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Netruvion is a demon OC created by Radicus. A servant of the demon lord Ethnahcc, Netruvion appears in two RPs in the Demon Trilogy, them being PTRPCRP2 and Lives of Light.

Overview Edit

RP History Edit

Netruvion's first appearance in an RP is in PTRPCRP2, where he is introduced as Ethnahcc's most trusted underling. Completely loyal to his master, Netruvion plays a large part in summoning Ethnahcc with the help of a misled Aloysious. Netruvion continues to serve the demon lord, combating the apprentices, overtaking the Fortress of Light, and attempting to persuade them to give up their resistance multiple times. After Ethnahcc's defeat at the hands of the Order, Netruvion flees with many a demon, and immediately begins preparations, planning to both avenge Ethnahcc and rise to power in his place.

Netruvion later appears in LoL, weakened from his time on earth. Rushing his plans, Netruvion decides to strike before fully ready, expecting more demons to join him once he shows the full extent of his abilities as a leader. Netruvion immediately seems to have the upper hand, having the element of surprise and bloodthirstiness unsurpassed by any enemy the Order had faced prior. After tormenting the Order through small attacks, Netruvion decides to take over Light City in order to gain a foothold before assaulting the Fortress of Light head-on. He brings the city to its knees, laying waste to a large portion of it with his group of many demons. His attack on the city is swift and blunt, being more of a massacre than anything else. Netruvion considers this raid a success up until the Order steps in and begins combating his group of demons. Netruvion, now convinced that he cannot be defeated due to the sheer power of he and his forces, underestimate Dodeca and her apprentices, Netruvion soon realizes his grave error and confronts Dodeca, fighting her while his demons deal with the apprentices. Dodeca puts up quite the resistance, and although Netruvion initially seems to have the upper hand, Dodeca begins to make a comeback. Netruvion, now at a loss, temporarily flees. After regrouping, Netruvion quickly finds that, despite his careful planning, the end of his short-lived reign is imminent. Dodeca soon catches up and, after a decisive battle, Netruvion is finally defeated, leaving his demons completely unorganized and without a leader.

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