Pebi is a species of Fakemon made by Zoe, specifically her Grass starter.

Biology Edit

Pebi is a young species that had bad eyesight. It has incredible hearing, and it uses this as a form of 'sight'. It has unmatched agility even at this tender age, but tends to get distracted easily.

It is very rarely found wild, but when it is, it's normal to find it in flowery plains, using its flower-like head and green body to blend in with flowers as camouflage.

Pokedex Data Edit

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Origin Edit

It is based on a baby rabbit.

Pebi comes from petal and bunny or baby.

Usage in the Pokecrew Edit

Laney has a Pebi named Bloom.

Trivia Edit

  • It has had many names in the past, like all of Zoe's starter Fakemon except Possei.