Overview Edit


An Octakotem pole.

Squiddo octus, also known as Octako or Octakopians, are a fictional race of cephalopod-like creatures with

physical characteristics loosely resembling that of octopi or squid. As of yet, they have yet to make any major appearances in an RP, they can been seen in cameo roles in multiple RPs, including RPCRP2 and PMDRP.

Physical characteristics Edit

Octakopians are small, roundish creatures with balloon-shaped heads and circular tentacles. The number of tentacles an Octakopian possesses ranges from four to eight on average. They can generally be seen with a white, tan, or blue coloration, although it is possible for one to have a pinkish shade to them. Their puckered lips and small, round eyes heavily restrict facial expression. Their bodies and tentacles have the ability to stretch, due to the fact that they have no bones and their skin seems to be very rubber-like. With practice, an Octako may twirl their tentacles about, allowing one to hover off the ground for a short time. This seems to be rather tiring for them, though, as they spend the next few minutes sitting completely still.

Behavior Edit

Octako are very social and expressive animals, despite their lack of expression and easy-going nature. Their puckered lips are used for communication, allowing them to make smooching noises, the length and pitch of which can be fluctuated at will. Octako tend to travel in groups, which are officially identified as clusters. Octako clusters will often stand on top of each other, creating totem poles out of themselves, switching positions at regular intervals to prevent the carrier from becoming exhausted. When faced with a threat, Octakopians either play dead or attempt to run away, although they tend to be very slow on land. Their stubby tentacles restrict their movement to a slow crawl or a hobble, depending on the situation.

Name Edit

Squiddo octus are commonly known as Octako, which can be used in both a singular and plural sense. Octakopian is their more formal name, and can be better applied when speaking of the species itself, rather than one individual.

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