"I will fight to my last breath...."


Eliza is the headcanon name of the Pichu from Super Smash Brothers Melee, used by Zoe.

Due to being technically a canon character but otherwise being built from the ground up like an OC, she is classed as both.

Personality Edit

Eliza is kind to those she feels comfortable around, but otherwise comes across as shy. She is distrustful, and doesn't like talking to others. She has almost no self-confidence. She is fearful, often running from the slightest danger. However, when forced to fight or sufficiently agitated, she'll fight hard, to the point of not even caring about her own safety. She has been shown to look up to her older brother Spamspark. She is also quite determined, having spent upwards of a month training on at least one occasion.

Relationships Edit

Eliza is extremely close to her older brother Spamspark, even giving him her then-signature goggles when she left during Melee.

RP History Edit

Eliza has yet to appear in a Pokecrew RP.

Trivia Edit

  • Eliza is currently Zoe's youngest OC, at just 9 years old.

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