Bailey Austin is a Bayleef OC created by Paigelena. She claims to be Chiko's long lost cousin.


Bailey is a kind, but forceful young woman who gently asks people to do things for her but if they refuse, she'll make them do it. Essentially, you do things the first time or you'll have to deal with a really annoyed Bayleef. However, she can be a little offbeat as she sometimes gets confused and weird. One incident in her past involved her claiming repeatedly that she was allergic to soap... which backfired after her mother stuffed soap up her behind... twice.

Bailey is rather ditzy and often makes simple errors in her day-to-day life, although thankfully, none have happened while she was working.


Bailey is searching for Chiko to let her know that they are cousins. They knew each other when they were younger, but they were only friends and did not know of their cousinly bond.


Bailey is a hair stylist at a place in Light City. Her regular clients are PaigeK, The Light Queen and Ilia. Each of them tell Bailey secrets from the Order of Light in exchange for being sworn to secrecy and, as a result, is the only person who knows about Paige's copied version of Teddy's Journal. She also knows that K is suffering from multiple personality disorder and also she knows that Ilia is scared that her powers are starting to fail.


  • Bailey is the third of Paigelena's OCs to have a normal day to day job, following Illusia (Geography Teacher) and Reisa (Waitress)
  • Bailey is also the third Hermaphrodite OC, following Ilia and Reisa
  • Bailey is used on other RP websites, particulally Eka's Portal (Have to be over 18) where she is 49 1/2 feet tall
  • Bailey is the third of Paigelena's OCs to be related to an OC of a different creator, following Paige and K (Xander)
  • Her last name is a tribute to Stone Cold Steve Austin, a former professional wrestler.