• SuperHedgehog03

    Riley woke up after a few seconds of not knowing where he was. He leapt to his feet, and saw that he was in the room he had seen before. He realized that he was still wearing the weird headgear, so he took it off and threw at on the ground. In doing this, he caught the attention of whatever pink thing was in the room with him.

    Next to him, Ian woke up with a jolt. And when I say jolt, I mean his body physically shook, but it took ages for him to actually get up. On the other side of him, Murky woke up, and next to Murky followed Evan. They all followed generally the same procedure that Riley went through when he woke up (although Murky had to use his tail several times). After that, their attentions turned to the pink thing that was standi…

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  • PokeLaki21

    I'm making this post to share the very first Destinies Intertwined related animation! I've been working on this for quite some time and it's my very first full animated short, but I hope it's enjoyed.

    Taking place in a a parallel yet alternate universe to the Destinies Intertwined world, this exclusive short has quite a bit of Easter eggs hidden within it. I hope this paves the way for more animated material in the future.

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  • HeroBlast

    This is a list of characters who ticking off is a very bad idea. For this list, both canon and noncanon characters will be used. This list will not include characters who can obviously level a city like Foxie or Dodeca or trained soldiers like Ares Squad or Mizer.

    1. Loren.

    Before she dies in the timeline, ticking Loren off is a very foolhardy thing to do. She was a wind mage and has been shown plenty of times that despite her shyness and pacifism, she can harden air into blades and drills! Also, let's give everyone something very plesent to imagine, it was probably possible for her to bend the air in someone's lungs too. Now, with that in mind, it would have been possible for her to blow people up or stranggle them without laying a finger on …

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  • Sane Blue


    April 1, 2017 by Sane Blue

    I am here to announce my leaving on the Pokecrew. It's been fun, but I can't stand some of the members, or member, here. It has been fun, and I'm sure you'll figure out what to do with the timeline. Farewell.

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  • SuperHedgehog03

    It was early spring in the forest. Most days were cold, and many Pokemon resorted to hiding in caves or holes. But a few Pokemon did not. Most Fire types didn't need to huddling up for warmth. After all, they usually generated their own heat. And many intelligent Pokemon preferred not to be associated with the more feral types; they tended to make elaborate dens.

    This was not the case for a young Vulpix. He was intelligent, and a Fire type, but being cold wasn't the only thing he was concerned about. It was the afternoon, when many predators would be keeping watch until nightfall. After nightfall, everything was fair game. As such, Vulpix (who was not a native to the forest) wanted to find shelter as soon as possible.

    It seemed like only a f…

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  • SuperHedgehog03

    It is at this point that the subject of the story becomes the three characters spoken of in Theo’s story. Yeah, you thought the story would revolve around the person that the story revolved around, didn't you? No, that would be silly. Instead, it involves people you know hardly anything about. Aren't I such a great storyteller?

    Anyways, this chapter begins in a building. Not any particular building, just a standard old office building. Evan woke up on the carpet of the third floor. He had no idea how he had gotten onto the floor, or where he was, for that matter. However, he had a suspicious feeling that his friend, and that fellow he had met – he thought it might have been the day before – were in the same building that he was. And he knew…

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  • HeroBlast

    A fan fic: Compassion

    January 11, 2017 by HeroBlast

    It was just sunrise as Teddy was sleeping against a tree, with the remains of a burnt-out fire nearby. He hadn't woken up quite yet, but feels his arm being tugged. He opens his eyes slowly, to see Ramona tugging at his arm playfully, wanting Teddy to wake up and start another day of adventuring. He goes to close his eyes again, wanting a few more minutes of sleep, which were cut short when Ramona tugs him onto his feet. He had been pulled and falls onto his face, he slowly gets up, groggy and annoyed at Ramona's unbundled energy. Eventually he starts trailing behind Ramona, who eventually started helping him gather nuts and berries for breakfast. Ramona had her hair retracted to just below her shoulders to have it more manageable in the f…

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  • DerpGoddess

    Okay, so I sold my 3ds to a game shop, and someone else BOUGHT IT. Now, technically, my account now belongs to some girl named Tanae.

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  • PokeLaki21

    As the timeline has grown more and more, it's been getting difficult to keep track of exactly where things go, so this page iswhere the order of RPs will be placed for convenience. Hope it helps!

    Note: The RPs are arranged by years. This will be ammended over time, as on the first edit I will not have each moment and RP readily typed out.

