out by the hand.

Sasha: Rather forward aren't you? [16/10/2016 16:43:52] Adrian C: "The Seadra restaurant is just through those doors, Would you care to join us Sasha?" Shawn asked looking at the doors before turning around to face Clara and Sasha. [16/10/2016 16:44:37] Skitty 😊: Sasha: Sure, Shawn.

She follows Shawn, leaving Clara behind her. [16/10/2016 16:51:17] Adrian C: Shawn leads the way into the restaurant.

"Table for 3 please." Shawn asked kindly.

"Sorry sir but we are completely full up. Come back tommorow and we may be able to squeeze you I then." The chaperone said in a stuck up tone.

"I don't think you heard me right." Shawn responded, showing the chaperone a picture of him with his father that Sasha and Clara couldn't see. "I asked for a table for 3. Now if you please."

The Chaperone gulped at the picture and then pretended to look at his list in front of him.

"Oh, I'm ever so sorry. I forgot we've had a few cancellations. I'll take you to your table straight away." The chaperone responded and led them to a table by the window looking out onto the tropic sea. [16/10/2016 22:22:03] Skitty 😊: Sasha is quite happy with Shawn's influence around the ship while Clara is deeply troubled. [17/10/2016 00:29:50] Adrian C: As they sit Shawn whispers. "I don't do that often, as much as it is annoying and it can be useful. I want you two to enjoy this last full day. Just don't tell anyone as they'll all want me to help them out. [17/10/2016 22:21:05] Skitty 😊: Sasha: I understand. Listen... I'm thinking of running a Pokemon Day Care centre.

Clara seems like she'll not stick by what Shawn has asked of them. [17/10/2016 23:28:59] Adrian C: "That sounds new." Shawn replied to Sasha. He then grabs a menu and begins to browse. [17/10/2016 23:30:31] Skitty 😊: Sasha: I've cared for pokemon back at home. My parents once ran the Four Island daycare in the Sevii Islands.

She and Clara begin reading the menus. [17/10/2016 23:41:41] Adrian C: "I think I know what I'm going for." He placed his menu back and waited for the others patently. [17/10/2016 23:42:27] Skitty 😊: Sasha places hers down, know what she wants.

Clara goes to the bathroom. [17/10/2016 23:55:13] Adrian C: "I hope I haven't upset her." Shawn said quietly. [17/10/2016 23:55:57] Skitty 😊: Sasha: I hope I didn't, Shawn. It was wrong of me to bring up my family. [17/10/2016 23:59:40] Adrian C: "Looks like were in the same boat." Shawn replied, faking a smile to go alongside his bad joke. [18/10/2016 00:00:46] Skitty 😊: Sasha facepalms.

Sasha: Right.

Clara has managed to get out the window. [18/10/2016 00:06:45] Adrian C: "I hope she's OK." Shawn added. [18/10/2016 00:07:14] Skitty 😊: Sasha: I hope so as well. But we can't let her ruin dinner. [18/10/2016 00:37:48] Adrian C: "Should we wait for her or order, she didn't tell us what she wanted to order." Shawn responded and began to start looking around for Clara. [18/10/2016 00:39:01] Skitty 😊: Sasha: I want to order. It's her fault if she doesn't eat. Sorry, but it's true.

Clara is crying while looking out the sea from a balcony. [18/10/2016 00:47:12] Adrian C: "You go ahead and order and ill order when I get back." Shawn said standing up. "I may have only met her today but she's my friend." He was about to leave when he spoke again. "Please don't feel offended by this." He walked over towards the bathroom. [18/10/2016 00:48:50] Skitty 😊: Sasha: None taken...

She orders sushi of different kinds. [18/10/2016 01:03:18] Adrian C: He knocks on the door. "Clara, we were just about to order. Do you want anything? I'm sorry if I have upset you or offended you." Shawn said through the door. [18/10/2016 01:03:41] Skitty 😊: There is no answer. Clara has gotten out. [18/10/2016 01:04:21] Adrian C: The waiter writes down Sasha's order and walks away without a sniper of conversation. [18/10/2016 01:04:49] Skitty 😊: Sasha: Something odd is happening here. [18/10/2016 01:05:29] Adrian C: Unaware, Shawn calls again with a worried tone. [18/10/2016 01:06:58] Skitty 😊: Of course, there is no answer.

A tannoy announcement is heard.

Tannoy: Sasha, your Altaria is fully healed. Come by the Pokemon Centre whenever possible. [18/10/2016 01:21:09] Adrian C: Shawn gave up,still worrying about his friend but hoping she was alright and went back to the table. "She doesn't seem to respond, I hope she's alright. Oh and I heard the Tannoy that your Altaria is OK. I can wait her for when your food arrives." [18/10/2016 15:01:46] Skitty 😊: Sasha: I'm concerned about Clara, too. Besides, I told Nurse Joy that Altaria can help her out if I don't immediately pick her up. I'll stay for now. [18/10/2016 17:41:26] Adrian C: "Only if your sure." Shawn replied concerned. "I might as well order while I wait." He signalled to a nearby waiter and ordered a vegetarian burger and some chips. The waiter wrote this down and walked away just as he did when Sasha ordered her meal. "It may be a lovely restaurant but the staff are so stuck up." He wispere, hoping that the waiter didn't hear him. [18/10/2016 18:21:46] Skitty 😊: Sasha: That's true. I'm curious, are you a vegetarian? [18/10/2016 18:37:49] Adrian C: "I am. It was how I was raised." Shawn responded. [18/10/2016 18:38:43] Skitty 😊: Sasha: Good to know in case you end up visiting. I'm a pecatarian. I love fish. [08/01/2017 19:01:16 | Edited 19:10:15] Adrian C: Shawn then took his XT-2 out of his pocket, had a quick look before putting it back. Looking rather disappointed. He then turned to Sasha "So what made you decide to come to the Arlos region? Out of all the places you could go." [08/01/2017 19:05:31] Dark Paigelena: Sasha smiles to herself.

Sasha: I personally want to explore, before finding a true purpose. You know. .. settle down. [08/01/2017 19:09:48] Adrian C: "Then I must say you made an excellent choice. Arlos is full of places to explore, I have only been around some of the region so there are many places I'm yet to see." Shawn replied. [08/01/2017 19:11:56] Dark Paigelena: Sasha: Recommend me a place to go, Shawn. I'm curious.

Clara has gone outside and is sunbathing. [08/01/2017 19:20:08] Adrian C: "Well, if your interested in nature there is this one island that is separate to the rest of Arlos that is home to a small town as well as a very large nature reserve or if your into nightlife and shopping then EnterFir City is a major entertainment capitol with a variety of shops and entertainment venues. At the moment there is a contest going on which is introducing the Arlos League in which the Arlos gym leaders are announced and there is a lot of festivities happening." Shawn said before briefly pausing. "There is also Tropa Jungle which is a massive jungle with a city near the edge. I've only been to the city but there are safari tours through some of the jungle. That is something I want to do when I go exploring." [08/01/2017 19:21:36] Dark Paigelena: Sasha wmiles.

Sasha: I like to battle now and then... and to see the sights! [08/01/2017 19:22:59] Adrian C: "Have you heard of the Battle Maison?" Shawn asked. [08/01/2017 19:23:34] Dark Paigelena: Sasha: Yes. It's a battle facility, not unlike the Battle Tower where I live. [08/01/2017 19:28:37 | Edited 19:28:47] Adrian C: "Well in Arlos. We have something called the Battle Hut. Pretty similar to the Battle Maison but all battles take place outside and the aim is to battle the Battle Chiefs, powerful trainers with skills to match the elite 4 but are completely separate. If you want to battle, the Battle hut is the place to go." Shawn responded as the stuck up waiter from earlier walked over with the order.

"Will this be all?" The waitor asked. "Can I have some Enigma Berry Juice please with no ice and..." He gestured to Sasha to say if she wanted anything to drink. [08/01/2017 19:30:29] Dark Paigelena: Sasha: I would like to try a Roseli, Sitrus and Haban berry smoothie.

A young girl hands Sasha her Altaria and is thanked. [08/01/2017 19:32:51] Adrian C: "Excellent choice Madame." The Waitor walks away with his nose in the air.

Shawn begins to tuck in slowly and notices Clara still isn't back. "I'm really hoping Clara is Ok." He said softly between eating his chips. [08/01/2017 19:34:19] Dark Paigelena: Sasha: I'll go take a look, if you don't mind.

Sasha begins to eat her sushi. [08/01/2017 19:34:58] Adrian C: "I don't mind at all." Shawn responded. [08/01/2017 19:35:36] Dark Paigelena: Sasha goes to investigate with a Luxray that she didn't reveal that she owned. [08/01/2017 19:36:07 | Edited 19:36:13] Adrian C: Shawn just eats his chips. [08/01/2017 19:37:10] Dark Paigelena: Sasha eventually returns and sits down.

Sasha: She ran off. Luxray sensed that she climbed out a porthole. [08/01/2017 19:38:44] Adrian C: "What?" Shawn expressed nearly choking. "Can Luxray sense if she's still on the boat?" [08/01/2017 19:39:40] Dark Paigelena: Luxray nods.

Sasha: She knows Clara is still on the boat, as she can still smell Clara's Nidorina. [08/01/2017 19:41:07] Adrian C: "Few, I thought for a moment she had fell into the sea." He wipes his eyes with a sigh of relief. "Should we go after her or let her be for now, let her calm down or whatever she's doing." [08/01/2017 19:41:56] Dark Paigelena: Sasha: Let's leave her alone for now. She may be hostile if we go see her. [08/01/2017 19:42:45] Adrian C: "I see." Shawn starts to eat his burger slowly wondering if it was his fault. [08/01/2017 19:43:45] Dark Paigelena: Sasha is musing, her mind is going go to how she spoke to Clara earlier. [08/01/2017 19:45:19] Adrian C: Sensing tension Shawn decided to speak up. "Luxray and Altaria seem pretty close to you, you must have quite a bond." [08/01/2017 19:46:45] Dark Paigelena: Sasha and Luxray both nod at the same time.

