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Lucas Isaac Hasion is an OC made by Radicus who serves as an apprentice in the Order of Light. Lucas first appeared in DLQ, having a small role, but then moved on to gaining a much more central role in all three RPs of the Demon Trilogy.

Overview Edit

Lucas is a nervous, jittery child who's easily scared and has a strong fear of the unknown. As time goes on he becomes more willing to experience new things, and comes out of his shell, eventually overcoming the majority of his introvertedness. Initially simply being a counterpart to his brother, Claus, he develops into a character with more depth, and matures a little as time goes on in various RPs.

Relationships Edit

Lucas has a strong bond with both his brother and parents. He and Claus are very close, and are usually together, helping each other through obstacles and hardships. Lucas often acts as a source of reason and caution to his more hasty brother.

RP History Edit

Lucas debuts in DLQ, where he's first spoken of by Claus when he stowed away with Merlee and Rhodium. His first physical appearance is when Claus goes back home, and Lucas greets him. Lucas -and Claus- aren't seen for some time until the scavenger hunt, where he appears alongside Hillary and is used as a tool to attempt to win the contest. He eventually leaves Hillary and joins Averey and Darren's team, although none of them end up winning. He then leaves and, along with Claus and their parents, is not seen for some time. He then returns to the RP when he and his family travel to the Gym Leader tournament, as ends up stuck in the castle created by Team Dark and Paleoglyth. He informs the others of Claus' daring attempt to free Paleoglyth from Team Dark, and then helps them find their way to the top floor of the castle.

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Trivia Edit

  • Both Lucas and Claus' namesake and personality, among other things, are heavily influenced by the twin characters from the GBA game Mother 3.
  • Lucas has a slight obsession with omelets.
  • Lucas has hemophobia, a severe fear/disliking of blood and bleeding.
  • Lucas' canon age changed from nine to twelve near the beginning of his use for various reasons.