Eliza Fuschia is an OC created by Paigelena. She is Ilia's, Flara's and Swarma's mother.

RP HistoryEdit

Eliza was first seen in Life of Ayane and Xander as a tiny in one of Swarma's boxes. Xander and Paige rescued her from her fate and introduced her to the rest of the Order. She took a shine to Dodeca and respects her for what she has done and especially for taking care of Ilia and Swarma.

Later in the RP, tragedy struck. Eliza and Dodeca were victims of Swarma's long delay shrinking powder and were both eaten. Dodeca put up a forcefield to keep the two of them safe in Swarma's stomach but Eliza developed heatstroke and fell out of the forcefield into Swarma's stomach acids, where she was promptly digested. Dodeca vowed to punish Swarma for her heinous act of matricide.

She is to appear in Queen Swarma where she is to try and talk Swarma into stopping her villainous ways.


Eliza is close to all of her children, who all thought she was dead (Except Swarma). She loved each of them with all her heart and would do anything to help them. It's sad that she never got to see Ilia and Flara after being rescued.


Unlike her children, Eliza does not have any elemental powers at all. Instead, her powers are all healing based. She essentially is only able to heal her teammates and not cause damage to her foes. She has been called the Ultimate Teammate by her children because of her kindly magic.


  • Eliza is 6 foot 1, only 1 inch shorter than Ilia.
  • Eliza dislikes showing her body off and loves to wear conservative dresses.
  • She is a insectovorian as she loves to eat insects.
    • That fact has made Swarma angry on many occasions.

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