Claus Richard Hasion is an OC made by Radicus who serves as an apprentice in the Order of Light. Claus first appeared in DLQ, where he almost immediately gained a temporarily central role within the RP. He then moved on to gaining the role of an Order of Light apprentice in the Demon Trilogy.

Overview Edit

Claus is a fourteen (twelve at the start of the timeline) year-old boy capable of controlling and generating electricity using magic. He's a headstrong, and sometimes stubborn, teen who isn't easily daunted, a sharp contrast with his twin brother Lucas. Claus is extremely bold, which can be both advantageous and bothersome to his allies. He tends to take on most any challenge, almost never backing down from a threat. Claus enjoys pulling pranks and poking fun at his friends on many occasions, although this side of him has become subdued over the course of the Demon Trilogy as he matures more.

Abilities Edit

Claus has the ability to manipulate lightning and electricity at will. Additionally, he has his Voltsword, a smallish-sized blade which he uses as both a close-combat weapon and a lightning rod, which makes for a nice ranged attack. He prefers to use speedy attacks, striking opponents and dodging attacks before he can be hit. Claus also greatly enjoys hitting his foes with a 'Claus Pawnch', a quick blow with an electrified fist. In AoDS, Claus attempts to learn life magic, which leads to the creation of a semi-hostile vozz army.

Relationships Edit

Claus, although rather independent, has a strong bond with his brother Lucas and their parents. Claus' reckless personality helps to balance out Lucas' reluctant and nervous nature, and vice versa. Claus tends to enjoy messing with Lucas a bit, but the two still maintain a close relationship. Claus is on good terms with most of the Order of Light, and sees Angelo as a mentor. Claus seems to dislike Teddy after an incident involving the two, and often detests doing anything Teddy commands or suggests, and enjoys getting a few laughs out of Teddy's intense fear of Sylveon. It's revealed in PTRPCRP2 that Claus does indeed feel negative emotions, as shown after Lucas is killed and Claus goes into a state of severe depression.

RP HistoryEdit

Claus first appears in DLQ when he secretly stows away with Merlee and Rhodium, and ends up temporarily traveling with them on their journey. He catches an Aurock on his trip, and gets to know the two lovers as they travel around Darius. Claus is then returned to his hometown when the two others convince him to go back to his family. Claus is next mentioned by Lucas during the scavenger hunt, but isn't physically present until the Gym Leader Tournament, as he was sick. There, he, along with Lucas, are temporarily trapped in a castle. Claus decides to take on Team Dark's leader with a steak knife in an attempt to free Paleoglyth, where he comically wins a following knife fight by falling down and tripping his foe over the side of a building. Claus is then reunited with the others, where he proudly announces that he 'defeated' a Team Dark member.

Claus isn't seen again until PTRPCRP2, the first RP in the Demon Trilogy, where he goes through a series of tests to gain a sword along with admission into the Order of Light as an apprentice. Claus proves to be quite capable with magic, and attempts to help Teddy when he faces of against a horde of Viscera Knights. Claus then heads into Death Shira's realm, where he helps in defeating her along with the rest of the group. When the Master takes over the fortress, kills Lucas, and sends the group away, Claus is heartbroken and becomes extremely depressed, and it takes him some time to recover even after he's revived.

In LoL, Claus has mostly recovered from this and is back to his normal self, although he has an especially deep hatred for demons. In the RP, he once again has a central role, joining in and causing antics for around the Fortress, including forming a 'super hero' team with Loren. He soon becomes overwhelmed by his feelings for her, and unable to process this, leaves the Fortress for a short time. After meeting a group of elves and helping them in a fight against a group of trolls, he returns to set things straight. After the tone shift caused by the return of the demons. Claus and his fellow apprentices play a vital role in defeating the demons and restoring peace to Light City, despite suffering heavy losses. Claus turns thirteen towards the end of the RP.

His most recent appearance in an RP has been in AoDS, the third and final RP in the Demon Trilogy, where he participates in regular activities with his fellow apprentices, such as fighting off threats against Light City and generally hanging around his fellow apprentices. This RP, much like LoL, shows an increase of maturity for Claus, who is now fourteen. Shortly after the start of the RP, Claus accidentally causes an army of vozzes to form, which the entire Order must work to counter. He assists his fellow apprentices on missions that include fighting the blue phoenix, the giant weta, and fending off Lars and Sal's group of pirates. It is in this RP that he officially begins a romantic relationship with Loren.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Both Claus and Lucas' namesake and personality, among other things, are heavily influenced by the twin characters from the Japan-only GBA game Mother 3.
  • Claus greatly enjoys munching on Pop-Tarts.
  • Claus' canon age changed from nine to twelve near the beginning of his use for various reasons.
  • The scar on Claus' chin that can be seen on his post-LoL design was caused by him slipping while taking a shower.

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