Caliburn is a Gallade OC created by HeroBlast, he serves as a hero around the Kalos Region.


Caliburn is the son of Xy's Gardevoir and a future member of Team Xy, until he saw the evil his mother was aligned with. He left and lived in a troubled state until he later saw that he could still help bring justice via becoming a deputized agent of the law.

Feats Edit

  • Has survived poisoning from Kaose.
  • Defeated the Dark Queen.


Caliburn and Teddy are particularly good friends. Caliburn generally has good relations with his peers, except that Mizer and Xy view him as a traitor. Caliburn, has genuine empathy and love for his mother, and hopes that one day she'll be a modelled citizen. He then would later fall in love with K , who would propose to him.


Caliburn first appears in Kalos's Strongest Youths, where he provides a save for Teddy and K. However, he would later become infected with the Dark Secret, the Dark Queen's spores used for offspring. In Caliburn and the Dark Secret, it would take K's love for him to conquer the dark persona the Dark Secret inflicts on Caliburn, Calidoom. Caliburn makes a cameo appearance in PTRPCRP2 .


Caliburn's name is another name for Excalibur, the sword King Arthur wielded.

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