Laylena is a Fakemon Species created by Paigelena that lives in Azana. It is an avian species that lives in caves.

Pokedex EntriesEdit

Laylena live in flocks of about 10. When prey approaches, they use sound waves to stun the prey before leisurely sharing it between the whole flock.

Laylena's Delta Stream allows them to migrate at great speed. When they fly over, a sonic boom destroys all glass in a 300m radius.


Laylena are bulky speedster pokemon that are able to do lots of damage, take lots of hits and normally hit first. They are special based and have a Base stat total of 660.

  1. HP: 80
  2. Attack: 80
  3. Defense: 140
  4. Special Attack: 130
  5. Special Defense: 140
  6. Speed: 90 

The catch rate for a Laylena is 1/256, the lowest of all Pokemon and it cannot be modified. It gives out 1 EV in Defense and 2 EVs in Special Defense and is impossible to make friendly. As a result, it cannot learn Return.