Clarissa Rose is a Floatzel OC created by Blue. She made her debut in Season one of Total Pokemon Island, and had made frequent appearances ever since. She was 19 when she debuted, and is about 24 now.

Overview Edit

Clarissa had grown a lot since TPI. She was once a desperate, rude, and manipulative girl, but has realized what harm she was doing, and changed her ways. She had grown up and started acting like her age, and is bestfriends with Sesu, who is basically her sister from another mother. They are usually in RPs together.

RP history Edit

She debuted as the main antagonist of season one of TPI, and grew to be one of the protagonists of the second season, due to her being very useful in challenges, and was technically never voted out.

After her TPI days, she practically forces Lucy and Sesu to train as an apprentice with her after a run in with Fontana and Kei, and then they were officially members of the Order of Light.

She then appeared in Murder She Sang, playing more of a minor role. She helped defeating Stella, and had a heart attack when they though Lucy had died.

Her lastest appearance was in Broken Dishes, Broken Memories, playing more of a secondary character. She is happy to see the new apprentices, but stays with Dodeca and the apprentices when Avery betrayed everyone.

She is set to be in the second part of BDBM, and is later to form a team called Missy Pop.

Relationships Edit

Sesu Edit

Her bestfriend, and she honestly wouldn't be the same person without her. They're basically sisters.

Dodeca Edit

Clarissa admires Dodeca, and strives to be as independent and strong like her. Dodeca is the one that actually inspires her to form Missy Pop.

Teddy Edit

Though not canon, but it's implied to happen. Clarissa was skeptic of Teddy joining Missy Pop, however, she is giving him a chance, since it's not good to dwell on the past.

Order of Light apprentices Edit

Basically her family at this point, and its what keeping her motivated to continue with life.

Trivia Edit

  • Clarissa has been seen to have great leadership skills, as she forms Missy Pop, and is seen taking charge here and there.
  • Clarissa may one of the eldest PokeOCs.
  • Clarissa has a dead sister, however, her backstory is unknown to most.