Jason is a 16 year old OC made by Sencake. He made his debut in Darkella Saga, and later appeared in Murder She Sang.

Overview Edit

Jason tends to go about life generally not caring about what others think about him. He's rather laid back, being able to keep his cool in many stressful situations. Despite this, during the events of Murder She Sang, he eventually snapped at Zula due to Stella's magic. He also likes to crack lame jokes, and annoy people when he gets the chance.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Jason uses a form of musical magic that allows him to fight with almost anything that can make a musical sound. Objects that channel vibrations easily, like his lance, are easiest for him to use. He prefers to not use instruments to fight, as they can very easily get damaged by channeling his magic. In Darkella Saga, he had a violin that he accidentally used to channel his magic for the first time. However, due to him overusing it, the violin eventually exploded, much to his sadness.

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