Gothi-Kali is an OC created by Paigelena. She is a fusion of Gothi and Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction and will emerge as Swarma's archnemisis.


Gothi-Kali is a brutal, merciless woman who will do anything to achieve her goals. In Queen Swarma, she takes control of Swarma and uses Swarma to try and find a suitable body for her to take control of and grants Swarma the power of necromency in order to find a body that died innocently. Gothi was that body.

She does not have a gentle side, and will ruthlessly and tiredlessly do her grand scheme of things. In fact, Gothi-Kali does not ever sleep and only eats or drinks every two days.


Gothi-Kali's powers are varied and are a mix between Gothi's moves and natural powers. She has the ability to teleport, use psychic powers, block enemy healing magic, fly, remotely blow things up, shrink others, x-ray vision, absorb light and electricity magic and also sense those who are invisible.

Essentially, she is almost impossible to outwit in battle, and her powers block a whole range of characters from even hurting her. It would take a huge variety of magical styles to defeat Gothi-Kali.


Gothi-Kali looks very much like a normal Gothitelle but with a few differences.

One, she has blue skin instead of pinkish-purple.

Two, she has four muscular arms instead of two.

Three, she is 25 feet tall, which is similar to the height of the minor Gods in Greek Mythology.

Fourth, She has a somewhat humanoid body, especially as her feet are human-like.

Fifth and lastly, she has red hair, instead of black.


Goth-Kali is carnivorous and will never eat any non-meat product unless it is pasta based, like spaghetti. In fact, she will be seen hunting down, shrinking and then eating helpless Light City civilians after her rebirth by Swarma. Trying to stop her is a capital offense in Gothi-Kali's eyes, and she'll punish transgressors by eating them, often chewing their bodies up with her razor sharp teeth first.


  • Gothi-Kali is the first OC to be completely based off of a god in the real world, even down to the design
  • Gothi-Kali is 25 feet tall.
  • Because of the fusion between Gothi and Kali, Gothi-Kali is both human and a pokemon

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