Mizer Prometheus is an OC created by HeroBlast. He serves as the archenemy of Teddy, who he is a clone of.


It is assumed that Mizer is a man of few words, although his intentions are usually clear. Mizer does seem to possess a mostly cold personality. There are a few people he does care about, General Xy and his Gardevoir. He is also given a soldier mentality, dashing head long into battle and trained to kill. He stands against Teddy and the Order of Light, who he desires to eliminate, either by death or enslavement. He is harsh, brutal and calculating.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Mizer is known for his trademark Crystal-Plasma Sword, a sword created by the ill-fated Team Xy explicitly for the leadership to wield. This sword's blade is just like diamond in hardness, and obsidian in sharpness, making it an effective weapon that can snap even the finest of metal blades. He rarely pulls it out, but he also wields a weapon called a Mini Rifle, a small, discrete, and accurate firearm. His suit is also made of a skin-tight membrane that acts as Kevlar, and able to stop most deadly projectiles. Mizer also possesses training from Team Xy, which puts an emphasis on ending a fight as quickly as possible using quick, lethal attacks.

Feats Edit

  • Can maneuver through crowded areas while chased.
  • Can perfectly impersonate Teddy.


Mizer also commands a team of genetically enhanced Pokémon, these are very strong, but don't listen to him.

Aggron (Knight), Chesnaught (Nail), Clawitzer (Tsunami), Noivern (Screech), Grumpig (Head Master),  Volcorona (Heat Blaze)


Mizer holds a clear disdain for Teddy and the Order of Light, seeing them as threats to be eliminated with extreme prejudice. He is also devoted to serving Xy. Most of his other relations are unknown.


Mizer first appears among the PokeCrew in the Second Secret War, where he gives an assist, only to betray the group at the end. He appears again at the climax of the Master Arc in PTRPCRP2, being killed by the Master before being resurrected in the Resurrection arc, where, surprise, he shortly betrays the group before being eaten by a Piranha Plant, he then shouts of another copy of him being created. He then appears in The New Shira, where he is summoned by Vanessa. He then appears in Darkella Saga to carry out tasks for Vanessa. He then appears in The Devious Conspiracy, with a deutaragonist role as Xy goes to find the Halogen District after discovering a member of the League of Fear is actually a Dark Halogen.


Mizer's  name is completely symbolic, being a with the name meaning, "With-holder  of Fire"