Sasha: Yes, we do. Luxray here was a loner Shinx when I took her in. Since then, we've gone through so much together. [08/01/2017 19:49:45] Adrian C: "Awesome. I hope that one day, Oshawatt and I will also have a strong bond." Shawn responded. [08/01/2017 19:51:56] Dark Paigelena: Sasha: I can sense potential within someone, and you'll become insanely close to Oshawott. [08/01/2017 20:00:47] Adrian C: "Cool. Oshawatt was a gift from Professor Juniper when I went exploring Unova. I could have got one of the Arlos starters but I wanted to get out and explore and I thought it would be best to have a Pokémon from a different region and I picked Unova at random to start my journey." [08/01/2017 20:23:46] Dark Paigelena: Sasha smiles and strokes Luxray. [09/01/2017 19:08:12] Adrian C: "How are you enjoying your sushi?" Shawn asked inquisitively. [09/01/2017 19:11:25] Dark Paigelena: Sasha smiles.

Sasha: Mmm... They made so many delicious kinds! [11/01/2017 16:26:11] Adrian C: (Sorry, didn't mean to do that. I was trying to scroll up to check something but my phone slipped.) [11/01/2017 16:26:24] Dark Paigelena: (Ah.) [05/02/2017 00:04:50] Adrian C: "It does look like you've been given a wide variety." Shawn responds after finishing his burger. [05/02/2017 00:09:28] Kaia Lychee: "Name the type, they have it." Sasha smiles to herself, wiping soy sauce from her lips. [05/02/2017 00:12:05] Adrian C: Shawn smiles as well. "This has been a lovely meal. I just wish Clara could have been here, we'll be in Arlos this time tommorow." Shawn's smile began to droop. [05/02/2017 00:12:39] Kaia Lychee: Sasha: What's wrong?

She puts her hand on his shoulder. [05/02/2017 00:14:33] Adrian C: "It's the thought of finally coming home. I've been away for a long time. It will be nice to see my dad again if he's not busy." Shawn responded. [05/02/2017 00:15:51] Kaia Lychee: Sasha: Well, think of it this way, you'll not be in a new land, alien to you. That's my predicament.

She finishes her sushi. [05/02/2017 00:20:48] Adrian C: "I know." Shawn said with a sigh looking down into his hands. "It's just that feeling that everything's changed." He then looked up. "Time does change things." [05/02/2017 00:22:11] Kaia Lychee: Sasha: That's true, it does change things, but not always.

She strokes Luxray, who murls happily. [05/02/2017 00:26:53] Adrian C: Shawn finishes the last of his chips. "I do wish Clara could have joined us but I have a feeling that it's like what you said about the predicament your in and going to a new place. I felt the same when I went to Unova. It's nervousness mixed with excitement with a dash of caution." He then raises his glass. "How about a toast anyway? To new adventures." [05/02/2017 00:27:37] Kaia Lychee: Sasha: To new adventures.

She clink her glass against Shawn's. [05/02/2017 00:29:46 | Edited 00:32:55] Adrian C: Shawn smiles once more. "I think that now dinner's done, I might go for a stroll round the boat before calling it a night. I might even spot Clara as I do so. Would you like to join me or are you fine here?" He asks after finishing off his drink. [05/02/2017 00:30:30] Kaia Lychee: Sasha: I'll join you and look for an evening battle. I heard someone here has a Dragonite. [05/02/2017 00:36:13] Adrian C: Shawn gets up from the table and leads Sasha out of the restaurant and leads the way outside. The sky was dark yet what looked like a million stars shined up above. "It's nights like this that make you appreciate the universe. Do you ever look up at the sky and wonder if their are other planets out there where their lives are so different to ours?" [05/02/2017 00:40:12] Kaia Lychee: Sasha: No, I never have. While I enjoy thinking about other kinds of life, I never think of their lifestyles. [05/02/2017 00:45:29] Adrian C: "Ah." Shawn responded as they walked along, an elderly couple passed them coming the opposite way and a few drunk adults determined to enjoy their final night on the cruise before docking tommorow. [05/02/2017 00:46:25] Kaia Lychee: Sasha is observing everything around her, then notices the guy with a Dragonite. She silently readies her Luxray. [05/02/2017 00:50:01] Adrian C: Shawn also spots the guy with the dragonite. "Oh, I battled him right at the start of this cruise when I thought that he was the only one here that was suitable to battle. He sure was tough." He said waving at the trainer. [05/02/2017 00:51:12] Kaia Lychee: Sasha smiles to herself.

Sasha: Luxray enjoys something she can sink her teeth into! Not literally, of course.

She approaches the trainer. [05/02/2017 00:52:37] Adrian C: "Of course." Shawn said grinning. "If your going to battle, do you mind if I keep walking? Just to clear my head for tommorow. I'll probably see you in the morning anyway." Shawn asked as they neared the trainor. [05/02/2017 00:53:35] Kaia Lychee: Sasha: Of course. See you.

She and Luxray wave to Shawn as they enter battle. [05/02/2017 00:58:45] Adrian C: Shawn carries on walking, passing more drunks along the way. Eventually he stops and brings out his XT-2 and selects one of his contacts. "Come on Aidan, pick up." He hisses as a dial up connection tome rang. Soon a voice can be heard. "Hi Shawn. Sorry I haven't been as responsive lately. Professor Mahogany has employed me as her assistant. It's so cool. How are you anyway?" Shawn then gets into a very long phone call talking to Aidan. [05/02/2017 00:59:33] Kaia Lychee: Soon, the Dragonite crashes into the sea, defeated. In shock, Sasha decides to go rescue it. [05/02/2017 01:02:44] Adrian C: Shawn hears the splash but ignores it. He and Aidan have been best friends for so long and they haven't talked in ages. "So your helping Professor Mahogany with her research into evolution stones. Glad to hear you enjoying yourself but you need to contact Nadia and your mum. They've been going out of their minds. Nadia is taking part in this years Arlos League Festival and she really wanted you to be there." [05/02/2017 01:03:17] Adrian C: A few of the passengers who weren't drunk ran over to look at what had happened. [05/02/2017 01:03:33] Kaia Lychee: Sasha is struggling to revive Dragonite, but does. However, she loses consciousness... [05/02/2017 01:08:50] Adrian C: Cruise staff are called over and a Nurse demands that Sasha is taken to the on board hospital in order to be looked after and another Nurse takes care of Dragonite with the trainer standing looking upset. Shawn turns to see a crowd of people all bundled around but could not see why. "Sorry Aidan, I've got to go. Somethings come up. Promise me you will call your sister or at least your mother. They have a right to know that your safe." Shawn hangs up and then rushes towards the crowd to see Sasha being taken on a stretcher. Shawn was now torn, whether to follow the nurse with Sasha or continue his walk and look for Clara. [05/02/2017 01:09:52] Kaia Lychee: Clara was watching, her Eevee grinning smugly. It seems to be the one to knock Dragonite from the sky as Luxray knows she didn't. [05/02/2017 01:12:18] Adrian C: Shawn looking around to see if he could spot Clara but failed decided to follow the Nurse with Sasha. Taking notice of Luxray, he went over and assured Luxray that Sasha would be all-right. [05/02/2017 01:13:11] Kaia Lychee: Luxray seems concerned for Sasha, but admires her kindhearted move to save Dragonite. [05/02/2017 01:16:24] Adrian C: Sasha is taken to the hospital which luckily happened to be on the same deck. Shawn was allowed in with Luxray. "Some night this has turned out to be." Shawn said trying to smile. "Most of the people out there admired what you did to help that Dragonite, I know that it's trainer is very grateful for what you did." Shawn added. [05/02/2017 01:17:38] Kaia Lychee: Sasha is aware of Shawn's words but, as she is unconscious, does not respond.

Luxray licks Sasha's face. [05/02/2017 01:22:55] Adrian C: The nurse stands next to Shawn. "We'll make sure that Sasha is well looked after and we have plenty off staff on duty. It's also considered lucky here in Arlos if a trusted Pokémon Companion stays with it's Trainer when they are ill so Sasha should be feeling better on no time." The nurse said with a smile.

"Thanks nurse." Shawn responded. "I'm just going to get some air." Shawn leaves the hospital as the nurse checks Sasha's pulse and heartbeat. He walks outside and peers over the barrier and looks into the sea. [05/02/2017 01:23:52] Kaia Lychee: Clara joins Shawn, thinking to herself. Her Eevee wants to just move on, though. [05/02/2017 01:25:46] Adrian C: Shawn looks up and turns around and spots Clara. "Clara, there you are. I thought I scared you away at Dinner? You Ok?" [05/02/2017 01:26:39] Kaia Lychee: Clara: Yeah, I just had to clear my head. I'm about to get some rest. [05/02/2017 01:27:49] Adrian C: "Sounds like a good idea. We'll be arriving in Arlos tommorow." Shawn added. [05/02/2017 01:28:26] Kaia Lychee: Clara: Yes. Goodnight, Shawn.

She heads to her cabin.

Clara is awake. [05/02/2017 01:32:22] Adrian C: Shawn says goodnight as Clara heads to her cabin and decides to do the same. Back in his cabin, he releases Oshawatt. "Tommorow begins a new adventure Oshawatt, me you and the Arlos region." Oshawatt smiles as Shawn changes into his PJs and clambers into bed. Oshawatt jumps up onto the bed and squeezes in next to Shawn. "Night Oshawatt" Shawn said as he turned off the light and fell asleep. [05/02/2017 01:32:50] Kaia Lychee: (Let's stop here. I bet you need sleep.) [05/02/2017 01:35:12] Adrian C: (If your happy with stopping here. Made good progress tonight.) [05/02/2017 01:35:32] Kaia Lychee: (Yeps) [05/02/2017 01:36:14] Adrian C: (Ok then, we'll continue this at another time then.) [06/02/2017 20:52:45] Adrian C: Night draws to a close as the sun rises on a new day. The ship's horn blows loudly into the wind. Shawn was already wide awake and packing up all his belongings. Oshawatt was running around excitedly. "I know buddy. I'm excited too. I can't wait for you to finally see the Arlos region. The beaches, the mountainsides, the country, the dessert. Oh and the jungle. I want to take you everywhere." Shawn said with a smile on his face. [06/02/2017 20:53:49] Kaia Lychee: Sasha's Altaria has packed her clothes for her and have gotten her ready. Sasha is allowed out of the hospital. [06/02/2017 20:56:52] Adrian C: "Please remember to take it easy for a while and don't forget to drink plenty." The nurse said as she discharged Sasha. "and remember. Here at Wailord cruises, we hope that you have a safe and happy journey. Bye bye now." The nurse added rather cheerily. [06/02/2017 20:57:35] Kaia Lychee: Sasha bows her head and heads off to find Shawn. She wants to see him once more before departing. [06/02/2017 20:59:04] Adrian C: Shawn leaves his cabin with his bag packed and Oshawatt walking alongside him. "I hope Clara and Sasha are feeling better today." Shawn said quietly as they walked along the deck. [06/02/2017 21:00:30] Kaia Lychee: Sasha is with her Altaria and Luxray, explaining to them why she risked her life for that Dragonite. [06/02/2017 21:03:59] Adrian C: Many passengers were preparing to arrive in Arlos. Shawn noted there presence but didn't talk to any of them. Oshawatt however waved at every Pokémon he saw. [06/02/2017 21:04:59] Kaia Lychee: Sasha's Luxray runs over to the pair and beacons them to come over. [06/02/2017 21:07:27] Adrian C: Shawn smiles and heads over, Oshawatt just runs up Lucrative and begins to talk at 100 words a minute. "Oshawatt is just a bit excited about arriving in Arlos." Shawn said explaining Oshawatt's enthusiasm. [06/02/2017 21:08:32] Kaia Lychee: Altaria becomes a motor both and talks quicker than Oshawott.

