Gothi is a Gothitelle OC created by Paigelena.


Gothi's best friend is Paige, having been friends with her since their childhood.  They have a very close bond and are trusting of each other to the degree that one would sacrifice their life to save the other. It was with a heavy heart that Paige had to fight Gothi while she was under Vanessa's influence.

Gothi has a rather strange relationship with Vanessa. Vanessa was always able to persuade Gothi to be evil and when she did, they got on very well as Vanessa saw Gothi as a respectable practioner of evil. When Gothi failed her for the last time (The second time), Vanessa simply drained her lifeforce, leaving Gothi to die.

Gothi is the mistress of Korrina, the Shalour City Gym Leader. Gothi brainwashed Korrina into serving as Vanessa's lieutenant while they reigned in Kalos. Even before Gothi's death, Korrina valiently served Gothi and was rewarded by being transferred to Vanessa's control.


Gothi has only appeared in the First Secret War and the immedate aftermath. In her first appearance, she was seen working with Vanessa in Lumiose City in Vanessa's second plot to take over Kalos. After being defeated, they went their seperate ways until they met up in Shalour City. There, Gothi discovered that she can Mega Evolve. After commanding an army to take Kalos again, Gothi was victorious on the roof of the Tower of Mastery.

Gothi is set to appear in Queen Swarma where she is bought back from the dead to stop Swarma. She'll be transformed into Gothi-Kali, though by Swarma


Gothi is a mysterious young woman who does not seem to be fully in control of her actions. Because of this, she can be influenced into either being good or evil with a little bit of persuasion. Because of this personality, she has been found in a mental institute on a couple of occasions.


Gothi has access to a Gothitellite, a made up Mega Stone. She uses it to become a Psychic/Dragon type and to have access to the skies. It was seen once when Paige and Gothi battled atop the Tower of Mastery, resulting in Paige's inital defeat.

She also has expert powers of hypnotism, being able to control those that Vanessa can not, i.e. women. She used these powers on Paige, Korrina and even attempted to use them on Vanessa herself after Vanessa condemned Gothi to death.