Fontana is an OC created by Sencake. She debuted in RPWPBA as a student of the Academia, and since has grown to become an apprentice and Hero of Light City.

Overview Edit

Fontana is a young woman who tends to be introverted, prone to anxious tendencies, and general shyness. Despite this, she values her friends greatly, as she feels at ease and in place with the rest of them, and able to fill her part. Fontana also occupies herself with the wellbeing of others, caring greatly about those who she may not even know. Still much newer to life than the rest of her friends due to her mysterious creation, she works hard to find her footing and place in the world, and retains a staunch moral resolve under the surface.

Powers/Abilities Edit

In her earliest days of involvement in the Order, Fontana was found time and time again to be magically impotent. At the very least, it was assumed that her magic was so weak that it could not manifest itself into a physical form, or a sort of energy. Instead, she relied heavily on passing her classes by achieving consistently high grade markings, along with taking courses which involved the usage of magical weaponry. These classes led to her acquiring a large, decorate scepter which contained healing magic within itself. Taking to this particular artifact quickly, Fontana graciously accepted her role as a healer from that moment on.

However, during Mark of the Crusaders, Fontana's scepter is destroyed in combat when she is forced into using it to shield herself from an aggressive spirit's axe strike. The magic energy released in the resulting explosion collided directly with her body and stimulated unheard of magical development within her in an incredibly short amount of time. Left inexperienced and unaware, Fontana's magic energy would manifest itself in the form of ice, which she would then work to harness.

RP History Edit

Fontana first appeared in RPWPBA, where she and Kei acted as a team to welcome the arriving Academia students in Lucy, Clarissa, and Sesu. She would later appear in Broken Dishes and Broken Memories Part 2, where she and the rest of the rescue team would work together to free Light City and the First Branch of the Order from the rule of Dr. Carolyn Hine. After their success, Fontana would gain apprenticeship at the Second Branch of the Order in South Denland, and would appear filling this role in Mark of the Crusaders.

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