Rhythmi Vilrevon is an Alien OC created by Paigelena. She is from a planet far from Earth known as Scyora Six.

RP History Edit

Rhythmi was very briefly seen in the RP Swarma's Time when her ship was seen crashing northwest of the Order of Light. As that RP is not yet finished, Rhythmi has not yet been seen physically.

Species Details Edit

Rhythmi is a Scyoran, which is a humanoid species that is capable of changing their bodies in all sorts of ways. She, for example, can sprout limbs, retract limbs, change her hands and feet into different forms and can also create gills if she is in water. Also, her species is unaffected by gravity. Due to this, she can go anywhere on any planet around the universe. She is also known as an Infra, meaning that she can emit intrared beams as weaponry.

As well as that, she is known as a Redian. Redians are as they sound like; red. However, the coloration of each member of her species is almost purely cosmetic. While each color has a specific role, those who are red are known to be gatherers. They go to other planets, mostly uninhabited, and take all their natural resources. Rhythmi and her fellows Redians managed to completely destroy the planet 55 Cancri e by mining the entire planet of diamonds in order to sabotage the entire universe's diamond supply.

Trivia Edit

  • Rhythmi is not actually red, despite being a Redian.
    • She is actually Infrared, but looks like she's red.

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