Sasha: Altaria is the same way. [06/02/2017 21:11:25] Adrian C: Oshawatt turns to Altaria and grins. "Shouldn't be too long until we arrive in port? I see your well and truly packed ready to depart." Shawn said with a smile. [06/02/2017 21:12:37] Kaia Lychee: Sasha: Altaria packed for me. Who knew that a dragon type could be so delicate as to fold my delicates?

She sees the Dragonite from yesterday. [06/02/2017 21:17:13] Adrian C: "Pokémon are full of surprises." Shawn responded as he also spotted the Dragonite. "You did great in saving Dragonite. I'm sure that if you do end up running your own Pokémon Day care centre, you'll do a fantastic job." He added, smiling. [06/02/2017 21:18:55] Kaia Lychee: Sasha blushes and is genuinely touched.

Sasha: That's so sweet! Thank you.

The Dragonite comes over and hugs Sasha. [06/02/2017 21:21:48] Adrian C: Oshawatt hugged Sasha's leg and looked up at her. "Osha. Watt." He exclaimed merrily before letting go and started to run around Sasha, Shawn, Luxray and Altaria. [06/02/2017 21:22:47] Kaia Lychee: Sasha: Aww... what's in his mind?

The Dragonite hands his Poke Ball to Sasha as well as a note from the trainer. [06/02/2017 21:26:17] Adrian C: "I suspect that he just can't wait to arrive and wants everyone to know." Shawn responded before kneeling down and asking Oshawatt to calm down just a little or he'll waste all his energy before they even arrive. Oshawatt nods and begins to walk around instead. Shawn getting up notices Sasha holding a note. Thinking it would be too nosy to ask bout it, he decides to look at his phone and spots a message from Aidan. [06/02/2017 21:27:51] Kaia Lychee: Sasha: Dragonite, are you sure you want to become my pokemon?

She strokes Dragonite, who nods.

Sasha: In that case, welcome to the S-Bank Squad! [06/02/2017 21:30:12] Adrian C: Shawn reads the message before looking up. "I'm gonna go get some food. Your more than welcome to join me and Oshawatt if you want. I'm just going to go to the canteen." He asks as his stomach conveiniantly rumbles. [06/02/2017 21:31:18] Kaia Lychee: Sasha nods.

Sasha: I think all three of my pokemon need something to eat.

She goes to the canteen, her pokemon in tow. [06/02/2017 21:35:46] Adrian C: The canteen was hardly packed with passengers, so Shawn and Sasha as well as their Pokémon had plenty of tables to sit at once they've grabbed their food. They joined a very small queue in order to grab some of the breakfast available. Shawn grabbed a nice warm croissant and some cereal as well as a glass of Apple juice. [06/02/2017 21:37:22] Kaia Lychee: Sasha gets some blueberry waffles, a glass of grape juice and a banana and ensures that her pokemon get a high fiber feed. [06/02/2017 21:39:59] Adrian C: Shawn also picked up an Oran Berry for Oshawatt before leading to a table that had a nice view of the sea. Shawn sat down with Oshawatt sitting on next to him eating his berry. Shawn started by drinking his juice. [06/02/2017 21:41:06] Kaia Lychee: Sasha sets down with her pokemon and eats her food happily. Her pokemon are loving the high fiber food. [06/02/2017 21:48:46 | Edited 21:50:42] Adrian C: Shawn as he eats looks out the window and spots a herd of Lapras in the distance. "Must be from one of the nearby islands. Not technically part of Arlos but are part of a protection scheme. Legends say that year ago when pirates stormed the sea, a great treasure belonging to one of the most feared pirate captain of all time was buried on one of those islands but to this day no treasure has ever been recovered. Mainly because it's protected but also because rumours say its haunted." Shawn said as Oshawatt covered it's eyes as soon as he heard the word haunted. "Oshawatt, it's just a story." Shawn said reassuring his Pokémon before starting to eat his cereal. [06/02/2017 21:52:24] Kaia Lychee: Sasha: I love exploring places, especially as they are haunted. I'm tempted to go and explore it. [06/02/2017 21:55:12] Adrian C: "I do believe there is a company who does tours of the islands so I don't see why it can't be something to do in the future." Shawn responded after finishing his cereal. "If you do love exploring spooky places, there is one I've always wanted to go to. Shipwreck cove." [29/03/2017 22:49:14] Adrian C: Shawn then finished his drink and looked out at sea once more. [29/03/2017 22:50:22] Lusamine Is God: Sasha follows Shawn's gaze, seeing the surrounding area. Her thoughts turn to her plans. [29/03/2017 22:57:29] Adrian C: An overhead announcement bursted into the conversation. "Attention all passengers, this is your captain speaking. It is a fantastic day to be arriving in the Arlos region which will be in roughly 2 hours, give or take. All battle facilities have now closed down due to this imminent arrival but all other convenience and entertainment facilities will be open for the next 1 and a half hours. Please unsure you have all your belongings with you when you depart and for whatever reason you are going to Arlos, all of us at Wailord cruises wish you the best of times." The announcement ended and some calypso style music begin to play.

"Nearly there then." Shawn sighed as Oshawatt leaped onto his lap. "You and me buddy, and the whole Arlos region. Can't wait." [29/03/2017 22:58:31] Lusamine Is God: Sasha smiles and Luxray puts her head on Sasha's lap. The pair begin to imagine the Day Care that Sasha will open. [29/03/2017 23:04:26] Adrian C: "I'm sure Clara must have heard that announcement, do you think she's fine? I don't normally worry about people I just met but Clara is different." Shawn added still looking out to sea. [29/03/2017 23:06:03] Lusamine Is God: Sasha: She's probably heard it as well. From what I saw of her, she doesn't stick around so she'll be gone very quick.

Dragonite is looking over the sea, wondering what other Dragon's live in Arlos. [29/03/2017 23:21:06 | Edited 23:21:46] Adrian C: In the water, a horde of Dragonair could be seen swimming alongside the ship and some bird Pokémon can be seen in the distant but it was difficult to make out what they were. A waitress came by the table that Shawn and Sasha were sitting at and offered to clean the table for them and asked if they would like a refill on their drinks. Shawn replied with a yes whilst still looking out at sea. [29/03/2017 23:33:08] Lusamine Is God: Sasha: May I have some herbal tea instead please?

Altaria hopes that Swablu live in Arlos. She's dying for a brood to look after. [29/03/2017 23:37:46 | Edited 30/03/2017 00:01:15] Adrian C: The Waitress nods and walks away and soon comes back with a Herbal Tea for Sasha and another Apple Juice. "Hope you enjoy." She says and walks away once more. [29/03/2017 23:38:47] Adrian C: (I think I did put Swablu as a Pokémon that you can find in Arlos, I 'm not sure as I have misplaced my notes.) [29/03/2017 23:49:51] Lusamine Is God: Sasha smiles and relaxes, stroking Luxray absentmindedly. [30/03/2017 00:02:21] Adrian C: Shawn turns to grab his drink and returns to face the sea. Whilst drinking, he began to smile as well. Oshawatt smiles too but is looking at Luxray. [30/03/2017 00:03:17] Lusamine Is God: Luxray has the Intimidate ability, so her gaze upon Oshawott must be spooking it a bit. [30/03/2017 00:06:49] Adrian C: Oshawatt does find Luxray intimidating but smiles anyway snuggling into Shawn's lap for a nap and closes his eyes. Shawn looks down at Oshawatt. [30/03/2017 00:07:21] Adrian C: "Feeling tired buddy. I'll let you get some rest." Shawn returns Oshawatt to his Pokeball. "Have a good rest, we'll be there soon." He says as he finishes his second drink. [30/03/2017 00:08:29] Lusamine Is God: Sasha finishes her tea and looks at Luxray, gazing deep into her eyes.

Sasha: I want to display an ability of mind. Hold still... [30/03/2017 00:13:19] Adrian C: As Sasha does this, Shawn continues to look at the ocean. The calm blue water, the few Pokémon that can be seen flying around. [30/03/2017 00:14:14] Lusamine Is God: Sasha: It's a wonderful sight, isn't it?

Her voice seems deeper, but not my much. [30/03/2017 00:15:15] Adrian C: "Aye, it is" Shawn replied with a sigh. [30/03/2017 00:16:10] Lusamine Is God: Sasha: Anything the matter?

She places a hand, or shall we say a paw on Shawn's shoulder. [30/03/2017 00:19:24] Adrian C: "Just glad to be going home." Shawn replied. "Whilst traveling around Unova, I didn't get to see much of the sea, given it's location. I was expecting that but I've always loved the sea. Just coming back, the smell of the ocean." [30/03/2017 00:20:37] Lusamine Is God: Sasha: I've tried to see the sea anytime I can. I've missed it, though. Turn around.

