The Legends Branch is one of the many branches of the Destinies Intertwined Timeline. Smaller than some others, this branch features purely Pokemon characters, and is a mixture of adventure, drama, and comedy. Although on the surface the RPs here may seem lighthearted, but digging deeper into the stories will reveal some darker plotlines and characters. This branch contains minimal connections to other branches, with only a few characters and references being made.

RPs Edit

PokeRP Edit

The PokeRP Saga is the establishing RP of this branch, taking place over a number of parts. This RP is notable for being the very first RP that members of the Pokecrew did together. An adventure story at heart, characters such as Aqua the Squirtle, Walter the Samurott, and Lavender the Delphox are tasked with defeating the Pokemon Giratina and her army of followers.


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP is the spiritual successor to PokeRP, while simultaneously being an adaptation of the first two Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, which the RP itself contains some parallels to. The RP mainly chronicles the exploits of two Pokemon: Piper, a human-turned-Quilava who has a severe case of amnesia, and Cheval the Burado, a timid Pokemon who dreams of joining the Pokemon Guild. This RP is decidedly more developed than its predecessor, having a slightly more thought-out plot. The RP is currently on hiatus.

Connections to Other Branches Edit


PokeRP Saga directly follows RPCRP, which is why Aqua and Chiko are major characters in the RP. PMDRP also has characters that appear in Crossover, such as Wilbur the Wynaut, who had a minor role in RPCRP. Emolga and Darth Sheebop can be seen on wanted posters in a small cameo, and Cade, a Wartortle, is a distant relative of Aqua's.

Demon Trilogy

In a small callback to PokeRP, Kel-Kel once stated that he had read of another pool of lifewater, in addition to the one that the Order was searching for to revive Lucas. Interestingly enough, this meant that the defeat of Giratina through a pool of lifewater was major enough to receive a place in the Honlillians' Book of Earth History.

Trivia Edit

  • Legends is currently the shortest branch of RPs, only containing two.
  • PMDRP is somewhat scattered in the sense that it spanned three sites. It started on Miiverse, made a short-lived appearance on RPG, and then finally settled on Skype, now the standard for most of the Pokecrew RPs.

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