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Ayane's house is a large building in Celadon City, notable for being where Ayane and Xander live, along with Helena.


It is designed to be more of a traditional, yet loving place. It is made from stone and steel and is about four stories tall. It has a flat roof and is perfectly watertight. The house has a basement where Ayane houses her gym.


There have been 5 rooms seen so far. More will be added as the area is used,

Ayane's BedroomEdit

It is a large, spacious room where Ayane sleeps and cleans herself. Her room is purple, as to reflect her name and character reference.

Xander's BedroomEdit

Xander's bedroom is smaller and does not have an en-suite bathroom. However the bed is larger as his evolved forms are larger than Ayane and a bed suited for Ayane would not be right for Xander.


The kitchen is a small, but well designed room that is themed like a wood cabin. It is decorated as such and is where Ayane keeps her alcohol as well as when she serves dinner.

Living RoomEdit

The living room is by far the largest room in the house. It is where Ayane holds her parties and has guests. It is spacious and hs many party features like a hot tub, barbicue and sushi bar, where she serves at parties. During those parties, Ayane goes aroudn making sure everyone is having a good time. If they are, she would be found behind the sushi bar.

The GymEdit

Ayane's home is home to a large gym where she and her bodybuilder friends hang out and train. She uses it to train individuals up who she is protecting, notably Sheebop and Xander. There are sections in the gym for weightlifting, ranged move practice, physical move practice and a cardio section. Ayane can often be found weightlifting as she likes to make herself stronger and more resilient in battle. Sheebop can be found anywhere when she is visiting as she sees it as very good practice.