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Nancy is a leopardess OC created by Paigelena.


Nancy is a thief, plain and simple. She uses her feline form and charm to sneak through buildings and towards her targets with silent ease. Basically, you can call her a cat burgler... because she is one.


Nancy has just the ability to transform between her leopardess form and an anthropomorphic form that she uses to escape from where she just was. However, there is a 1 hour cooldown between uses of this power. Because of this power, Nancy has the awareness and capability of rational thought that a real leopardess would not possess. She still has her animalistic instinct of survival at any cost, meaning that she attacks anything she sees as hostile immediately. This has only been seen once, where Nancy got aggressive and violent towards a small dogthat Kiera was playing with, causing superficial injuries to Kiera at the same time.


Nancy is a caring, but ruthless creature that wants to get things done, and will do anything to ensure that what she wants done is done. She has a facination with gemstones and they drive her to rob and steal. However, yarn is her favorite thing in the world. Even the smallest ball of yarn can stop Nancy from attacking you.

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