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Possei is an original species OC made by Zoe.


She is a hardcore prankster. She can be quite manipulative, and tends to put her psychic abilities to good use. When push comes to shove, however, she can be an extremely useful ally with her natural Psychic-type intelligence and abilities.

Relationships Edit

She doesn't have many friends due to her prankster tendencies. She is currently dating Emolga, after winning him out against Elli, gaining an enemy in her in the process (although this slowly changed).

RP HistoryEdit

In the failed Role Swap RP, she had an antagonistic role, swapping the character's appearances.

In RPCRP2's Logic Scale arc, she is set, along with Emolga, to blow up the Logic Scale.

In Dream Catastrophe, she had a plot-driving role, interfering with Zoe's dream manipulation powers.

In BtP, she attempted to put everyone in Zero Suits along with Emolga. She later appeared in the Minus World, hypnotizing a group of Piranha Plants.

Trivia Edit

  • Her level of psychic ability is actually abnormal for her species, as most Possei don't have that much psychic ability.
  • Although Psychic types are still capable of minorly affecting Dark types (mind-reading and telepathy), Possei oddly doesn't even have that.