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After defeating the Order of Light, Vanessa traps Dodeca and her apprentices in their own fortress and brainwashes Teddy. This is a major RP about Vanessa and her allies' personal lives.


Vanessa Eris (HeroBlast)

Sir Teddy Ursa (HeroBlast)

Death Shira (Laki)

Mercedes Nyla (Paigele)

Paige Destiny (Paigele)

Chelsea (Paigele)

Shade Shara (Paigele)

Ilia (Paigele)

Minnie Madict (Adrian)

Story ArcsEdit

Exposition: Vanessa and the ladies raise their glasses in celebration on their first meeting together on a successful defeat of the Order of Light and "Liberation" of Teddy Ursa. After a brief conversation Teddy first spends time with Mercedes while Vanessa visits Shira's castle while her palace was being fumigated for pests.

Paige's Betrayal Arc: While Vanessa and Shira were forming a bond as best friends, Mercedes was busy taking over Sinnoh by assassinating the president and taking his position. But because she kept Teddy shrunken, a new apprentice, Ilia , had taken him without her notice. Vanessa steps in to rescue Teddy and take him to Shade's house. After some time, Chelsea arrives, in tears that Paige had left her for a girl named, Ilia. At the meeting the next day, with Teddy's help, Vanessa concludes that Paige had actually betrayed them in exchange for sleeping with Ilia. Vanessa takes matters to her own hands, she uses the Vanessa Device, and a computer virus installed into Paige, to remotely control her, beat Ilia, and carve the word, "CHEAT," onto her! Vanessa then offers Chelsea a Controller to brainwash Paige, which Chelsea gladely takes.

Marriage with Shira: After Teddy is taken into Shira's care, she gives him power to become a death god himself. They then go on to conquer, and marry, in the Kanto Region. It was in front of worldwide television, so not only can his religion and codes prevent him from divorcing Shira, but his reputation is also ruined. When he and Shira then go on to attack Pallet Town, they encounter Scarlet and the PokeOCs. Teddy comes to his senses and realizes what horrible deeds he has done, to try and make amends, he has Shira un-petrify the group, which she had previously turned to stone. Ilia then tries a second attempt at rescuing Teddy, but is intercepted by Vanessa and her allies, including their new apprentice, Minnie Madict. They had also found Paige's infidelity a sure thing as she miraculously comes out of her brainwashed state and rushes Ilia to safety. Teddy is then taken back by Minnie.