Sasha spoke through Luxray! [30/03/2017 00:24:00] Adrian C: Shawn does so slowly, not wanting to take his eyes of the ocean. As soon as they arrive in port, he'll be awfully busy and he wont get much time to chill so he is making the most of the time he has doing what he loves. As his gaze leaves the sight of the sea and latches onto Luxray, he is shocked out of his chilled trance of the ocean. "Wha... Wha... What the...?" He said with a stutter. [30/03/2017 00:26:12] Lusamine Is God: Sasha giggles, loving the shock she gets when she does this.

Sasha: I can talk through any pokemon. In fact, I can do this while I'm sleeping, so it gives me the ability to be awake yet not awake. [30/03/2017 00:28:36] Adrian C: "O...K, not weird at all and we live in a world full of weird things." Shawn replied. "Not that I'm calling you weird thougth". He added sounding quite flustered. [10/05/2017 19:56:46] Adrian C: A couple, man and woman holding hands walked passed where Sasha and Shawn were sitting.

"I heard that the son of Arlos's champion was on this cruise." The woman said to the man.

"Yeah right. I also heard that the President of the Arlos region was also on this cruise." The man replied in a jokey tone.

"No need to be snarky." The woman replied as they walked further away.

"You show your photo to one waiter." Shawn said with a sigh. [10/05/2017 19:57:58] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha sighs as she thinks about that.

Sasha: This may sound weird, but would you want to climb on my back? [10/05/2017 20:02:04] Adrian C: "I'm fine thanks but thanks for the offer." Shawn said as he turned back to face the ocean. "Listening to the waves is almost like listening to a lullaby. It's just so calm and relaxing." [10/05/2017 20:03:08] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: That's true... it's a soothing sound we all recognize.

She dashes off and returns quickly with TM 93. [10/05/2017 20:05:36] Adrian C: "Shouldn't be too long until we arrive ashore." He said turning back to face Sasha. "A TM, you don't see many of those around. Is that yours?" [10/05/2017 20:06:50] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha nods and then allows Luxray control of herself once more, reentering her own body.

Sasha: I just bought it. It's a gift for you. [10/05/2017 20:13:21] Adrian C: "Ah, thanks. You didn't have to but it's nice anyway." Shawn said as he accepted the gift. "Wish I had something that I could gift to you. Wait a moment." He grabbed his bag and began to look inside. "Oh wait. I do." He pulled out a strange tiny wooden talisman, it was a triangular cuboid thing. "I forgot I had more than one of these. This is a Talisman representing the Tiki Trio. Legend has it that 3 Pokémon watch over Arlos and it's people." Shawn then gives Sasha the Talisman. [10/05/2017 20:15:17] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha looks over the talisman before putting it in her bag.

Sasha: Thank you so much. I'll put it with my Jade Orb. [10/05/2017 20:25:03] Adrian C: "There's another one in my bag, I thought that I would give it to Clara but she's not here for me to pass onto her." Shawn said with another sigh. Suddenly a voice called out over the tanoy system.

"Attention passengers, we have just calculated that due to calm waters, we should be arriving in Arlos sooner than we had originally planned. We have now calculated that we shall be approaching Arlos in an hour at the shortest. We would also like to point out to passengers that if your looking out at the Forward of the ship that you may see Arlos in the distance. There are clear skies overheard with not a cloud in sight. Passengers are also reminded to ensure that they have all the belongings packed ready. Until next time, I hope you have had a safe and happy journey with us here at Wailord cruises."

"So we are making good time then." Shawn said to himself. [10/05/2017 20:27:39] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha looks to the sky as she silently prepares herself for her future. [10/05/2017 20:30:16 | Edited 20:30:49] Adrian C: A waitress then appeared to clear the table.

"We'll be closing the canteen in 30 minutes, just to let you know. She said in a high-ish pitched voice. [10/05/2017 20:30:51] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha nods and gets up. She wants a few minutes alone. [10/05/2017 20:32:21] Adrian C: "I'm going to go make a phone call." Shawn said as he went to walk in the opposite direction. "I might see you again before we disembark." He walks away and whips out his XT-2. [10/05/2017 20:33:09] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha let's her Dragonite out to introduce it to her ability to posess her pokemon. [10/05/2017 20:37:49] Adrian C: "The captain said we were roughly an hour away Dad." Shawn said into his phone. "I'm good. I have someone meeting me in Mainne City anyway, you don't have to come pick me up. Plus I want to go see Professor Mahogany." He quickly looked around him. "Just don't worry. I'll come and see you as soon as i'm done. You've got your job to do and I have mine." [10/05/2017 20:39:05] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha flies around the ship, in her Dragonite's body. She is helping her pokemon get used to life on her farm soon. [10/05/2017 20:49:09] Adrian C: "Ok Dad, See you soon." Shawn ends the call and immediately makes another phone call but it ends up on voicemail. "Nadia, your probably busy with the contest and everything but I've spoken to Aidan and he is OK. Just doing some work for Professor Mahogany. I told him to get in contact with you as soon as he can. Ok, see you soon." He ends the call. "I don't like voicemail." He puts his phone away and begins to go for a stroll around the ship. [10/05/2017 20:50:31] Queen Paigelena The First: Dragonite lands in front of Shawn. [10/05/2017 20:51:25] Adrian C: "Hello there Dragonite." Shawn said with a smile. [10/05/2017 20:53:07] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha speaks through Dragonite.

Sasha: Hello to you too. I want to ask one thing. Where does one find Rowap Berries? [10/05/2017 20:54:58] Adrian C: "All the Ship Shops will be closed by now so I would say your best bet would be to go to the Pokémon centre. That stays open no matter what so I would definitely suggest to go there." Shawn replied. [10/05/2017 20:55:39] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I'm aware of that, but Rowap Berries are something I am going to cultivate. [10/05/2017 20:58:14] Adrian C: "Yeah, that's true." Shawn said with a puzzled look on his face. "I think Rowap Berries sometimes grow in the wild and there is a Farmers Market in the Arlos Countryside if your thinking about long term." [10/05/2017 20:59:24] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I am planning to run my farm for years, so it's worth a look. [10/05/2017 21:03:35] Adrian C: "Most of the farmland is in the countryside so if you settle there. You won't be too far from the Framer's Market." Shawn added. [10/05/2017 21:04:08] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I've got a farm bought in the north east. [10/05/2017 21:06:15] Adrian C: "That is where the Arlos Countryside is." Shawn said with certainty. "Also, if your still a fan with haunted places. There is a legit ghost town in the north east. Abonndonne Town." [10/05/2017 21:07:07] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Oh yes! It's right next to that town. I could do with a Mimikyu. [10/05/2017 21:08:10] Adrian C: "Mimikyu? Isn't that the Pokémon that has disguised itself to look like Pikachu or something." Shawn asked. [10/05/2017 21:08:45] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: That's correct. I've heard they live anywhere a Pikachu can live. [10/05/2017 21:11:23 | Edited 21:11:52] Adrian C: "Let me just check my Pokedex." Shawn pulled out a tablet like device and typed in Mimikyu. "Ah, it says that Mimikyu are rarely only seen in Abanndonne town along with many other Ghost type Pokémon including Litwick and Chargel." [10/05/2017 21:11:58] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Chargel? Makes me think of living explosive foam. [10/05/2017 21:17:00] Adrian C: "It's an Electric/Ghost type Pokémon that looks like a charger but it isn't. It uses this to trick people into touching it and gives them a shock instead. They are very mischievous Pokémon." Shawn added. "Elite four member Jules has one." [10/05/2017 21:17:54] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I see... I am going to get one to partner Luxray. Do they get the Battery Ability? [10/05/2017 21:24:01] Adrian C: (I haven't sorted abilities out yet but I don't see why Chargel cannot have this ability.)

"Let me just check." Shawn tapped something on his Pokedex and had a look. "Some Chargel do have the Battery Ability, Yes. Whereas others have the ability known as Lightning Rod." [10/05/2017 21:27:38] Adrian C: Shawn then put his Pokedex away. "I'm gonna go to the front of the ship and see if the captain was right about being able to see Arlos from this far away. Care to join me?" Shawn asked. [10/05/2017 21:28:17] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha nods.

Sasha: I will go for one with Battery. As for your offer, I accept.

She goes back to her normal body and comes over. [10/05/2017 21:33:25] Adrian C: Shawn leads Sasha towards the front of the boat, a few people were there already but not many. Shawn walked over the railing. "It must be at least 15 minutes or so since the Captain said we were an hour away so we should be close." Shawn looked out and scanned the Horizon. "There, you can just make out an island in the distance. I didn't think we'd see anything with us only being on 45 minutes away so we must be making good progress." [10/05/2017 21:35:07] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha has a pair of binoculars in her hands and looks up.

Sasha: Describe the legendary Pokemon for me quickly, please. Do any fly? [10/05/2017 21:44:34 | Edited 22:05:06] Adrian C: Shawn turns to face Sasha. "There are many legends in Arlos. The Tiki Trio I mentioned; Fiki, Shaki and Treeki, I don't know much about them and there isn't much data recorded of them in the Pokedex but there is rumours of a fourth legendary that the Tiki Trio protect called Mothertree and I don't know much about that either. There is the Legendary Trio of seasons; Flarery, Arcteagle and Riddorock, they work together to ensure that the seasons change on time and that the Arlos region stays peaceful, Riddorock is the only one of that trio that can't fly and I definitely know that and then there is the Protector of Emotion, Moodarlos. Moodarlos is there to protect Arlos and ensure that all the other legendries behave." Shawn said pausing for breath. "There is rumours of a sacred book that contains the full stories of these legends as well as legends from all over the world. However, it is written in an ancient language that very few people speak." Shawn finishes and a tear begins to role down his cheek. [10/05/2017 21:46:30] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha notices the Pokemon she is watching looks like it's on fire. [10/05/2017 21:47:40] Adrian C: Shawn wipes his tears and turns to see what Sasha is looking at. [10/05/2017 21:48:14] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha hands the binoculars over.

