Mimzee the Mesprit is an OC created by Paigelena. She is the second OC of Paigelena's to be a legendary pokemon, after Lady Caris.


Mimzee is a character who is mostly used for comic relief, but can have some serious moments as well. She's also rather quiet when she isn't in the mood for messing about, and it is when she's quiet where she is willing to help with the situation at hand.

However, Mimzee will never help out someone without being repaid in return, in any way. This was first shown in Swarma's Time where she asked a shrunken Dodeca and Emily to give her a footrub in order for her to fly the two to Swarma's room to secure some antidote powder.


Mimzee is friendly with Dodeca, having gone to the Fortress to try to keep Swarma's emotions in check. She chose to become friends with Dodeca so that she can stay at the Fortress indefinately, as she is concerned about Swarma's fragile state of mind.

Mimzee is neutral towards Swarma, seeing her only as a human who needs help in keeping themselves calm and collected. In fact, Mimzee will often leave Swarma completely alone if there is nobody else with Swarma at any time, unless Swarma is upset.

It has been mentioned that she dislikes Uxie and Azelf as she feels that she is superior to both species. She said that balance is more important than being good in one particular thing. As a result, she will not help members of either species if something is done to upset the world's order.

Battling StatisticsEdit

Mimzee will occasionally engage in pokemon battles to test her strength and to settle disputes between a trainer with pokemon and someone else who does not. Her Moveset, stats, level and Nature are as follows:

Mimzee's Battling Stats
Level 82
Nature Bold
HP 248
Attack 181
Defense 279
Special Attack 254
Special Defense 203
Speed 161
Move 1 Psychic
Move 2 Signal Beam
Move 3 Ice Beam
Move 4 Healing Wish

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