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Reborn Paige is a Sliggalts OC created by Paigelena. She is the reborn version of Paige Destiny and, as such, is referred to only as Paige.


Reborn Paige is a joyful little pokemon who loves to have fun and make the most of her innocent years. She is well known for her poor understanding of the English language and, as a result of this, is only able to say words like Gooey, Trace, Mama, Zula, Angelo, Strawbella, Dodeca and Telepathy.


Reborn Paige is really close friends with Zula, even to the degree of a mother/daughter relationship! Reborn Paige immediately bonded with Zula, but Zula did not, concerned that this new Paige was not the same as the first one. Eventually, Zula warmed up to Reborn Paige and now, they are so close!

Reborn Paige and Chelsea have an odd relationship, to say the least. Chelsea was the one who reanimated Reborn Paige from death by absorbing the stone where Paige's crushed remains were stored and giving birth to Reborn Paige later on. The two have bonded, but their bond is not as close as the one shared by Reborn Paige.


  • Reborn Paige has the same genes as her mother, Chelsea.
    • Despite this, the original Paige is credited as the father of Reborn Paige.
      • This fact has led to the Destiny family tree being mixed up. From Paige being the oldest, she is now the newest, leaving K as the matriach of the family.
  • Most of the words she knows are the 6 abilities that a Goodra and Gardevoir can have. 

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