    Year One:

    TPI (1 and 2)

    Year Two:

    TPI (3)

    Year Three:

    K's Backstory/ Talios League Quest

    Year Four:

    The Search for K (Spring
    RPCRP (Summer)
    Second Secret War (Early Fall)
    Teddy's Trial
    PokeRP Saga/ Darius League Quest (Fall)
    Teddy's Journal
    Life of Ayane and Xander
    Rhodium and Merlee (Winter)

    Year Five:

    RPCRP2 (Summer)

    Year Six:

    Kiloude Takeover
    Darkella Saga Part One
    Darkella Saga Part Two
    TPI (4)
    RPWPBA/ The City of Hap…

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  • HeroBlast

    Hosted by a writer who's just now getting his stuff together, comes one of the first Tie-In RPs in the PokeCrew History.

    Join the Commanding Officers of Team Xy as they discover that a Dark Halogen had infiltrated the ranks of the League of Fear, prompting General Xy and Mizer to embark on a quest to find the Halogen District of Earth and plea for the Halogens to end the looming threat of invasion, which starts slow, but gets better as it progresses. Read as the base of how Xy locks the two with a dead alien robot, Mizer spying on his general, Xstephane averted, and Stephanie having an alergic reaction to what turned out to be Halogenian cleaning products.

    As they embark on adventure, watch as Foxie escapes the lab. Then Xy confronting Mikay…

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  • HeroBlast

    From the host who was still making a rather awkward transition into the PokeCrew canon at the time, comes an RP where a lot of the elements were retconed out of existence.

    Join Teddy Ursa as he starts a romance with the centuries-old Dodeca in what will be joked to be a pedophilic relationship and battle Paige, the second member of his 12+ harem that is trying to start a bestial relationship with him... No taste in women whatsoever.

    Join the epitomous knight as he and his friends deperately defend the RP's Macguffin as Paige attempts to steal it in order to obtain the knowledge of doomsday weapons, legendary Pokemon, and all of the weaknesses of his friends and enemies... which he somehow just happens to have already included the Apprentices…

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  • HeroBlast

    Hosted by the writer who's RPs has only declined in quality since Second Secret War, comes the next chapter in an extremely bland branch of the Destinies Intertwined Timeline...

    Watch as Teddy Ursa cheats on his girlfriend (again) with a parasite, gets kidnapped (again) by said parasite, and get... Wait... Banished by his girlfriend? That's new. Sit through action scenes that are actually kind of bland, comedy relief, a convoluted time-travel plot that turned out to have no time travel at all, and possibly the most disappointing climax in HeroBlast's history.

    Meet Darkella, who doesn't actually play as much of a central role as Teddy does, having the spotlight stolen from her in the whole RP, as she seduces Teddy under her venomous will (aga…

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  • HeroBlast

    As she watches Minerva teach Agnes basics of hair manipulation, String leans back on a wall at the balcony of Vanessa's Palace, watching the enchantress teaching her protoge. As she watches, memories of her circus life begin to creep into her mind.

    She begins to return to the days of her younger years as her mother was teaching her how to hold a whip. She was holding the handle in front of her, with her mother holding her hand and teaching her proper posture. This is the circus, after all, training is brutal and you have to learn just to stand properly within the big top's show business. "Remember, Hilga," String's mother began, "The whip is only dangerous if you choose it to be, not to just yourself, but to others. Now, just like I showed …

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  • HeroBlast

    As his opposers now stand without a leader, they could only watch in helplessness as Hruntig marches to the Knight King's throneroom unopposed. Hruntig smiles at this, Ares Strike Squad has fallen, his men are still fighting fit, and his followers with no idea that he had used his prisoner's magic to underhand his way to victory. He looks to Grant, who had sustained burns from Joan demolishing the southern forge, and Cyan, who had singlehandedly defeated Esther and Aime. He looks on, in his mind, he knew he had won the war, now he just needed to kill the Knight King.

    When he and his followers approach the throne room doors, the honor guards try to halt him, but are promptly shot by the Hruntig. They open the doors and begin to approach the …

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  • HeroBlast

    Now that Sasha has rallied Hruntig's opposers, he had a chance of winning the Great Division, defeating Hruntig, and saving the life of the Knight King. However, assembling the forces were easy, but defeating Hruntig's side was going to be the harder task, his forces both outnumber and outclass that of Sasha's. If the captain of Ares Squad is to win, he had to act now. He assembles his force and begins instructing on a plan. "Here's what we have to do," he begins, "Hruntig has the infirmary and the main eastern hall, as well as the south forge. If we can take those, we can cripple his forces with lack of medical attention and weapons."

