Illusia Van Basten is a Mismagius OC created by Paigelena. Despite being one of Paigelena's most used OCs, she has never appeared in the Pokecrew. Instead, she appears in RPs with other people.


Illusia is a cruel, manipulative pokemon who likes nothing more than to absorb her enemies into being a part of her. She has a large list of pokemon that she has killed, but she will never reveal just how many she has actually killed.

To those she likes, such as Paige, she is friendly and likes to discuss books. She also is gentle when she teaches people and pokemon.


Illusia is a teacher of English at Snowbelle High and is the only pokemon teacher there. There, she is highly competent and is known for her uncanny ability to get the best out of her students and for all of them to be getting A grades or above. When she teaches, she takes on a humanoid form so that she is able to write on her board and to be less intimidating to her students

She has been seen doing many other jobs in other RPs, such as Camp Councellor (Not unlike Mr Black from the Kamp Krusty episode of Simpsons), Soldier, Tattoo Artist and Genetic Scientist. When she was a camp councillor, she was evil and liked to torture the campers at Camp Destiny, which was a singing camp. Ironically, Paige was content with how the camp was run, despite seeing all of the evil acts for herself. As a soldier, she was loyal and always obeyed orders. Here, she managed to help with an invasion of the Orange Islands, which was completely successful, As a tattoo artist, she constistantly did a good job with what she was asked. She even gave Paige a tattoo of a heart on her behind with Ilia's name in it. Chronologically, she was a genetic scientist first and she gave herself a humanoid form so that she could undertake human jobs.


Illusia is capable of transforming into a human. In human form, she looks precisely like a human, but keeps the Mismagius coloration. Also in this form, she is nude but relies on objects to keep herself covered up. It's why she is never seen outside of a classroom or an office in her human form.


  • Illusia is a nudist
  • Illusia is an Aries, born on April 2nd
  • She is a telepath
  • She is obsessed with Teddy Ursa