Murder She Sang, or MSS is a role-play created by Blue. It takes place in the Growing Order branch of the Destinies Intertwined Timeline. It's main genre is action/drama, with a tad bit of comedy in one part. It was a bit short of a role-play, but it foreshadows a much bigger role-play that is coming soon. The role-play is after RPWPBA, and is followed by SFPRP both with about a month's time gap. 

Cast of OCs Edit

  • Stella (Blue)
  • Clarissa (Blue)
  • Demi (Blue)
  • Sire (Blue)
  • Mimi (Blue)
  • Kaneki (Sencake)
  • Jason (Sencake)
  • Cadence (Sencake)
  • Lucy (Sencake)
  • Dodeca (Laki)
  • Zula (Laki)
  • Loren (Laki)
  • Tifani (Laki)
  • Strawbella (Laki)
  • Chiko (Laki)
  • Aqua (Laki)
  • Sesu (Laki)
  • Angelo (Laki)
  • Kel-Kel (Radicus)
  • Lily (Radicus)
  • Claus (Radicus)
  • Lucas (Radicus)

Plot Edit

The story follows Stella, a human and wyvern half-breed who uses a gem to amplify and make her voice extremely beautiful to make people extremely negative and irritable, which would slowly kill a person. She comes to Light City to host a concert, and the OoL and friends go to the concert. It all starts off nicely, but takes a turn for the worse due to Stella "not touching" Tifani. She freaks out, and soon everyone fights, Stella collecting the negativity.

Soon after Stella reigns Light City, Kel-Kel smashes her gem, and she loses all of her power. She is taken away and the OoL goes back to the fortress, pretty shaken up about what happened and the destruction Stella had made.

Later that night, Jason goes out and sings, it unfortunately echoes through Light City, and the gem repairs herself, reacting to beautiful voices. The gem then goes straight back to Stella, causing her to come back to seek revenge on the OoL the next morning. She changes to a full Wyvern and launches a full attack on the OoL. After a more up front battle, she is finally defeated.

However, they finally find out that Stella wasn't evil at all. The red gem had corrupted her and used her as a host. Dodeca allows her to go and find peace, after containing the gem, but Stella didn't realize it wouldn't come back, so she grabbed Claus's sword and stabs herself, dying shortly after. The gem shards had turned to dust, and will never come back.

Trivia Edit

  • At the end, Demi becomes a trainee to become an apprentice for the OoL.
  • Lucy was thought to had died, but it turned out to be another Lopunny.