Paige's Mansion is a large home built upon the top of a vast flat top mountain that overlooks Couriway Forest. It belongs to Paige Destiny , as guessable by the name of the building.


It had been designed to be able to facilitate Paige and Katrina as the doors are relatively small and they have a mini door within that can allow katrina to easily walk from room to room while she is a Kirlia.

The exterior looks like a Greek home as it is white, it has a flat roof and that the entire mountain top is shaped like the Ancient Greek symbol for Psi. It is three floors tall, and has a rooftop veranda where parties could be held.

Outside of the building, there are facilities that can exploit the perfect weather on the mountain as there are a range of sport failities such as a tennis court, badminton pitch, a cricket arena and even a one mile drag strip! What really surprises people is Paige's range of cars that are stored in a large garage (How does she get them up the mountain?). In there are a series of cars that reflect Paige's immense wealth such as a Bugatti Veyron, Ferarri 599, Lamboghini Reventon, Spada Codatrina and an Aston Martin DB9.

Paige also has an air strip that she uses to get up and down the mountain and to faraway regions that are outside of her teleport radius. In here are jets and a private plane that is used for going to Kanto and Johto. This was seen in The Search For K when Paige, Sheebop and Flamber head to Vermillion City to find K.