Lady Caris is a aristocratic Reshiram OC created by Paigelena. She is known for her rather snobbish attitude. She is also Paigelena's first Legendary Pokemon OC, a title previously held by Mimzee before it was realized that Caris predates Mimzee.

RP HistoryEdit

She is set to debut in 'A Royal Rumble' as Princess Nyx's advisor and also the leader of the hunt to recapture her after she absconds from the Flare Kingdom. She is an unwilling antagonist as she does not want to cause harm to Nyx, but fears that she would have to in order to get Nyx back home.

During a subsequent RP, Caris crashed into the Fortress and was seriously injured. She was carrying Nyx at the time and was heading to a conference on an island off the Northwest Denland coast to strengthen trading between Denland and the Flare Kingdom. In this RP, Caris was unconscious for most of it until she was captured by an unknown woman. Ilia saved her from being taken, however.


Lady Caris is a snob and refuses to talk to lesser beings than her. However, she respects Dodeca and Paige and will talk to the two of them, but none of the other apprentices. She is gentle and dislikes battles, especially when it concerns the welfare of Nyx. In fact, she does not even know an offensive manoever other than Blue Flare, but she did use Fusion Flare before Blue Flare and is able to recall it whenever she needs to.

She knows that battling is something that cannot be avoided and will partake in battles if Nyx has been hurt. If Nyx is ever knocked out, Caris will fly into an uncontrolable ball of fiery anger. She's very dangerous at this point, as her flames are much hotter than usual.


  • Lady Caris always speaks in the third person about herself
  • She is somehow allergic to Omnious Wind
  • Lady Caris is adorned with jewels all over her body, especially on her neck