Cover of Part One

is the comic adaption of the Random Pokemon Crossover RP illustated by Laki. Picking up during the start of the Contest Arc, it is intended to go into the Paper Mario arc, and perhaps beyond. Part one can be found here, and part two can be found here.


Being an adaption of the RP, this comic is made to be as faithful to the original story as possible while clearing up a

Added content and sight gags abound in this comic.

few parts and making things clearer. The comic keeps the humorous tone of the story while adding numerous sight gags into the panels, such as background cameos, exaggerated faces and other Easter eggs. There are a couple

A panel involving Lunatyr executing an assassination.

very slight dialogue changes and additions in order to make the transition from RP to comic smoother.

Laki intended to keep the style relatively clean and simplistic, but growing a bit more complex during scenes involving battles and even stylistic, such as the slight shift in art style during Lunatyr's flashback.


This comic follows a pre-established group of friends as they travel in a bizarre crossover land. Having escaped from a burning city and seeking refuge in Shiruru's villa, the story now follows the exploits the group gets into.

Differences from the OriginalEdit

The comic, though nearly identical to the RP in most aspects, does have several changes.

  • Miscellaneous dialogue is either shortened or changed, in order to fit into the panels.
  • Several scenes and dialogue are added that weren't present in the original, such as Sheebop's tsundere meter or Aqua walking in on Izanagi and Silvia making out.
  • In the original RP, the gang goes to Elesa in order to get more information on the Contest. In the comic, Elesa simply sends them a letter with the needed information.
  • The subplot involving Mario finding Victini is heavily changed, in order to keep the Contest plot from being detracted too much.
  • In the original RP, Lunatyr snuck up on a Cubchoo, but he's made to be a Tediursa in the comic.
  • One of the contestants in the Contest is made a Toad.