This article is under construction. It is in the process of expansion, and is by no means finished.Psycho Child is an original character, or OC, created by HeroBlast. She is a psychokinetic member of the villainous League of Lust.

Background Edit

Psycho Child is an apprentice of the League of Lust, with Vanessa as her master. Her origins are currently shrouded in mystery.

Personality Edit

Psycho Child is a twisted sadist who enjoys the delight of bringing pain and suffering upon others.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities Edit

Psycho Child is psycho kinetic, meaning she can move objects with only the power of her mind. That said, it is evidenced she is very powerful, but she loses her powers when she is hit on her head. She has also shown to be capable of conjuring barriers with her psychic powers.

History Edit

Psycho Child first appears in Teddy Ursa's Black Ops Inc., along with String and Steal Sword, as they attack the Order of Light. She conjures a barrier for String, protecting her from harm whilst stopping and throwing projectiles sent by the apprentices. However, she would later be defeated by Caroline throwing a rock at her head, disabling her powers. With help from Vanessa, she was able to avoid capture and flee.

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