Sasha: Do you recognise the species? [10/05/2017 21:51:53] Adrian C: Shawn takes the Binoculars and looks through. "Where?" [10/05/2017 21:52:34] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha gestures to the right of their position, high up. There is a trail of embers. [10/05/2017 21:55:17] Adrian C: Shawn looks up at where Sasha is pointing. "No, it can't be. Can it? No, Impossible, definitely not but how?" Shawn moves the binoculars to follow the trail. [10/05/2017 21:59:06] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: What is it, Shawn? [10/05/2017 22:04:51] Adrian C: "I... I... am not sure. First I thought it was Fletchinder but then I asked myself why would Fletchinder be this far out at sea. Then I focused on the ember trail which resembles Moltres but Moltres never flies near Alola. So I figured, well thought it would be Flarery as it is summer but it's impossible. Flarery hasn't been seen for over a hundred years." Shawn spluttered. [10/05/2017 22:05:46] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Can it be? My presence drew it out? [10/05/2017 22:07:45] Adrian C: "It's probably just our imaginations. No-one else is saying that they saw it. I mean, I must ring my Dad." Shawn ran off and took his phone out of his pocket. [10/05/2017 22:08:40] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha sits down and confers with Luxray, discussing what they saw. [10/05/2017 22:13:59] Adrian C: "I know I just rang you but there is something that you as the champion of Arlos and not as my father should know. An acquaintance that I have met aboard the cruise and myself just spotted Flarery." Shawn said anxiously. "No, I was not imagining things. I just told my acquaintance that it was impossible." Shawn added. "Neither Flarery, Arcteagle nor Riddorock have been seen in over a hundred years and you know the stories of what happened last time. Just keep an eye out, please Dad." Shawn ended the call and dashed back to Sasha but as he got close, he stopped, got his breath back and acted like nothing had happened. [10/05/2017 22:15:14] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha and Luxray are convinced they saw Flarery and send Dragonite to find it with a camera attached to her. [10/05/2017 22:17:47 | Edited 22:18:18] Adrian C: Up in the skies, Flarery had vanished and the ember trail was already fading and back on board the ship Shawn was casually walking over to Sasha. [10/05/2017 22:19:16] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha sighs in disappointment and recalls Dragonite.

Sasha: I knew I saw it. Luxray, I can stream your vision onto my laptop.

She does that and it shows Flarery in close detail. [10/05/2017 22:26:32] Adrian C: Shawn pays no attention to Sasha's laptop. "Told my dad and he even said we imagined it. Flarery is still dormant but actively helping the changing of the seasons. Being the champion, he should know. He said to just forget about it and enjoy the final moments on board before we arrive." He said as he leaned over the hand rail. As he looked out at the waves, his mind kept glimpsing back to what he saw thinking 'It must have been my imagination, Flarery could not have been there, it's impossible. Impossible.' even thought he know it was true. An Old lady tapped Shawn on the shoulder and asked if he could take their photo, in order to clear his mind. Shawn said yes.

"Thank you Dear. I just wanted one last pic of me and my husband." The lady said sweetly standing next to a rather tall old man. Shawn took the picture and the couple said thanks. [10/05/2017 22:27:35] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha smiles, knowing how nice it is to help people. [10/05/2017 22:33:58] Adrian C: Suddenly a cry from on of the passenger. "I see Arlos. We are nearly there." Many of the people who were at the front of the boat dashed away to get ready. The Tanoy sounded once more.

"Hello Passengers, this is your captain speaking. We are now approaching Arlos, the seas have been kind to us today and we have made it in record time. Please ensure that you have all your belongings with you ready for disembarkation. All on board facilities except for the Pokémon Centre are now closed, if you do have Pokémon being taken care of at the centre, we recommend that you head there now. It has been a pleasure being your Captain on this cruise and I would like to invite you all back in the future. Until then, Have a beautiful time in Arlos."

"Clara must have heard that announcement. She must be making sure she's ready." Shawn said with a sigh. [10/05/2017 22:34:39] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: It's strange that she never came back to us. I wonder if she saw Flarery. [10/05/2017 22:36:00] Adrian C: Shawn shrugged. "Yeah, she probably has her reasons thougth." He said sighing. [10/05/2017 22:37:04] Queen Paigelena The First: Clara comes over with a look of smugness.

Clara: Guys! I've got a picture of this pokemon!

She shows a picture that is in focus if Flarery. [10/05/2017 22:39:41] Adrian C: Shawn looks at the photo. "How... How Nice?" Shawn said shaking. "It's getting a bit chilly isn't it." He lied and grabbed a jumper from his bag to put on. "Much better." He said with a smile pretending that it was even thougth he knew soon he would be sweating buckets. [10/05/2017 22:40:42] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha catches on to this.

Sasha: It's summer and rather warm. Why on earth are you doubting two sources of evidence? [10/05/2017 22:43:54] Adrian C: "I'm not doubting. I'm just cold." Shawn said. "It happens from time to time." Shawn said rubbing his arms. "May I have a copy of that photo Clara? It really is nice." [10/05/2017 22:44:28] Queen Paigelena The First: Clara nods and sends Shawn a copy from her phone. [10/05/2017 22:45:41] Adrian C: Shawn gets the photo on his XT-2 and stares at it before looking back at Clara. "Anyways, how are you?" [10/05/2017 22:46:39] Queen Paigelena The First: Clara: Can't complain now. I've settled and am ready to explore the region with Eevee.

Eevee pops out her pokeball. [10/05/2017 22:48:52] Adrian C: "Well, it looks like we will be arriving in Mainne Port soon." Shawn added as he was indeed starting to sweat with the jumper in but not too much to show he was indeed sweating. [10/05/2017 22:49:18] Queen Paigelena The First: Eevee rips the jumper off. [10/05/2017 22:51:23] Adrian C: "That was my best Jumper." Shawn said. "However, i'm not so cold any more." He said with a sigh of relief. "I can always send it to Gemma for repairs." [10/05/2017 22:52:44] Queen Paigelena The First: Clara: I see. Sasha, when your farm is up and running, give me a call. I would love to help you out.

Sasha: I'll like that, Clara.

The two hug with Clara trying to sneak a kiss. [10/05/2017 22:55:44] Adrian C: Shawn looks out as the Port comes into view. "Finally, i'm home." Shawn says rather loudly as some other passengers cheer. "It's time to disembark. If it's alright with you know. There is someone I would like you two to meet. That is if you want to or not." [10/05/2017 22:56:33] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Sure, I'll like to come with you.

Clara politely declines. [10/05/2017 22:59:36] Adrian C: "Cool." Shawn says with a smile. "I was only asking because of that photo you took." He said straightening his smile before turning around and heading towards the Disembarkation Points before pausing. "Make sure you have your tickets handy." He then continues. [10/05/2017 23:00:30] Queen Paigelena The First: The two girls get their tickets ready and head after Shawn. Clara sends the photo to Sasha. [10/05/2017 23:03:50] Adrian C: As the three approached the Disembarkation points, a steward asked to see there tickets as a man was being dragged off my security. Shawn looked puzzled.

"Unfortunately, we had a stowaway." The Steward said noticing Shawn's puzzled look. "We keep trying to ensure that it doesn't happen but every so often there is one person who gets aboard without a ticket." Shawn, Clara and Sash are allowed to pass and begin to walk down the gangway onto the port when it started to rain. Shawn looked up and it appeared that there was now some clouds forming. [10/05/2017 23:04:40] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha thinks of sending out another of her pokemon, a Castform but decides against changing the weather. [10/05/2017 23:08:31] Adrian C: "This is not natural." Shawn said to himself as he walked onto the Pier that the ship was docked against. Many people were rushing to get out of the rain and some people refused to leave the ship until it had stopped raining. There was also a crowd on the Pier of people waiting for loved ones and friends, amongst the crowd was a woman with big hair similar to Lenora from Unova. "Professor" Shawn called out as he rushed over to greet her with a hug. [10/05/2017 23:11:41] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha and Clara part ways with a kiss on the lips.

Clara: Bye, you two. See you soon. [10/05/2017 23:18:20] Adrian C: "Clara Wait. Before you go. If your wanting to take on the Arlos League. You best bet would be to head to Norma Town. If you ask for directions then i'm sure someone will help you out. Once your in Norma Town. Look for Thomas. Ask around and you'll find him." Shawn said. "and until we meet again, please take this Talisman as a gift." He passed Clara a Talisman, the same as the one he gave to Sasha. "Maybe we can have another battle when we next meet." [10/05/2017 23:19:40] Queen Paigelena The First: Clara nods as she accepts the talisman.

Clara: Eevee awaits your challenge.

Sasha: Why don't we battle Shawn? [10/05/2017 23:25:13] Adrian C: "Sure but there is something we need to sort out first." Shawn says with a smile as he turned to face the Professor "Sasha; meet Professor Mahogany, Arlos's Pokémon Professor." He said gesturing an introduction between the two. "My Dad has most likely messaged you about what we saw." He added, looking at the Professor.

"Yes, he did." She replied looking at both of them before taking them to one. "Now, you both say you saw Flarery, is that correct?" She asked. [10/05/2017 23:26:39] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Yes, we did. Our friend Clara, who just left, has sent us her photo of Flarery.

Her Luxray confirms seeing Flarery too. [10/05/2017 23:31:03] Adrian C: "I see." Professor Mahogany removes her glasses and wipes her eyes. "There have been very few reports of people seeing Flarery at the time you reported to see it. These reports have been dismissed by some stating that they are fake. However, my research shows that these reports are true. Malcolm has asked those in the know to keep this secret until more is known about it. Can I trust that you will keep this conversation confidential?" Professor Mahogany asked politely. "You'll need to ask your friend Clara as well if you can." [10/05/2017 23:32:01] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Clara would stay quiet. We spoke about this already and will not say a word. [10/05/2017 23:35:34 | Edited 23:35:58] Adrian C: Shawn nodded as well to confirm he won't say a thing.

"Now, I can't go into further detail with you but if there is anything to worry about then the citizens of Arlos will be the first to know." Professor Mahogany added. "Not that there is anything to worry about." Shawn bit his lip as she said this but it didn't bleed. "May I suggest that I get you two out of this rain by driving you to a Pokémon Centre, that way you can dry off and have a battle." [10/05/2017 23:36:28] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha's Castform pops out and immediately uses Sunny Day. It sensed Sasha was about to sneeze. [10/05/2017 23:40:38] Adrian C: The rain began to slow down but not stop completely.

"Fascinating." The Professor said just before sneezing herself. "Oh dear. It would be best to get indoors as soon as possible." Professor Mahogany began to walk towards her car. Shawn was about to follow.

