Phoeness is a Pachirisu OC created by Paigelena.


Phoeness is a very cruel and manipulative pokemon that makes others do her dirty work. She also is like a puppet master as she can instantly kill someone under her control as easily as cutting a piece of string. This does not work if the person is liberated from her control before she gets the chance to stop them.

Phoeness relies on her extreme amount of cuteness to get away with her crimes. It always seems to work as she escapes without ever being charged with a crime, even crimes like murder. Some people, like Queen Heart are immune to this effect and will still charge Phoeness with the crime.

She does not like doing things herself, mostly committing her crimes by using proxies. The most notable was Giratina and by extention, Dark. By using proxies, she is difficult to link to any criminal activity.

RP HistoryEdit

She is meant to debut in The Mirror World RP as the primary antagonist of the story and of the series.


  • Instead of white and blue, she is black and red. Essentially, she is a pallette swap of a normal Pachirisu
  • Phoeness possessed Desire in the PokeRP Saga while Desire was a Happiny
  • She can be considered to be the true antagonist of both RPs