Demi is an OC created by Blue, and debuted in Murder She Sang. She's twenty years old, has the power to sharpen or dullify objects, and serves as an apprentices for the Order of Light.


Demi is a selfess woman who faithfully serves Dodeca as an apprentice. Before joining, she had a large clothing chain around Denland,called "Wardrobe Dreams." However, during a visit in one of her top stores in Light city, Stella attacks, and she aids the Order in helping to take her down, in which Dodeca notices this, offering a spot in her ranks. She shown multiple times putting others ahead of herself, such as telling Loren to not look back if she was captured again inside Hine labs. She's kind, helpful, and also has the tendency to speak in third person.  Her mother had said it was something she did when she was younger, pretending to be a supermodel.


Demi has the power to sharpen and dullify objects, along with cosmetic weapons she had created, her main weapon is a lipstick sword, but she also uses 'blush bombs' and 'bristle maces.'

RP HistoryEdit

Demi debuted in MSS, playing a supportive role in helping to take down Stella and the gem controlling her, which then Dodeca recognized her abilities, and offered her a spot in their ranks.

She then played a major role in TCoH, where she was tasked along with Ivy and Celcia to investigate a strange town and its strange laws and punishments.

She was in both BDBM and its second part, in which, along with Avery, joined the Order. She joined Dodeca in her trip to Hine labs, in which she was knocked out and captured, and placed in a cell next to the Loren, and the two escaped the horrors of that dreaded place. In the second part, she, along with the rest of the apprentices, was held captive, but was saved by Abel and Malaysia's group, and she helped take down Hine once and for all.

Her most recent appearance is Mended Fragments, in which she and Dodeca had formed a relationship, and also testify as Hine and Avery's trial



Dodeca and her had became really close, especially in Mended Fragments, where the two begin to bond, Demi helping her cope with issues she's having.

Apprentices. Edit

She treats them all fair, and enjoys each and everyone of thems company.


  • Red and black seem to be her signature colors.

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