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Azana is a fakemon region created by Paigelena . It is a southern region, known for the intense cold that embraces the region during the wintertime. The north is tropical and warm. Summer in the north is often plagued by monsoon rain and is the only place where many pokemon can be found. The region plays host to 125 exclusive pokemon and more than 125 from other regions, meaning that there are a total of at least 250 pokemon in the region.

Trainers beginning their journey get one starter and an Eevee.

The locationsEdit

The region is enormous in size and as such, the areas are often inaccessible during winter. The southern areas are stated first.

  1. Mysteria Town (7th Gym and protagonist's hometown)
  2. Blizzard Plains
  3. Mt Battle (Battle frontier Facility)
  4. Helstorm City (1st Gym)
  5. Devolution Cave (All Pokemon are found in first forms)
  6. Substep Mountain
  7. Rade Town (2nd Gym)
  8. Florian Path
  9. Verdant Meadow
  10. Verdant Town (3rd Gym)
  11. Mysterious Field (Legendary Area, Destania is found here if not captured in Team Destiny Base)
  12. Ore Desert
  13. Smelt City (4th Gym)
  14. Telekinetic Cave
  15. Corirma City (5th Gym)
  16. Corirma Stadium
  17. Secret Cove (Learn Mega Evolution)
  18. Burning Plains
  19. Seaview Path
  20. Kingston Town (6th Gym)
  21. Kingston Bay
  22. Mysterious Depths (Legendary Area)
  23. Azana Network (Tunnel system to Mysteria)
  24. Team Destiny's HQ
  25. Boulder Town (8th Gym)
  26. Mysterious Forest (Legendary Area)
  27. Aquatic City (Rest Stop on way to Pokemon League)
  28. Victory Road
  29. Challenge Port (Port to Pokemon League Island)
  30. Pokemon League Island
  31. Day Care Center
  32. Kyra's Dimension
  33. Spectra's Tower of Torment
  34. Furira's Mansion
  35. Lilira's Dollhouse (Lose and you are imprisoned)
  36. Championship Plateau (In the Sky, on clouds)
  37. Southern Island ((Capture Latias and Latios) In Hoenn)
  38. Hidden Ruins
  39. Pokemon World Tournament
  40. Safari Zone (Fakemon from other regions are found here as well as foreign pokemon)


The types of the gyms and the leaders are to be stated below. Gym Leader's names are in brackets.

  1. Ice (Yuki)
  2. Poison (Kasumi)
  3. Grass (Devoot)
  4. Steel (Resil)
  5. Fighting (Skara)
  6. Water (Dave)
  7. Normal (Hugh)
  8. Rock (Ira)

Notable IndividualsEdit

Listed in order of appearence

  1. Professor Aura Zinnia
  2. Guide Gent (Guides new trainers around)
  3. Team Destiny Leader Paige
  4. Mt Battle Boss X
  5. Devolution Specialist Dwayne
  6. Team Destiny Admin Bryony
  7. Steven Stone (Hoenn Champion)
  8. Rival ??? (??? indicates choice of rival gender and name)
  9. Legend Expert Cynthia (Obviously the Sinnoh Champion, but in disguise)
  10. Mega Evolution Expert Paige
  11. Team Destiny Admin Courtney
  12. Team Destiny Admin Jupiter
  13. Sky Battle Instructor Coach
  14. Ferry Captain Ron
  15. Day Care Couple
  16. Mt Battle Guide Scott (The same guy from Emerald)
  17. Safari Zone Owner Baoba

Elite Four and ChampionEdit

The following is a list of the Elite four and the Champion.

  1. Psychic (Kyra)
  2. Ghost (Spectra)
  3. Dark (Furira)
  4. Fairy (Lilira)
  5. Various Types (Ellira, Known as Ellie)

Team DestinyEdit

Team Destiny is made up of their leader and 3 Admins. Each admin is from another evil team from another region

  1. Leader Paige (Mega Evolution Expert)
  2. Admin Bryony
  3. Admin Courtney
  4. Admin Jupiter