This RP has yet to be started, so not much info is available yet. When it starts, more info will be added.

Queen Swarma is an upcoming RP to be created by Paigelena. It is the third and final RP in the Swarma trilogy, following Swarma's Fate and Swarma's Training.

Story ArcsEdit

This RP, unlike the others, is one linear path with no digressing story arcs. However, each part is seperated into notable chapters.

  • Swarma goes Alone- Swarma has turned the Order of Darkness into dolls or tinies. Because of her actions, she goes on the rampage in Light City!
  • An Uneasy Alliance- Mercedes has rescued Paige, Vanessa and Death Shira from their respective fates and bought them to the Order of Light. She then persuades Dodeca to allow the two sets of heroes and villains to work together to stop Swarma.
  • Impossible Assistance- The alliance begin to work out a plan to defeat Swarma. They get stuck and need help as this happens, Illusia, Flara, Gothi, Eliza, the Absol from Swarma's Fate and Helena appear to assist. Eliza is key as she works out Swarma's motive. Dodeca interrogates the Absol.
  • The Ultimate Sacrifice- The battle between the alliance and Swarma begins as Swarma is carrying out her plans. Swarma is eventually defeated, but her plans succeeds. Gothi has the spirits of the dead infused into her and she becomes Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction! After snapping out of her indoctrination, Swarma tries to stop Gothi-Kali but has her spine crushed as a result. Paige then sacrifices herself to save Swarma's life. the villainous alliance members decide to leave
  • Swarma's Blame Game- Paige has started dying and is taken back to her room in the Order of Light so that she can say her final goodbyes. She tells everyone exactly what she thinks of them before blessing Flara with her powers. After Swarma sees her at midnight, Paige passes away. Swarma begins to blame herself for everything that happened, withg everyone except K telling her the opposite.
  • Gothi-Kali's Epilogue- Gothi Kali ends up meeting Vanessa, Death Shira and Mercedes and forges an alliance with them.


  • One of Paigelena's OCs will die in the fourth chapter
  • All of Paigelena's already introduced OCs will appear in chapter three, even the dead ones
  • The idea for Gothi-Kali was taken from a Doctor Who comic called The Swords of Kali where Clara became Kali.