    "But Sasha," Aime begins, "Won't Hruntig have those heavily guarded?"

    "Yes," Sasha returns, "He will, which…

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  • DerpGoddess


    November 14, 2016 by DerpGoddess

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  • HeroBlast

    As the crowd disperses, Ares Squad begins to gasp and wince from the pain and exhaustion of the battle, especially Esther as she begins to feel the strain she put on her body as she regains her mind. They try to hobble away, but they felt hands grasp them, but in assured grips as they all wore armor that they recognized! Two knights were helping Sasha, one in orange armor, and the other in purple armor; a single knight wearing grey armor was helping Esther as Joan was being helped by a red-clad knight. "Don't worry, sir," the orange knight assured Sasha, "I knew that Hruntig was out of his mind, I was just wondering where you were."

    "Thank you, Garland," Sasha replied to the orange knight, "We need to get to the infirmary."

    "Can't" Garland r…

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  • HeroBlast

    The knights stand, stunned and breathless at what the Knight King had just announced to them. Joan looks at the others, then back to the King, she musters the breath, not believing the thought of a schism erupting and the possibility of a fellow brother in the Knight Corps planning to kill their leader. She looks to Sasha and Esther, they look at her with them same expressions of disbelief. Joan let a few minutes pass, but they felt more like hours, before turning back to the King. "But," she said in a shaky tone of voice, "It can't be possible, Hruntig can't be planning to kill you, the thought of one of our own... It's just inconceivable, sir!"

    "It is, sister," the King replied, though his head is covered by a helmet and his visor hiding …

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  • HeroBlast

    (Parts have been edited to provide clarity and fluidity.)

    At Darkella's base, Teddy is holing up in an area with a good view of the entrance. He knows that his ammo is very limited, so he needs to fight as little as possible. He screws a suppresor onto the barrel of his assault rifle. Suppresors aren't desgined to silence a gun, but to make the bang sound like something else. He begins to watch the forces guarding the area, consisting of men hypnotized by Darkella, possessing guns that seem to be composed of dark matter. The knight begins to watch, knowing that in order to get in, he'll have to wait for an opening and sprint, or take the guards down.

    Before he moves, a guard is advancing on his position, unaware of his presence as he surveys…

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  • HeroBlast

    (Some parts have been edited to provide fluidity and clarity.)

    As Dodeca is fortifying the Fortress of Light's defenses, she is unaware of what Caroline is beginning to feel. Caroline then goes to the restroom, holding her head, thinking washing her face would help her feel better. However, when she looks up at the mirror, she sees her alter ego, Mona Lusbright, staring back at her, taking her breath away! Tifani noticed that Caroline has left, but is unaware of Mona, thinking it was just an ordinary trip into a private time. She remains unconcerned.

    Caroline: *composes herself, then speaks in a threatening voice* Do you have something to say?

    Mona: *very nonchalant, to the point of arrogance* I do. Teddy, he's just been exiled, and you want …

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  • HeroBlast

    Three members of the Knight Corps strike squad known as Ares Squad are having a few drinks, talking and exchanging stories of missions and tales of their personal lives. Though one is a man and the other two are women, they treated each other like they were a good extended family, like a brotherhood. The man, Alexander "Sasha" Grimfang, is a dark-skinned man, wearing his hair in a small curly afro. He also possesses a moustache that overlaps with his goatee. He wears armor akin to that of Teddy Ursa's, except Sasha's armor is pink and bares different family symbols. He is a tall man, easily 6"3', and possesses a very muscular build. He also seems aged to his late forties, but gives the illusion of a much younger age. One of the women, Joan…

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  • HeroBlast

    (Some parts have been edited for clarity)

    As soon as the snake woman appears from the ground, Teddy stops, as if just giving up.

    Teddy: What's the point? No one's going to look for me, maybe this will let me finally be alone...

    ???: Oh? You're giving up without protest?

    The young man watches, baffled at this.

    Teddy: Yeah... I have nothing left to live for...

    ???: And why is that?

    The snake woman begins circling him.

    Teddy: Because... I messed up... *sigh* I just can't show my face to another person ever again. I betrayed the ones I loved and now I have to pay the price. Do what you want to me, no one's going to know or care what happens now.

    Teddy closes his eyes, expecting the snake woman to put him out of his misery. However, she ceases circling. …

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  • HeroBlast

    (Some parts have been edited to provide clarity.)

