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Overview Edit

Denland is a continent southwest of Kalos, in which the grand majority of the Order of Light stories take place. The continent itself is split into two countries; them being North Denland, where Light City, among other landmarks, are located and Dodeca Aerion's branch of the Order operates, and South Denland, where Serpent Ridge, once again among other landmarks, are located and Larkin Locklear's branch of the Order operates. The continent of Denland is decently sized, if not on the small side overall, and contains varied landscapes and climates across the land. The two countries themselves have a seemingly healthy relationship with each other, despite having very different cultures, such as the two having drastically different ideals on the handling and training of wyverns.

A map of continental Denland. Kalos can be seen as well.

North Denland Edit

North Denland is the upper region of Denland, notable for its large amount of forested areas, fields, and the Valley of Death, a desert-like area located in the westernmost area of the region. Locations of interest in North Denland are Light City, the Fortress of Light, the HonHon Forest, and the Valley Fortress. North Denland culture is essentially that of a hybrid of urban Japanese and American areas, especially in regards to architecture in Light City. Light City itself is rather expansive, being the only major established city in the area, a stark contrast to South Denland which has three notable cities scattered about the country. It has very little of the mountainous range dividing the two countries on its side of the border, with most of said mountains belonging to the South. Wyverns are seen as a pest in the North, and are actively hunted. The trading of wyvern eggs and whelps are illegal in South Denland.

South Dendland Edit

South Denland is the lower region of continental Denland. Here you will find large plains, rocky expanses, and mountains. Locations of interest in this chunk of the continent include Locklear Citadel, Emnai Cliffs, the Gale Mountain, the Gale River, the abandoned colony of Woodtop, and the cities of Pyredan, Venalea, and Serpent's ridge. South Denland's culture closely resembles that of European countries. In addition, the entire country has a general dragon and serpent motif, due in no small part to the fact that South Denland is riddled with wyverns. They've embraced this, as the beasts are a huge part of their culture and society, and cities have been built with them in mind.

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