Lin is a snakeman character created by Laki. He debuts in Broken Swords and Fallen Heroes, being one of the first characters that Teddy meets and eventually becoming a part of an unofficial anti-hero group known as The Outcasts.


Lin is a half-man half-snake, having the upper body of an attractive, androgynous man but his lower body being the large tail of a snake. In general Lin is a well-meaning, saucy, yet misunderstood individual. Because of his threatening fangs, crushing tail and voracious appetite he generally avoids most of society, instead living with Kent and Erika in the woods. Lin was initially believed to be female but reveals that he is in fact male. He was born as a male but mutilated by League of Lust experimentation and turned into the individual he is now, the League even attempting to forcibly change his gender. In spite of this, Lin is still shown to be somewhat optimistic, until the Brothel is mentioned and he begins growing fearful and withdrawn. Lin is not above teasing or jokingly flirting with his teammates, often functioning as the gang's mood maker.

​Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lin is shown to be quite capable in a fight, armed with powerful fangs and a tail that he uses to whip or constrict enemies. Lin's body is enchanted, thus he is capable of taking quite a few hits. Lin is also capable of injecting poison into foes through his bites, though he can occasionally be outmaneuvered by speedier foes and tangled up.

​RP HistoryEdit


​Teddy UrsaEdit

Lin initially wanted to eat Teddy when they first met but their fates soon entangled and they became teammates throughout Broken Swords. Lin trusted Teddy enough to tell him about his traumatic past, demonstrating a tight mutual bond.


Lin's co-leader in The Outcasts. He is initially on bad terms with her, the two frequently bickering over decisions, though their relationship improved somewhat.

​Erika and KentEdit

Possibly Lin's closest friends and the two he lived with long before the events of Broken Swords. There is a mutual trust between the three in spite of the various oddities and even dark tendencies the three of them share. It's unknown how they met but the three do support each other as misfits of society.

​The OracleEdit

Lin seems to have a good relationship with the Oracle, appreciating his gentle ideology and knowledge.


Lin and Archer seem to be on generally good terms, though Lin often enjoys teasing him due to Archer's gung-ho and somewhat dramatic nature.


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