    Tifani notices Dodeca and Caroline entering the garden,

    Tifani: Hello, Master and Caroline.

    Angelo: Heya!

    Dodeca: Hello, you guys. We were just stopping by.

    Caroline: Hello, Tifani! I trust everyone is doing well?

    Strawbella: Eyup! Just fine!

    Loren: Mmhm...!

    Zula: I can't complain. Though I learned that Screech is capable of speech.

    Caroline: Doesn't really surprise me, some of Teddy's and Mizer's Pokemon do have a high IQ for Feral Class Pokemon, the kind not normally capable of human speech.

    Strawbella: Oh, that's the term for it? What are talking ones called?

    Caroline: Civil Class. Anyways, me and Dodeca have been talking.

    Loren: Talking about what... I-If I may ask?

    Dodeca: We will be holding a pres…

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  • KEEBY64

    How is everyone?

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  • KEEBY64

    I promise I have become less cringey... I think.

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  • Radicus1141

    I wish you all the best of luck, and I hope my departure allows your timeline to prosper!

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  • HeroBlast

    (So since RPs are being posted now, I thought I might start posting my RPs too.)

    It was a day after Darkella's defeat, Della and Jason were already sent on their first mission. Caroline is near the door to Dodeca's study, waiting for Dodeca herself to begin questioning her on how much of a threat Teddy could pose. Meanwhile, Screech is with Zula and Thumbnail is wandering in the gardens. Thumbnail eventually sees the place Teddy had set up for his marriage with Dodeca, seeing this only embitters him further.

    Zula: What's the matter, are you hungry?

    Dodeca eventually calls Caroline into her study.

    Caroline then walks into the study, she sits and avoids eye contact.

    Caroline: This all happened right under our noses... I still can't believe this, …

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  • Radicus1141

    Apologies for yesterday's lack of a part, if you're reading, I was rather busy. This next air-quote, "episode" was pretty long, so I decided to split it into two parts! Look forward to Part 2, coming your way tomorrow.

    -Kleat and Pikachu RP Thing-

    In Which Builder-Chu Causes a Problem

    It was evening at this point and the streets were calm. The villa could be seen coming up. It's only half-built. Whallop is asleep on his pile of bricks.

    Kleat: "Hm... I can certainly work with this!"

    Wobbuffet is hobbling along behind them.

    Pikachu: "What has been built is nice looking, I'll say" ^^'

    Shiruru: "Yo, Whallop! I'm back with company!"

    Whallop rolls off his pile of bricks.

    Whallop: "...Hullo."

    Kleat: "Good evening, Whallop! How have you been? It's been quit…

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  • Radicus1141

    Hello, all. From today until Friday I'm going to be catching up on KaPRPT here, with one chunk of RP per day. A marathon, if you will! So without further ado, here's another chunk of KaPRPT.

    -Kleat and Pikachu RP Thing-

    In Which Everyone Goes to Court

    The next scene shows them in court. It plays that dramatic court music. Shiruru looks around.

    Shiruru: Do we at least have a jury of our peers?

    There are a few familiar faces among the jury, but not many. Kleat's wings twitch about in a nervous matter. An old guy with a long, white beard steps up to the judge-area-thing.

    Shiruru: [Wulfric has gotten into law enforcement... Good for him.]

    She just watches the seemingly important man with the ¤^¤ expression. The judge speaks after hitting a small mall…

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  • KEEBY64


    July 9, 2016 by KEEBY64

    So, uh, here's a question.

    Am I a part of the pokecrew. I'm being honest here, I want to know.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • KEEBY64

    Hi Again

    July 1, 2016 by KEEBY64

    Yes, I am indeed back!

    Remember that one Kirby forum I was a mod on? No? Well, it closed, but it taught me a lot about what being a mod is like. I feel like I've matured greatly. So, I was wondering if me and Raddy could be friends again...

    Great to know this went from me being a fan of Radicus's Ask Pikachu posts and playing almost all of Kirby's games to me being some average Starfy and Fire Emblem fan.

    I never get to see you guys anymore! How have you been?

    Until next time!

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  • Chuxena

    Heya, haven't done anything here in awhile. A few weeks ago Paigelena edited the main page and put my name up top with Radicus and Laki. It's sticking out like a sore thumb and I don't really want to change it myself with the chance of messing everything else up. Could someone put it back where it used to be please?