"You coming with. As the professor said we can dry off at the Pokémon center before we have our battle." [10/05/2017 23:41:18] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha follows after recalling Castform to it's ball. [10/05/2017 23:42:06] Adrian C: (Just noticed that this RP is 1 year and 3 days old.) [10/05/2017 23:43:56] Queen Paigelena The First: (Wow.) [10/05/2017 23:45:13] Adrian C: Professor Mahogany leads the two to her car and sets off for the Pokémon Centre. It takes a while due to the rain but they eventually arrive. The rain stops a few seconds after they arrive.

"What a stroke of luck?" Mahogany said as she pulled over into a parking space. "You two have fun and good luck with your new adventures. I'll be in my lab if you need me Aidan. Sasha and Aidan get out of the car as the Professor drives off. [10/05/2017 23:45:41] Adrian C: (Yeah.) [10/05/2017 23:47:09] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha stretches her legs as she gets out the car and goes to get a change of clothes. [10/05/2017 23:50:19] Adrian C: Shawn walks straight into the Pokémon centre and asks for two rooms which he was given. He walked back to Sasha and explained.

"Here's a key for a room for you." He said, handing her a key. " Both are ground floor and there is a battlefield out back. So I'll leave you to get ready and I'll see you at the battlefield. There are signs everywhere so you can't miss it." He then heads off to find his room. [10/05/2017 23:52:13] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha gets a shower and puts on her new clothing, a pair of red jeans and a black t-shirt with a Kirlia emblazoned on it.

Half an hour after going to her room, she heads to the battlefield. [10/05/2017 23:54:25] Adrian C: Shawn showers as well before changing into a similar set of clothes to what he was wearing before but in a different colour. He also checks that Oshawatt is Ok before heading to the battlefield. [10/05/2017 23:55:15] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha is chilling with her Castform as she wishes to teach it how to battle effectively by using the weather. [11/05/2017 00:02:16] Adrian C: (Just finding my notes, sorry for the delay. I had them yesterday.) [11/05/2017 00:14:29] Adrian C: (I also had to check something in regards to moves. I had to note the levels of Shawn's two poke on as some of the moves that I have already had them use meant that they had to be of a certain level. This means that Oshawatt could theoretically already evolved into Dewott and then into Samurott.)

Shawn walked onto the battlefield and spots Sasha.

"Sorry, it took me so long." Shawn said as he brushed some hair out of his eyes. [11/05/2017 07:45:16] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: It's fine. I know how long people can take. [11/05/2017 18:59:44] Adrian C: "I spoke to someone at the desk on my way here and they said they'll send someone to act as referee." Shawn said with his usual smile. "I only have two Pokémon with me thougth." [11/05/2017 19:01:38] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I have three as I sent Altaria to my house. I have a storage system of my own. [11/05/2017 19:04:30] Adrian C: Soon a man ran onto the battle pitch.

"Hi, my name is Dave and I have been asked to be your referee for this battle. May I ask what type of battle you are having?" He said panting. [11/05/2017 19:05:26] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: 2 vs 2, single battle format. [11/05/2017 19:09:07] Adrian C: "I'm cool with that." Shawn added.

"That's perfectly fine. So now if you both can kindly move to opposite ends of the battlefield then we can begin." Dave said casting his arms out, pointing at the opposite ends of the battlefield. Shawn walked to the one further away from where he and Sasha currently were standing. [11/05/2017 19:10:05] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha steps to the end closer to her and nods to her Castform. [11/05/2017 19:13:06 | Edited 19:16:52] Adrian C: "Ok, when both trainers ready. I ask that you bring out your first Pokémon." Dave cried as he took his position as Referee.

"Ok, Oshawatt. I want my first battle on home soil for this adventure to be with you. Come on out." Shawn said as he released Oshawott. [11/05/2017 19:14:09] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Let's go, Castform!

Castform floats into position. [11/05/2017 19:16:42] Adrian C: "With both sides ready. I declare that this Pokémon battle is now officially underway." Dave cried once more.

"Oshawott, you do your best buddy." Shawn said as he looked down at his partner, recalling memories when Professor Juniper gave him Oshawott. [11/05/2017 19:17:10 | Edited 19:17:19] Adrian C: (I keep spelling Oshawott with an 'a' instead of an 'o'.) [11/05/2017 19:17:41] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Let's try our weather strategy, Castform. Let's do it!

Sasha poses like Sashay from Battle Revolution. [11/05/2017 19:19:47] Adrian C: (I'll have to google that.)

"Hope you don't mind if I go first. Oshawott, use Razor shell." Shawn said pointing forwards as Oshawott began to charge towards Castform." [11/05/2017 19:21:28] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Sunny Day, Castform!

Castform uses Sunny Day, weakening the power of Razor Shell while making Castform fire type. [11/05/2017 19:26:45] Adrian C: "I see." Shawn said to himself hoping that Oshawott makes a hit. 'Even thougth it will be less effective, some damage is better than no damage.' he said in his head. [11/05/2017 19:28:23] Queen Paigelena The First: The Razor Shell hits Castform pretty hard, but not too much.

Sasha: Castform, use Weather Ball!

A fiery ball emerges from Castform and is fired at Oshawott. [11/05/2017 19:30:34] Adrian C: Oshawatt takes the hit and is knocked back.

"Oshawatt, use Fury Cutter now." Shawn said as Oshawott dashed and jumped towards Castform with it's arm raised ready to use Fury Cutter." [11/05/2017 19:31:55] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Castform, Solarbeam! Rapid fire!

Castform fires Solarbeam. It doesn't have to charge due to the sun. [11/05/2017 19:33:13] Adrian C: "I didn't know Castform could use Solarbeam." Shawn said in shock. "Watch out Oshawott." [11/05/2017 19:41:01] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha watches to see how Oshawott reacts to Solarbeam. [11/05/2017 19:44:52] Adrian C: Oshawott leans forward in order to dodge the Solarbeam but his tail gets caught pushing him back. Not wanting to give up, Oshawott gets up and dashes towards Castform again to use Fury Cutter without giving Shawn time to say what he wanted to do.

"Oshawott, you can do it buddy." Shawn yells as Oshawott charges forward and leaps one more to use Fury Cutter on Castform. [11/05/2017 19:49:13] Queen Paigelena The First: Castform is hit by Fury Cutter. [11/05/2017 19:53:41] Adrian C: Oshawott lands on the ground after the hit and begins to glow a light blue colour.

"Could it be after all this time?" Shawn said with a gleeful look on his face. Oshawott then began to grow as the light blow glow completely surrounded him. "I've waited so long for this moment." The glow soon faded as Oshawott had now evolved into Dewott. "Oshawott has finally evolved into Dewott. How cool?" Shawn said with pure excitement. "I mustn't get carried away now. Dewott, stay on your guard. The battle is only just getting started." [11/05/2017 19:56:30] Queen Paigelena The First: Sensing the danger, Sasha commands Castform to use Reflect Type to make it Water Type. [11/05/2017 20:00:21 | Edited 20:00:50] Adrian C: "Hmm." Shawn pondered as he looked at his opponent. "Dewott use Fury Cutter once more." He called out as Dewott turned to face Castform and once again leaped to use Fury Cutter. [11/05/2017 20:01:35] Queen Paigelena The First: Castform takes a big hit and grits it's teeth.

Sasha: Let's do it our way! Castform, finish this with SOLARBEAM! [11/05/2017 20:08:19] Adrian C: "Dewott, dodge it as quick as you can." Shawn called as Dewott looked at Castform. Dewott did his best to move out of the way in time but was caught off guard. Dewott is hit pretty badly and attempts to get up but can't.

"Dewott is unable to battle." Dave called out.

"It appears we have a lot of work to do Dewott, you tried your best now have a rest." He said as he returned Dewott to his Pokeball. "Ok, that means Kawa, it is your turn. Come on out." He said as he took out Kawa's Pokeball and let Kawa out. "Kawa, use Double team now." Kawa did so and began to create many duplicates of itself and scattered them across the battle field. [11/05/2017 20:09:48] Queen Paigelena The First: Castform looks at all the doubles, not sure which to hit. The weather fades.

Sasha: Castform, use Thunder! [11/05/2017 20:11:37] Adrian C: Many of the fake duplicates are hit by the thunder destroying their illusion however Kawa was left unaffected. "Great work Kawa, now use close combat." Kawa dashed from it's position with a few other remaining duplicates and went straight at Castform. [11/05/2017 20:12:22] Queen Paigelena The First: Castform is Normal Type now a decimated by Close Combat and is knocked out. [11/05/2017 20:16:29] Adrian C: Kawa's attack showed who the true Kawa was and therefore the illusion of his duplicates was destroyed.

"Castform is unable to battle." Dave called out.

"We both have one Pokémon left." Shawn said to himself. "I have to make this battle count." He added but I bit louder this time. "Kawa, you ok Buddy." Shawn called out as Kawa turned to face Shawn and noded before back flipping into his starting position. [11/05/2017 20:17:27] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha smiles and recalls Castform.

Sasha: You did well, Castform. Now, then... go Luxray!

Luxray is sent out. [11/05/2017 20:18:31] Adrian C: "So your bringing out Luxray." Shawn once more said to himself. "Kawa, remember to stay on your guard." [11/05/2017 20:19:39] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha nods to Luxray, their plan ready to go.

Luxray howls to show she's ready. [11/05/2017 20:24:43] Adrian C: 'Sasha isn't going first, she must have some form of strategy.' Shawn said in his head. 'Kawa and I will need to be fully aware of our surroundings and I know just how to start that.' Shawn briefly closes his eyes and takes a breather. "OK Kawa, use Calm Mind." Kawa imitating what Shawn just did briefly closed his eyes and had a breather. [11/05/2017 20:25:31] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Luxray, use Bulk Up!

Luxray does so, then us burnt! [11/05/2017 20:30:49] Adrian C: Shawn looked on at this puzzled and hoped that Kawa didn't become puzzled as well. "Ok Kawa, use Rock Smash." Kawa dashed towards Luxray and readied his fist to punch Luxray. [11/05/2017 20:32:37] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Luxray, use Wild Charge!

With the Bulk up and Guts set up, Wild Charge would hit really hard. [11/05/2017 20:36:39] Adrian C: Kawa is sent flying back due to Luxray's attack.

