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A roleplay, or RP for short, is where OCs get put to use in a story-like series of events. They are a central occurrence in the Pokecrew.

Types Edit

There are several types of roleplays.

  • A chatroom RP is a more casual form of RP. They often don't have an established setting or place in the timeline. It's usually just a gathering of the OCs getting into random situations. They tend to happen on posts by members of the Pokecrew, usually Laki. On some occasions, chatroom RPs can gain enough of a basis to escalate into a full fledged RP. The most notable RP that started from a chatroom RP was the RPCRP.
  • A major RP is an RP that is important to the timeline. Examples are RPCRP and its sequel, the PokeRP Saga and its sequel, and Darius League Quest. These RPs have established settings and often have several story arcs. The tone is less informal than chatroom RPs and they often have longer passages.
  • A minor RP is an RP that is less important to the timeline. They tend to be on the shorter side and often serve as side stories to more major RPs. An example of a minor RP is Dream Catastrophe.

Major RPs Edit