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The Destinies Intertwined Timeline is a timeline that all of the Pokecrew RPs fall in. It roughly takes place over a five year span, following numerous paths and containing the stories of several characters, or OCs. Because of the timeline, the RPs are no longer stand-alone stories, but connective pieces that can have a major effect on the RPs that succeed them.

Overview Edit

The World of Destinies Intertwined is a vast place full of people and Pokemon of all kinds. Each OC has an origin somewhere in this place, and some stories would cross over with others. As the stories became more interconnected, the need for an official, proper timeline would soon be put in place. The timeline is known to have a shifting focus, jumping from one group's stories to the next, before eventually piecing them together through characters, references, and cameos.

The following article contains the titles and general descriptions of the Destinies Intertwined Timeline's 'branches,' which split the timeline up into several series' that can either be read as stand-alones, or pieces to a bigger picture.

Branches of the Destinies Intertwined TimelineEdit

Legends Edit

PokeRP Saga
The PokeRP Saga and its spiritual successor, PMDRP. The two RPs within this branch purely consist of Pokemon, and have minimal ties to the rest of the Destinies Intertwined timeline. The RPs here are similar in the fact that on the surface they are lighthearted and adventurous stories, but delving deeper into them reveals various forces of evil, hiding right under the characters' noses. While PokeRP is completely improvised, PMDRP is more developed and contains some planned story elements.

Crossover Edit

Quest to Stop Chaos
A branch that focuses on lighthearted comedy and zany situations, with whacky characters to boot. True to its name, the RPs here have characters from various Nintendo universes, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon. Nearly all of these RPs are fueled by improvisation, and are filled to the brim with running gags and bizarre situations.

Reality TV Branch Edit

Total Pokemon Island 
A branch focusing on a competition series between various Pokemon characters taking on various challenges in hopes of winning the big prize at the end. Chronologically, these are the oldest stories in the timeline, taking place 5 years prior to the most recent events and establishing the earlier years of several characters that appear in other branches. This branch has an episodic format, with each episode featuring new challenges, though there are twists thrown around here and there. The RPs are broken up into seasons, with season 3 currently ongoing.


Talios Chronicles
Competition in Arlos
Darius League Quest
Rhodium & Merlee
Kalos League Quest
A branch mostly focusing on characters within the world of Pokemon and their adventures within said world. Romance and adventure are underlying themes in this branch. With all these RPs taking place on PokeEarth regions completely unwise to the Pokecrew, these RPs are bursting with Fakemon and various characters of differing personalities. Almost all of these RPs are filled with improv, with only a broad plot outline present to keep them on track.

Wars and Post-WarsEdit

Secret War
Second Secret War
Teddy's Trial
Teddy's Journal
A Minnie Madness
Minnie's Awakening
Master Challenge
Kalos' Strongest Youths
Caliburn's Mother
A branch that focuses upon the trials of Ace Trainer Teddy Ursa as he battles against the evil Lust Enchantress, Vanessa, amongst other rising villains. Numerous ties to other branches of the timeline are made and Teddy would eventually meet familiar faces in the timeline and join the Order of Light as a rising Light Master. The main genres are action and heroism and most of the RPs in this branch are strongly plot diven, with lesser emphasis on improvization.

Dark AwakeningEdit

K's Backstory
Search for K
A branch focusing on the early exploits of Paige, K, Flamber and Sheebop, as well as their struggles against the malevolent parasites known as the Dark Queen and the Dark Princess. It grows rather grim in nature as more characters are pulled deeper by the deity's dark influences and sets up villains that appear in other branches of the timeline.

World at CrisisEdit

Order of Darkness
Life of Ayane and Xander
Chelsea's Madness
Chiko's Happy Family
A Series of Evil Events
The Visit
A branch consisting of criss-crossing stories focusing on The Order as well as Pokemon OCs in their struggles against a number of evil forces adamant on throwing the world into chaos. With possibly the biggest group of new villains and a wide focus, this large branch's main genre is full-on action. This branch uses a blend of improv and a general plot ouline to keep the stories on track.

Growing OrderEdit

Murder She Sang
A newer branch illustrating the growth of the Order of Light while additionally showing off the expansive continent of Denland. Although most RPs here focus upon the Order, some differ by centering upon characters that live on the continent, bringing a fresh new look at the lands in which the Order of Light operates in. The Growing Order branch contains elements of mainly adventure and action at this point. All of the RPs in this branch thus far have taken place in the one-year time gap between LoL and AoDS.

Side Stories Edit

Dark Tifani's Reign
Caliburn and the Dark Secret
Dark Side of the Sailor Moon
A collection of side stories that don't represent part of the major canon, don't fit into the timeline or are too short to be considered branches of their own. As this branch is more of a group of stories than a coherent branch, it contains varying levels of intensity, improvisation, and development. Most of the side story RPs serve as supplements to the major branches, offering additional stories and sides of the characters showcased.


  • The RPs are not always done chronologically, as certain RPs that serve as sequels were occasionally done before their predecessors. For instance, PokeRP Saga, which succeeds RPCRP, was actually completed before RPCRP began.
  • The timeline would not become fully established until the conclusion of RPCRP, where more and more key events were starting to be pieced together.