"Kawa buddy. Are you OK?" Kawa gets up slowly to acknowledge that he's alright but then falls onto his face.

"Kawa is unable to win. Shawn has no more Pokémon left to battle. The winner is Sasha." Dave called out as Shawn returned Kawa to his Pokeball.

"You were great buddy." Shawn whispered to Kawa's Pokeball. [11/05/2017 20:38:01] Queen Paigelena The First: Luxray howls loudly, celebrating her win. She's not fond of getting burnt, but knows it's for the best.

Sasha: Well done, Luxray. Come here and eat a rawst berry. [11/05/2017 20:42:42] Adrian C: Shawn walked over to Sasha to congratulate her on her win.

"That was a great battle and for it to be my first battle on home soil in a long time, it was worth every moment." Shawn said with a smile as Dave walked over.

"Awesome battle. Hope you two have a good day." Dave said before walking away. [11/05/2017 20:43:40] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Thank you... but it's just part of Luxray's training.

She feeds Luxray a Rawst Berry. [11/05/2017 20:46:35] Adrian C: "I'm going to go get Dewott and Kawa healed up." Shawn mentioned just as he was about to walk away and get back inside the Pokémon Centre before pausing and turning around. "I didn't know Bulk up could burn the user." He said before resuming his walk to get his Pokémon healed. [11/05/2017 20:48:21] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha hums to herself.

Sasha: I gave her a Flame Orb. In competitive battles only, I give her it.

She returns Luxray. [11/05/2017 20:52:11] Adrian C: Shawn heard Sasha's reply as he walked away.

"Some strategy." Shawn said to himself impressed. He got to the reception of the Pokémon Centre pretty quickly and Nurse Joy was available straight away to heal up Dewott and Kawa.

"I'll let you know when your Pokémon are feeling better." Nurse joy said sweetly as Shawn went to sit down an wait. [11/05/2017 20:53:04] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha heals her pokemon with herbs.

Sasha: I think ahead and play. Dragonite felt lazy. [11/05/2017 21:02:57] Adrian C: Shawn didn't have to wait too long as Dewott and Kawa were soon fit and healthy once again. Shawn then decided to go back and see Sasha again.

(Just noticed a mistake on my half, you mentioned that Sasha's farm was in the North-East. I only just realised that I mixed up East and West. All the farms are in the North-West where Abanndonne Town is and not North-East. Sorry for getting mixed up with my directions.)

"There was something I was going to ask. You know you mentioned how your farm was up in the North-West of Arlos. As we are currently in the South-East, I was wondering how you were going to get to your farm as there is a train that goes to a nearby city to where the farms are called Luton City and you can always get a cab from there." Shawn asked as he approached Sasha back on the battle field. [11/05/2017 21:04:04] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha thinks to herself.

Sasha: I see... I'll get a cab. [11/05/2017 21:09:42] Adrian C: "It's nearly evening now so I'm going to go get some food." Shawn responded as he looked up at the sky. "I'm going to go pop by a friends. They do food here in the Pokémon centre if you want to eat here or there is a diner, a few doors down from here." [11/05/2017 21:10:28] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I'll go and see where I can get some onion rings and chilli. [11/05/2017 21:13:06] Adrian C: "I do believe that the diner does Onion rings." Shawn replied. "Anyways, I'll see you later unless you'll be wanting to get the train tonight after you've grabbed some food." [11/05/2017 21:15:11] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I'll go in the morning.

She heads off to get some chilli and onion rings. [11/05/2017 21:32:26] Adrian C: Shawn walks off to his friends house and knocks on the door.

"Hello Shawn. Why don't you come on in? I was just about to serve up some dinner, your more than welcome to join us." says Mrs Sun who answered the door. She led him into the dining room where two of Shawn's friend were sitting and watching the news on TV as they waited for their food.

"Hey you two." Shawn said as he sat down next to them. Mike was about to say Hi back when Eliza shh'd him as she was wanting to hear what was on the tele. In the diner that Shawn mentioned to Sasha, the TV was also on showing the news as well as many homes across Arlos.

"Tonight on Arlos News. Reports of strange freak weather storms have been reported all across Arlos. Officials are urging people to remain calm during this time as scientists research into what has happened today. Our region Pokémon Professor, Professor Mahogany has sent us a statement saying that there is nothing to worry about and that her team of researchers are looking into today's craziness. There have also been reports of the..." The TV in Mike and Eliza's home turned off before the TV reporter could finish her sentence. Mrs Sun entered the dining room with some nice warm food.

"Berry Curry Shawn. I hope you like it." Mrs Sun said as she dished the food up before sitting down herself to eat. [11/05/2017 21:44:38] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha eats her chilli and onion rings before setting off to try and catch a pokemon. [11/05/2017 21:52:29] Adrian C: Shawn finishes his meal and thanks Mrs Sun. Mrs Sun then takes all the dirty plates into the kitchen to be washed. Shawn uses this time to talk to Mike and Eliza about his trip to Unova and how he is going to take on the league.

"Mike and I will be taking on the league as well soon. Professor Mahogany said that soon, Mike and I can go get a starter Pokémon from her. Eliza said as Shawn finished.

"Well, we'll just have to see who comes out on top." Shawn said with a smile before saying his goodbyes. "I've got a room booked in the Pokémon Centre for tonight and I'll be heading home tommorow. I need to see my Dad before I start to challenge the gym. Night everyone." Shawn left his friends house and headed back to the Pokémon centre. [11/05/2017 21:54:55] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha is just about to go out and find a wild Pokemon when her Luxray breaks out her pokeball and guards her. [11/05/2017 22:01:17 | Edited 22:01:28] Adrian C: Shawn enters the Pokémon Centre and heads to his room. He leaves a note under Sasha's door saying if she wants him to help her get to the Train station in the morning. He then entered his room and fell asleep.

Over where Sasha is, two strangers in red hooded uniforms were sneaking about.

"The Boss just wants us to grab the book and go so no funny business." One of them said to the other.

"Come on, it was the one time. I had to go and you know it." Came the response.

"Listen we just need to grab the book of legends then you and me may get a pay rise so don't mess up." The first one hissed back as the trudged through the shadows. [11/05/2017 22:04:07] Queen Paigelena The First: Luxray is walking ahead of Sasha, keeping her guard up for any sign of danger or hostility. [11/05/2017 22:10:51] Adrian C: "I know what to do. Just stop picking on me." The second stranger responded as the two mysterious figures quietly made there way towards the words. "It would have been way easier to have been dropped off closer to where we needed to be instead of making our way through some dark woods at this time of night."

"Stop whining." Came the reply. "Let's just get through these woods." [11/05/2017 22:11:38] Queen Paigelena The First: Luxray leads Sasha towards the woods, obviously wanting find who is speaking. [11/05/2017 22:14:29] Adrian C: The two strangers proceeded to put on some night-vision goggles as they entered the words.

"Mind your step now, the last thing we need is for a wild Pokémon to be woken up and for it to attack us." The first stranger said quietly.

They silently made their way through the woods. Most of the local Pokémon were asleep or hiding. [11/05/2017 22:15:24] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha uses her possession ability to take control of Luxray so she doesn't break Luxray's cover. She silently prowls the woods. [11/05/2017 22:18:33] Adrian C: After a while, the strangers exit the woods and remove there goggles. They continue walking a bit further thougth as they reach Norma Town. As it's night time, no-one was outside and most of the streetlamps were quite dim. [11/05/2017 22:19:33] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha follows the strangers all the way to Norma Town and watches them from cover. [11/05/2017 22:23:44] Adrian C: The two strangers staying in the shadows quietly sneaked their way towards a tall wide building that was quite distant from the rest of the town. The two then preceded to sneak round to the bag of the building.

"There isn't much security here but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be careful." The first stranger said as the two carefully searched for a way to quietly enter the building without being seen. [11/05/2017 22:25:22] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha is very close by, watching intently. She made sure her human form is stored within Luxray so that nobody would think anything is amiss should they find her empty body. [11/05/2017 22:30:58] Adrian C: After a while searching. The two strangers found where they needed to be and carefully prised open a window for them to crawl through, making sure that no-one was following them. The two were now in an office like room and as it was dark, they put their night-vison googles on. The first stranger made his way over to a desk and saw a sign on it.

"We are definitely in the right room. If he has the book then he would have definitely put it here in his office for safe keeping. Look for a safe or secret compartment. Anything that might be used to hide the book." The stranger whispered as the two began to quietly search the room. [11/05/2017 22:31:52] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha walks up to the window and leaps in with one bound. She made sure she was noticed this time. [11/05/2017 22:36:06] Adrian C: The two strangers turned around in fright.

"You were meant to close the window you idiot." The first one hissed.

"You never said that." The second one hissed back.

"You always mess things up. Luckily it's just a Pokémon and I have a soloution for that." The first one replied as he whipped out a can and began to spray it. "Pokémon Knock out gas. Should take affect soon and allow us to look for that book in peace." [11/05/2017 22:37:18] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha ignores the gas, her human side combined with Luxray is immune to it.

Sasha: Really, now? [11/05/2017 22:44:34] Adrian C: "This is Devlin's most powerful Pokémon Knock out Gas." The first one spluttered.

"And that's a talking Luxray. Do you think we should nab it for the boss?" The second one replied.

"We are here for a book not a talking Pokémon. Plus it might belong to someone. We are not Pokémon thieves like those scum Team Rocket." The first one responded. "Now Luxray, we are awfully busy trying to reclaim some lost property that was stolen from us. I am asking you nicely to exit back through the window and let us take back our property." [11/05/2017 22:45:34] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I don't really care.

She uses Wild Charge directly onto the two before leaving. [11/05/2017 22:52:54 | Edited 22:55:21] Adrian C: The two were knocked to the floor and the office was now a mess.

"That little... Exeggcute." The first one hissed. "At least our uniforms are made to stand all sorts of weather such as lightning so it doesn't hurt that much but look what a mess it made. We'll never find the book now." Suddenly the sound of footsteps could be heard approaching, the two mysterious strangers quickly exited through the window and ran back to the woods as a figure approached the door to the office they were in. The figure unlocked the door and turned on the light to see the mess, they the quickly dashed to a secret compartment that the two figures didn't find by a fish tank.