    Also, I have no idea how to make a page for OCs. I haven't made any contribution in terms of information about my OCs, and I thought it'd be nice to finally go ahead and make one. Hellllpppp mayyybe? ^^'

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  • Sencake

    Now I don't mean to make a big fiasco out of this, but I have a simple question.

    Why am I unable to edit the main page? Not that I was looking to today, but it's bothering me that I'm basically banned to seeing the source. Can I have an answer please?

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  • Sencake


    April 15, 2016 by Sencake

    So I'm currently typing this from my Wii U. Though many times in the past I've said I'll be gone for a while, only to come back shortly after, this is different. I'll only be on Mondays through Fridays from about 7am to 4pm. There will be a few exceptions, but until further notice, this is my schedule. I've tried getting Skype for Web working on my Wii U, but it hasn't worked. I will disappear for weekends, sadly, and since this schedule is pretty much "volatile" in a sense, I may disappear for even longer. And, as I am currently banned from Miiverse, I won't be able to talk to anyone through it for about two weeks. I'm hoping to be back fully by mid May or June, and if I have the chance, even earlier. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Good nigh…

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  • Radicus1141

    This Is Hard

    April 7, 2016 by Radicus1141

    Ho there.

    It's around nine in the evening where I am at, and it's likely that when you read this, I will have most likely already deceased.

    It's actually rather hard for me to put this all into words and type this out. Especially on the Wiki, where it takes more deliberate action to post something, unlike Skype.

    To put it simply, I have decided to, and devised a means to, end my own life. In more staightforwrd terms, I've come across a method of killing myself that I'm satisfied with and am going to do it.

    I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause in the timeline. And it may cause lots of it. I'm not going to say I'm especially influential on other stuff, because I know I'm really not, but there may still be things to figure out and wor…

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  • Paigelena


    April 5, 2016 by Paigelena

    So basically,  I got Skype. Can you all help me use it?

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  • Sencake

    I can't

    April 1, 2016 by Sencake

    I can't be a part of this anymore. My parents found out about Skype and my roleplays despite me begging them not to look. They're making me delete my account and everything else with it. To those who are currently in RPs with me, I'm sorry. Please try to finish them and pretend my characters never existed.

    Though my time here was short, I enjoyed it. Thank you all for making it enjoyable and for giving me something to look forward to at the end of the day.


    PS, I would have done this on a better day but my stuff is also getting taken away. Sorry.

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  • PokeLaki21

    Friend Code

    March 21, 2016 by PokeLaki21

    Just a quick little message!

    This is the code I use for Smash.

    4141 5908 1476

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  • ThatOneGeek1

    Well, allow me to introduce myself. Im ThatOneGeek, from miiverse, and I guess, yeah. Anywho I guess Ill be doing a private RP with Laki. (Sorry, I guess im a bit weird. I don't really know what to write.)

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  • PokeLaki21

    Hello all,

    I'd like to think of this as my first "Discussion" series in the Pokecrew, where certain things are examined. These are my interpretations, so they're not 100% right. Anyhow, today I will be discussing gender and gender conventions in the crew, espeically in regards to females. It will be broken down into sections.

    Feminism in the Order of Light?

     The Order of light is very known in the Crew, primarily due to its rather large cast and diverse situations. Not only this, but quite a large body of the cast is female. The Order seems to turn gender conventions on its head with its portrayals of females, most of them being portrayed as just as strong and physically capable as the men. Not only this, but even conventions in romance are s…

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  • Sencake

    An Apology

    February 20, 2016 by Sencake

    Dear all members of the Pokécrew and those who may be reading this,

    I'm sincerely sorry for messing up this Weekly Update. I rushed the editing a bit and missed a few things, and even messed a whole section up. This may have been my first time doing it, but I still feel really bad about the whole thing. If I ever do it again, I'll keep it in mind to be more careful.

    Thank you for reading, and have an amazing day!

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  • SuperHedgehog03

    Remember that story I said I would write? Skyjack Saga? Well I found out what a Skyjack is, so I changed it. Now it's this. Hooray.

    There goes that librarian. Everybody remembers him. He can find the book you want, with ease. But people don’t remember him for that. They remember him for the stories he tells. But then, he asks the listener what their stories are. Sometimes they’ll tell him about their day. But most of the time, they’ll make up a story that couldn’t possibly be real, but is interesting all the same.

    He’d never heard a story like the one he was about to hear.

