Destania is a fakemon created by Paigelena. It is the main legendary pokemon of the Azana region and resembles a femenine anthromorphic fox. There are apparently many of them. Paige of Team Destiny is seeking to harness the one that she captures to rule the world.

Pokedex EntryEdit

Destania are well known for messing with beings for their pleasure. It is said that, if you somehow survive a certain death incident, a Destania saved you.


Destania are very powerful pokemon, but are mostly defensive. However, they are still able to cause significant damage to a foe by stalling them. they give 1 EV in HP, 1 EV in Defense and 1 EV in Special Defense. Their total Base stats equal 900, which is 120 more than Mega Rayquaza.

Base Stats:

  • 170 HP
  • 60 Attack
  • 180 Defense
  • 130 Special Attack
  • 255 Special Defense
  • 115 Speed

A Destania's moveset is full of defensive moves like Recover, Heal Bell and Protect. Their signature move is called Destiny Song. It has 1PP and immediately KO's the foe. It affects all foes in double and triple battles and has a 50/50 accuracy. The move also is unaffected by PP restoring items and moves while in battle.


  • Destania have the highest Special Defense of all known Pokemon and Fakemon.
    • In fact, 255 is the absolute upper limit on Base Stats. 
  • Destania are impossible to capture in Master Balls.
  • They have a capture rate of 5/256, equal to Groudon and Kyogre
  • Destania's base Speed is a reference to Element 115 from the Call of Duty series.

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