Fontana is an OC created by Sencake. She debuted in Fontana and Something, and has made other appearances since then.

Overview Edit

Fontana an energetic extrovert. She is commonly seen skipping, smiling, and racing around for no apparent reason. However, when it comes time to be more conserved, she acts very polite and proper. Though she is usually rather friendly, she can get quite mad when she's provoked.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Fontana is a wind magic practitioner who takes pride in her abilities. She uses wind spells to fly around, increase her speed, create blasts of wind, and even vortexes. It is not known where she may have inherited magic from. Also, despite not looking it, she's also quite physically strong. She mainly focuses on physical combat, using her wind magic to amplify her attacks. Her main weapon is a sword she calls the Specter Sword.

RP History Edit

Her first major appearance in a role-play was in Fontana and Something, where she is one of the main two characters. In it, she wakes up with no memory in a field, before meeting Something, and agreeing to help him search for treasure.

Relationships Edit

Fontana has been shown to have a positive relationship with Clarissa, Sesu, and Lucy. She's also friendly with Kei.