Carolyn Hine, or commonly know as Dr. Hine, is a OC created by Blue, and serves as the main antagonist of Broken Dishes and Broken Memories part one and two. She's in her late 40s, her husband is Avery Hine, and has two kids, Jane and Logan Hine. It was also revealed that she's a distant cousin of Dodeca.

Overview Edit

Carolyn is a smart and cunning woman, who lies and deceives. She's a woman who is willing to wait, even years, for a plan to even start. She is usually sporting a white labcoat, brown flats, grey dress pants and a white button-up. She doesn't have any main weapon, but she has made a machine that can swap powers with two individuals. Her labs are all underground, with a huge team of scientists that also double as her bodyguards, and eventually Light City's new guards when she takes over.

RP history Edit

Carolyn debuted in BDBM part one, where she invited Dodeca and one guest to her labs. Dodeca being a big fan of hers, she takes Demi with her and they go to the labs. Eventually, Hine shows her true colors. She captures Demi and places her in the jailcell, and takes Dodeca to the power-swapping machine, granting her powerful light magic, and Dodeca powerless. With this, she kills Loren and takes over Light city.

Three months later, she's still in power, and treats the apprentices like her personal slaves. She is then taken down and put into custody when Abel and Malaysia leads a group and takes her down.

Her latest appearance is in Mended Fragments, where her trial is being taken place. Due to a last effort, she manipulates her lawyer with lies, but the judge saw through her lies, and was sentenced to a maximum security prison in a different dimension with no way of escaping or entering.

Relationships Edit

Logan and Jane Hine She sheltered them both, warping Jane the most, making her do all of her bidding, but it didn't work for Logan, which caused him to be mentally and physically abused, to the point of scaring him to do everything she says.

Avery Hine Edit

Hher "husband," despite that, they hardly have interations, and is more of a pawn.

Marie Edit

One of her henchman. She uses Marie to do a lot of dirty work, and then rewarding her. She was manipulating her, even saying she would adopt her because she wanted her to be the true daughter she wished she had.

Apprentices Edit

Ain't nobody like her tf

Trivia Edit

  • Her nickname is "onion-hair"

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