Logan Hine is an OC created by Blue, and debuted in Broken Dishes, Broken Memories. He is currently 17 years old, and is the child of Carolyn and Avery Hine, and brother of Jane Hine. It was also revealed he is a distant cousin of Dodeca.

Overview Edit

Logan is quiet and usually keeps to himself. He was physically and emotionally abused by his father, and his motjer would sometimes test serums on him. His parents didn't approve of his sexual orientation, and wanted man for son, not a 'non-breeder.' As he grew older, his parents seemed to stop caring, more focused on their future. He is capable of light magic, being seen using it from time to time, but still has no idea how to use it, and has no access to the Academia. As a last attempt to turn him straight, he was raped by Yanilet, and gets her pregnant, which was intentionally done.

Logan is well-fit, tall, and healthy. He usually wears flannels and jeans, with military style boots. His hair is short, dirty blonde, and well-kept.

RP History Edit

Logan plays a major role in Broken Dishes, Broken Memories, being the son of newly-inductee Avery. He was then obligated to take the side of Dodeca when his parents took over, angering his family. He is currently expecting a baby.

Relationships Edit

Avery and Carolyn Hine Edit

He has a deep hatred for his parents, the opposite of his sister. He refused to be their pawn.

Jane Hine Edit

Logan has no love for his sister. He wants to cut ties with her, and never see her again.

Dodeca Edit

Dodeca is the only family Logan has left, and wants to be closer to her. He hopes Dodeca will forgive him for not saying a word on what happened.

Jason Edit

Logan is seen to have a small crush on Jason, dancing with him, and becoming awkward when he's around.

Order of Light apprentices Edit

Seeing as he choose the side of them, they shouldn't have no ill towards him, just that he kept his mouth shut when the events took place

Trivia Edit

  • Logan is a Aries, being born on April 12th.
  • Logan is a homosexual.
  • He currently does not use any weapons or magic, but uses brute strength, however, he had incidents where light magic would spur out randomly.