    Ian walked by a Treecko, who he knew was a regular. He’d never learned his name; though he was pretty sure it started with a T. Maybe it was Teddy… or possibly Terry? Tyler…

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  • KEEBY64

    Oh Look I'm Back

    February 6, 2016 by KEEBY64

    I completely forgot about this site and how I was going to be on it "semi regularly".

    A lot has changed since I came back. I'm obsessed with Fire Emblem even more, I became a mod on a Kirby forum, I found out two other Kirby forums were closing, I left colors, I'm 100% obsessed with Animal Crossing, I'm on two Animal Crossing forums, I'm no longer addicted to Club Penguin and left it, I'm spending a ton of money on Nintendo Badge Arcade, yeah, I'm no longer the Keeby I once was.

    But at the same time, I'm the same Keeby at the core. I still have a lot to learn, I still hate Mother 3, and yes, I still love Keeby, the little yellow Kirby from Kirby's Dream Course.

    Oh wait, I need to say something Pokémon related.

    Uh, I replayed PokéPark Wii and i…

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  • Radicus1141

    Hello, all! I'm here this week with another issue of KaPRPT. This is actually one of my favorite parts so far. Please do enjoy!

    Kleat and Pikachu RP Thing:

    -In Which Darth Sheebop Makes His Glorious Debut- Shiruru: "Okay boys, time to bring out our inner metrosexual!" Meanwhile, Pikachu and Flamber head to Lunatyr's place. It still smells like sweets.

    Flamber: "I feel like I could get diabetes from a block away. Anyways, is this a fun visit?"
    Pikachu: "You'll see."

    Shortly after the two arrive, Lunatyr hears a knock at his door.

    Lunatyr: "Hm?"

    He goes to answer it, finding a Sheebop with a Darth Vader cape, holding up boxes of thin mints. The Sheebop springs forward, shoving the boxes on Lunatyr's face.

    Darth Sheebop: "Buy the cookies! Buy them for…

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  • NumberOnett

    Ok. First of all, I know it's been a while. My last post was literally just a title.

    I had a lot to do when I was in England, and when I wasn't doing stuff, I was on the computer, catching up with my latest fandom (Yandere Simulator).

    And I got grounded during the trip for like a couple of weeks.

    But hey, here I am.

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  • Chuxena

    Heya, I'm Xena! Nice to meet you guys... er, that is if you don't know who I am already. I'm one of the newest members to the Pokecrew, recently joining about several weeks ago? I think so! I'm really happy about being here, since I really like roleplaying and such. I hope I can contribute to this place.

    I'll start off by saying that my favorite roleplay plots that get me interested are survival/apocalypse. I'm quite fine with others though, since I'm not that picky. I have lots of Pokemon FCs, but not many OCs, so not many original "original" characters will you see be coming from me. 

    Hmmm... I could introduce some of my characters to you! There's Kage the Gengar, Cory the gijinka/pokehuman Lucario, and Carwyn the human. Carwyn's just newly…

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  • NumberOnett


    December 25, 2015 by NumberOnett
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  • NumberOnett

    OC situations

    December 21, 2015 by NumberOnett

    Flamber: Hey Pikachu, over here!

    Pikachu comes over.

    Pikachu: What is it?

    Flamber: Whenever I try to move the mouse, it gives me an error. *moves mouse*

    Error code: ID-10-T P3-BK-4C

    Pikachu: Hm... Here, gimme the... Hey... wait a sec.

    Flamber: What?

    ... Meanwhile:

    Possei: I bet Flamber took the bait like a fish.

    Possei and Emolga high-five.


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  • NumberOnett

    Can't use Skype

    December 20, 2015 by NumberOnett

    Apparently, Skype won't work on the computer I am using.

    Also 0:13

    Gonna go travel back in time and have my past self from when I liked Luigi maul that smug little--

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  • Radicus1141

    Ho there! With yesterday's return of KaPRPT, it's only reasonable I'd continue to post Army of Dark Souls as well! Not much to say here, other than it's fun to see the Order just fighting a cool enemy. Almost like a video game.

    -Age of Dark Souls-
    -A Return to Formula-

    Shira: "Norword... You're the first person that I've met since my awakening and you know so much more than I... Is there any way you could take me under your wing and guide me?" The wind had died down by now. It's silent and still.

    Norwood slowly nods.

    {Norwood}: "Follow."

    He turns around and swiftly sweeps away, flying smoothly across the grass, every movement meaningful and deliberate. The two are off as the sun rises into the sky completely, casting light down into the field be…

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