"Phew, the books still there." said the figure. "I best return this tommorow." The figure then grabbed a briefcase and put the book carefully inside before closing the compartment and closing the window properly before leaving the office. They turned off the light and locked the door. [11/05/2017 22:55:06] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha makes the trek all the way back to Mainne's Pokemon Center and goes right to her room while still Luxray. [11/05/2017 22:56:10] Adrian C: The receptionist at the desk was on the phone so paid no attention and security was asleep. [11/05/2017 22:56:56] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha leaves Luxray's body and gets back into her own so that she can get into her room and get ready for bed. [11/05/2017 23:03:26] Adrian C: Somewhere else in a secret base of some kind.

"WHAT? You incompetent fools. Now he knows someone's after the book, he may be moving it to a different location. I want that book. I should have known better than send a couple of grunts to retrieve what I desire. I will have to send two of my better employees and they will not fail me as you have done." An old voice yelled through a communicator to the two strangers who just broke into the building. "You two better get back here straight away for cleaning duty." The call ended.

"Nice one Idiot. We are on cleaning duty because of you and that stupid Luxray." The first stranger said hitting the over,

"It was your plan so it's your fault." The second one replied, hitting back. The two continued to fight until the morning sun rise when they decided to face up to there punishment and left there hiding spot. [11/05/2017 23:04:31] Queen Paigelena The First: That morning, Sasha and Luxray are sleeping in late, nit realizing the shared the bed. [11/05/2017 23:09:16] Adrian C: Shawn was wide awake and had already left the Pokémon centre and headed to the beach. He left another note under Sasha's door explaining this. As he got to the beach, Shawn decided just to stand at the edge of the water to smell the sea air and look out at the water. Despite spending a long time on a cruise ship, he was not sick of the sight of water. In fact he loved it. [11/05/2017 23:09:52] Queen Paigelena The First: About an hour later, Sasha joins Shawn, looking groggy. [11/05/2017 23:10:33] Adrian C: "Didn't you sleep well last night?" Shawn asked. [11/05/2017 23:11:23] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I slept well, but went to sleep very late. I went out to try capture a pokemon and...

She explains what she saw. [11/05/2017 23:12:26] Adrian C: Shawn listened closely.

"What? Are you sure they were looking for the book of legends?" Shawn asked shocked. [11/05/2017 23:13:09] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: That must be it. I admit now to attacking them directly with Wild Charge. [11/05/2017 23:16:32] Adrian C: "The rumours must be true then." Shawn pondered. "Sorry but it serves those thieves right. Breaking into a school..." He stops for a moment. "I'm glad they didn't find that book, if they were thieves then they must have had an ulterior motive and my guess is that the motive they had was bad." [11/05/2017 23:17:37] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha looks at Luxray beside her, who us happy to get violent against humans when necessary.

Sasha: Luxray hates thieves. [11/05/2017 23:20:02] Adrian C: "Have you had something to eat yet? The train isn't due to leave for a while and it would be good to have something before the long journey." Shawn asked as he sat down on the cold sand still staring out at the ocean. [11/05/2017 23:21:00] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: We haven't yet. Where do you recommend?

She sits down by Shawn. [11/05/2017 23:23:33] Adrian C: "There is a café next to the Train station that does the most amazing waffles." Shawn said. "If I remember correctly." [11/05/2017 23:25:08] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Waffles aren't my thing, Shawn. I would love a place that has an unusually large meal. [11/05/2017 23:26:42] Adrian C: "They do big meals as well, I think." He took out his XT-2 to check. "Yeah I was right, they do all sorts; waffles, continental, big breakfasts, small breakfasts, etcetera." [11/05/2017 23:29:26] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha nods.

Sasha: Is there any sort of eating competition? [11/05/2017 23:32:16] Adrian C: "I've never asked and it's been a long time since I've been there. I couldn't remember what they served. They might have something. We'll just have to wait until we get there." Shawn says as he stands up. [11/05/2017 23:33:47] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha follow suit. Her and Luxray are starving. [11/05/2017 23:35:50 | Edited 23:36:19] Adrian C: Shawn leads them both to the café making sure to point out the train station next to it. He opens the door to the café for Sasha and Luxray before entering himself, they are then greeted by a big lady. [11/05/2017 23:37:58 | Edited 23:40:22] Adrian C: "Hello, my name is Mama Wanda and this is my lovely little café. Now what can I..." She pauses and spots Shawn.

"Bless my soul if it ain't Shawn. Come give Mama a hug, I ain't seen you in forever. Look how much you've grown." She dove in straight for a hug with Shawn.

"Hi Mama Wanda. Yeah it's been a long time. My friend and I would just like some breakfast." Shawn said as Mama Wanda let go.

"Of course. Just grab a table and I'll be over soon to take your order." She said before walking away. Shawn gestured to a nice little table. There were a few other people in the café as well already eating so Shawn chose a table that was a bit distant from them. [11/05/2017 23:45:32] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha keeps Luxray out of her ball, hoping to get her a nice breakfast. [11/05/2017 23:49:17] Adrian C: Mama Wanda returns.

"Ok, what can I get you two today?" She asked cheerily.

"Can I have a plate of your finest waffles and a glass of Pinap Juice." Shawn responded.

"Mama Wanda's Waffles and a glass of Pinap Juice." Mama Wanda repeated as she wrote the order down. "And for you?" She said turning to face Sasha. [11/05/2017 23:50:34] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I'll take an all day breakfast and some Roserade Tea, please. [11/05/2017 23:53:48] Adrian C: "One All Day Breakfast and some Roserade Tea. She repeated again. "And how would you like your eggs? I like to remind all customers that the eggs we use are 100% fresh from Arlos farms." [12/05/2017 00:02:11] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Good to know. I like mine to be runny. [12/05/2017 00:05:33] Adrian C: "Sure, I'll be right back with your drinks and your food shouldn't take too long." Mama Wanda said as she walked over to the kitchen.

(I am going to have to call it a night. We are so close to the end. This has been fantastic and I have been able to tie up so much of the story.) [17:41:57] Adrian C: After a while Mama Wanda comes back with Shawn's and Sasha's order.

"Now you both enjoy now." She said as she placed the orders in front of the right person before walking to another table and checking how some other customers are doing. [17:42:24] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha smiles and notices a lot of black pudding. [17:44:42] Adrian C: Shawn tries to ignore the black pudding.

"Mama Wanda is well known round here for her good food, much better than what they would serve on the train anyway." Shawn said before tucking into his waffles. [17:45:32] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I see...

She tucks into her food happily.

Sasha: You know... Luxray is undefeated. [17:47:17] Adrian C: "Interesting." Shawn said between mouthfuls. [17:47:57] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: We've had close calls, but our bond and her Inferno Overdrive gets us though. [17:49:34] Adrian C: "Inferno Overdrive." Shawn said as he paused eating. "That's a Z-move isn't it." [17:50:25] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: Indeed it is. I have four Z-Crystals at the moment and am looking for more. [17:52:56 | Edited 17:54:37] Adrian C: "I'm afraid you won't find any Z-crystals here in Arlos. I don't think there are many Trainers who have even heard of Z-moves. Us Arlosians prefer to show our bonds with our Pokémon in other ways." Shawn said before starting to drink his Pinap Juice. [17:54:04] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha takes a sip of her tea.

Sasha: It's a last effort that we use when I don't use the Burn Orb. Her Fire Fang is already powerful. [17:56:55 | Edited 17:57:18] Adrian C: "I see." Shawn said as he finished his drink but before he begin to tuck into his waffles again. "These Waffles are so good and vegatarian as well." [17:57:30] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I take it that a vegan lifestyle is common here, right? [18:00:29] Adrian C: "For most people, it is the lifestyle they do choose. However other people have their own beliefs and that is fine. Here in Arlos, we don't discriminate." Shawn replied. [18:01:08] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I understand. I've always eaten meat and my farm will sell Miltank steaks. [18:03:17] Adrian C: "I'm sure there is a market out there for it as I said, not all Arlosians are vegetarians." Shawn replied once more before finishing his waffles. [18:04:05] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha finishes her food and pays her belly.

Sasha: That was delicious. [18:05:17] Adrian C: "Mama Wanda does do good Breakfast." He then grabs his wallet ready to pay the bill and signals for Mama Wand to come over. [18:06:22] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha puts a bit of money up to pay her share. [18:10:11 | Edited 18:15:19] Adrian C: Mama Wanda walks over to Shawn and Sasha.

"I take it that you enjoyed your breakfast?" Mama Wanda said as she checked the bill for the meal.

"Fantastic, just as I remembered." Shawn said as he paid for his share.

"Now don't make Mama Wanda cry now." She said as she took the payment before starting to tear up anyway. "Ah, come here." She said before giving Shawn a hug. "You know, this boy when he was young wanted to be a chef. He would sit in my kitchen watching me cook when he and his father were over here on business." She said as she let Shawn go.

"Thanks again for the lovely food Mama Wanda. We got to get to the Train Station but I'll be back again soon." Shawn said as he prepared to leave. [18:21:55] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha stands up and stretches.

Sasha: I appreciate the food. I'll make sure to come back soon.

She heads out. [18:30:15] Adrian C: "Your both very welcome to come back anytime." Mama Wanda said as Shawn and Sasha left the café and proceeded to the train station. [18:32:00] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha hums a tune to herself. She knows she's in for a lot of hard work. [18:36:57] Adrian C: Two arrive at the Train station very quickly, the station was crowded but not too busy.

"We have missed the rush, that's good." Shawn said watching as they entered the train station. "Ticket booths are just to the right." [18:56:49] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha nods.

Sasha: I appreciate it, Shawn. Thanks for helping me out.

She hands over a Comet Shard. [19:05:16] Adrian C: "Wow. Sasha. Thanks." He says accepting the Comet Shard. "It was nice meeting you. Hopefully, I'll be able to come visit you on your farm in the future." [19:06:10] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I'll like that. See you later.

Sasha smiles and gets a ticket. [19:08:16] Adrian C: Shawn stands as Sasha goes to get the ticket. "Have a safe journey." He calls out. [19:09:13] Queen Paigelena The First: Sasha: I will, Shawn. Goodbye for now.

She walks to a waiting train and boards. [19:12:10] Adrian C: Shawn nods and walks out of the Train Station.

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