General Xy, a.k.a. Xavier Xy, is an OC created by HeroBlast. He is the leader of Team Xy, which was to be resurrected to serve Vanessa and is now a recurring villain in the timeline.


Not much is known about the enigmatic Xy, but he is definitely the leader of a criminal order named after him. He was the one responsible for bringing Mizer into existence and almost bringing down the world, until his plans were to be thwarted, and to be killed, by Teddy. In his first appearance in the timeline, Xy was to be resurrected by Vanessa. In the public eye however, he is the CEO of Xy Industries, a company manufacturing gadgets and other useful items to promote humanitarian efforts.


In addition to the troops at his disposal, Xy also possesses a team of elite pokemon that among the team, is called "Xy's Fist." Most of Teddy's team later left, but Xy will soon rebuild it.

Gardevoir, Elektross, Scolipede, Machamp, Zoroark, Flygon.


Xy seems reserved, seemingly with a grey personality, but he holds passionately a dream for a utopian society, even if he has to conquer the world. He holds highly ideals of honor and soldierly service. However, despite his desire to take over the world, he does indeed care for his men. He acts as a father figure for Mizer Prometheus, and has run to Stephanie's aid after her confrontation with Vanessa. He is also careful and calculating, operating Team Xy with surgical precision and also having a plan for any contingency that might come along his path. As much as he wants to unit the world through force, he is also just as willing to protect it from any outside harm just like Teddy would.

Weapons, Powers, and Abilities Edit

Xy is the brilliant mastermind of Team Xy, able to lead Team Xy with precise, surgical, and tactical efficiency using knowledge and experience of warfare. In battle he possesses a suit of battle armor granting him nigh-invulnerability and access to powerful heavy weaponry.


Xy debuted outside of the timeline. His first appearance in the timeline was his resurrection by Vanessa in The New Shira. In the Devious Conspiracy, Xy takes a major role as he goes to find the Halogen District as the Dark Halogens have been discovered to be returning to Earth.


Xy actually wasn't an intricately planned character, but as a direct result of Hero needing a villain.

Xy's name is actually pronounced, Ex-ee.

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