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Ilia's book cover

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This book is essentially Ilia's diary. It is full of things that she wants to happen, but not want to happen at the same time. The ideas and thoughts in the book are weird and so twisted in some cases that she does not want anybody to find out.


Ilia has the book organised into several types of thoughts, strange ideas, desires and fantasies. The ideas will be listed below and updated whenever Ilia is seen writing in the book during an RP. The pages are written from Ilia's POV.


  • Why does Swarma have all of her boxes?
  • Is Mother still alive?
  • Why is Paige attracted to me?
  • Why did Vanessa send the Forces of Darkness to Fuschia City?
  • Is Koga my real father?
  • Does Angelo have a crush on me?
  • Should I complete Teddy's former dream?

Strange IdeasEdit

  • How on Earth could K reproduce with Flamber if they are incompatible breeding partners?
  • Has Dodeca ever had children?
  • If the Light Queen and the Dark Queen created the universe, who created them?
  • What is my purpose on Earth?
  • If I was never born, what would the world look like?


  • I want pie.
  • I really want to find someone to love me...
  • Willy-wonka

    The computer from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

    I really want that computer from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • A bottle of champagne would be sweet...
  • I want to become Shauntel's tiny toy forever.
  • I want to become the Kalos Champion.


  • What would happen if I became evil?
  • What would happen if I lived in a world without Swarma?
  • What if I was 200 feet tall?
  • What if I found a way to eliminate world hunger?